Selah~Day 358

Monday, May 19

My 27 Thanks:

1. I went to a new doctor today for a yearly check up. I really liked her.
2. Her office in Norman is so much closer than my former doctor’s office at Mercy.
3. The office staff is so kind!
4. Medical Insurance.
5. My blood pressure was normal for the nurse! What? This is reason to celebrate people!
6. God makes us brave.
7. He gives us the opportunity to put on Peace.
8. I had a free lunch card for McAlisters today.
9. I got back great results on some lab work. 
10. I am healthy. 
11. My SIL, Laura, is heading to Tennessee to spend time with her sister before she heads overseas to England for 3 years.
12. We are keeping Morgan and Abby while she is away. Judah is excited.
13. Judah is close to his cousins, so close he thinks they are his siblings.
14. Gary is such a great dad and uncle. He kept all the kids in the afternoon while I worked.
15. He made dinner too!
16. The kids stayed up late, but they fell asleep with few tears for their mommy!
17. Judah slept the entire night on a pallet in the living. It is possible for him to sleep somewhere besides the middle spot in our bed! Ha ha ha…
18. The lessons we have learned from being Judah’s parents are priceless. 
19. Protection. 
20. One of my Kidmin kids, Brooklyn, is safe and home resting after a very scary car accident!
21. Healthy living.
22. Making right choices now, pays off later.
23. Laura made it safely to Tennessee. 
24. Gary and I have great peace in our marriage. 
25. We have so much fun together. 
26. I married my best friend. 
27. Gary and I both have Jesus as the Center of our lives. 


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