Selah~Day Fifty Nine

The last two weekends have been a blur. Time is truly precious and I am excited to slow down and enjoy it more.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Getting ready for church was super easy today.

2. Gary and my dad moved in our living room furniture this morning before church.

3. Judah woke up playing hide and seek.

4. Kidmin services went so smoothly today.

5. Shea did a great job on the Big Answer segment. It was her first time.

6. Today, I noticed a lot of growth in several kidmin leaders.

7. Growth.

8. Leadership with vision and purpose.

9. The kids loved the ice cream relay game.

10. You get to play games in kidz ministry.

11. We had a beautiful worship set this morning in KidMotion.

12. I stood next to two girls who had their hands lifted high the entire worship song. Everytime I see kids worship, I want to cry and sometimes I do.

13. Zach cleaned up the messy game and really helped Gary and I leave church sooner.

14.  Gary and I got a lot accomplished between church services.

15. We had our first home cooked meal at our house.

16. Crockpot.

17. We all set at the table together…even Judah. And, he ate 2 carrots.

18. Gary and I had a conversation about dreams.

19. The worship set for evening service was awesome.

20. The song “Take My Life” really ministered to me tonight.

21. I got to pray with my good friend, Danielle.

22. I received a sweet text from my friend, Janelle. She is such an encourager.

23. I got several compliments on my bright pink pants. They are a fun coral color. Even Grant liked them:)

24. Pastor Ted preached a lot of “tweetable” lines tonight. Good Word.

25. Super excited about the PM services in July. Love trying new things and thinking outside the box.

26. Change is becoming the new NORM!

27. Not really frustrated by the fact that my garage is covered in unpacked boxes. In the past, this would have really bothered me. The Lord has changed me greatly. Now, I know how to pace myself.

28. Sleep.

Selah~Day Fifty Eight

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah slept in until 8: 30 this morning.

2. Judah and I had a nice morning at home.

3. We finally got to spend more than 4 hours straight (in addition to sleeping) at our home.

4. My parents helped me setup our outdoor furniture today.

5. Judah and I went swimming at my aunt’s house. We had fun.

6. I got to spend time with a lot of my family today.

7. My parents bought my meal at Saltgrass tonight.

8. Judah had a lot of fun with my nephews today.

9. The Lord is near.

10. Truth always defeats a lie.

11. The Lord fights for me. I need only to be still or silent:)

12. Sunshine.

13. I can cast my cares on Him because He cares for me.

14. Teaching tomorrow morning about two miracles in one day.

15. Jesus amazes me.

16. The woman with the issue of blood never lost hope.

17. The example of Faith from the woman with the issue of blood.

18. Even when life is unpredicatable, My God is constant.

19. He is stable.

20. He is my strong tower.

21. He is my Source.

22. He is more than enough.

23. I can run to Him and feel safe.

24. In Him, I am found.

25. He is my strength.

26. He is my peace.

27. He is my joy.

28. He will never fail me.



Selah~Day Fifty Seven

There is no place like home! Home is not just a place, but also togetherness. When I am with Gary and Judah, I am at home.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Camp Wow load up went really well.

2. We cleaned the cabins, packed the suitcases, and loaded in record time.

3. My leadership team took charge of the “barking orders” job for getting kids to clean.

4. We discovered a new route home that took about 45 minutes off of our drive time.

5. We all made it home safely.

6. We made it home really early.

7. Judah smiled the biggest smile when our eyes met today.

8. Judah has given me spontaneous hugs all day long.

9. I can tell that Asher had influence on Judah the last 3 days. And, I love it. Judah is talking so much more, dressing up as a cowboy, and singing his ABCs. I think he might have to go over to Camp Asher’s more often.

10. Gary and I worked on moving in more furniture into our home today. We know have a place to sit and eat.

11. All kids camp laundry is DONE and put away.

12. Clean Shower.

13. My leaders loved camp and I am so glad for the time I had with them.

14. Everyone gets to sleep in their own bed tonight.

15. Pastor Clayton, our guest camp speaker, taught us so many new games.

16. Pastor Clayton and family have told us multiple times how much they enjoyed camp. His kids talked about all the way home today.

17. Camp Wow asked us to join them for Community Camp again.

18. Crossroads Leaders got to minister to not only our kids, but also kids in rural communities.

19. Debbie, Autumn, Gary, and Stella did an amazing job leading kids worship.

20. Gary, Judah, and I had a fun night playing with sparklers.

21. We also played chase in the yard and played in the sand.

22. My mother-in-law made it home safely from a wonderful visit with her baby girl, Kelli.

23. When I walk through my house barefoot, I don’t have to be on the lookout for spiders, tarantulas, and scorpions.

24. I didn’t have to address one issue of drama or conflict this entire kids camp.

25. Quiet Time.

26. Gary stopped the car momentarily today in the car wash parking lot so we could finish cleaning a few inside items. Judah said, “Mommy, Daddy, let’s hold hands.” We said okay and then once we all had each other hands we asked Judah, “Now what?” Judah then replied and said, “I want to pray for Nonna!” My son loves to pray and he loves to pray for others. He also thinks you can’t pray unless you are holding hands…HE HAS MY HEART!

27. My bed.

28. My family is all under the same roof tonight.

Selah~Day Fifty Six

Camp WOW day One was a huge success.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Camp registration took a total of 120 SECONDS!

2. We all arrived to camp safely.

3. The weather is out of this world wonderful.

4. Our camp speaker arrived safely.

5. The kids found a turantula right away. It provided great entertainment.

6. Mr. Bob ate a grasshopper. He always knows how to make the kids have a good time and usually at his expense.

7. Kymauni, Tashon, and Maxton rode in the car with Gary and me to camp. We had a great time getting to know those awesome young men.

8. I have the most amazing leadership team. Many took off a week of vacation, left families, found childcare, or sacrificed something else to invest in my kids this week. They are super heroes!

9. Debbie Thomas.

10. Stella Cox.

11. Angela Lewis.

12. Deborah Fulton.

13. Lorry Gail Cieri.

14. Jamie Crawford.

15. Rochelle Sims.

16. Bob Thomas.

17. Alex Eddens.

18. Zach Miller.

19. Valarie and Max Simmons.

20. Bryce Hatton.

21. Autumn Outon.

22. Sarah Kiper.

23. I am surrounded by people who make me laugh.

24. An amazing salad bar.

25. Camp Wow staff is incredible.

26. Late Night Snacks.

27. The Golf Cart.

28. Friendships.

Selah~Day Fifty Five

The Psalmist writes in Psalm 69:30, “I will Praise God’s name in song and GLORIFY HIM with THANKSGIVING.” This scripture was written on a napkin I used to eat my toast from this morning. Wow…what a great Word from the Lord. We Glorify Him when we are thankful.

My 28 Thanks:

1. This blog is a part of my endeavor to glorify the Lord with Thanksgiving.

2. I can use my words to speak life.

3. Camp 2013, Off the Rails, starts in less than 24 hours.

4. The kids will have a blast.

5. Camp Wow staff is amazing to work with.

6. Our guest speaker is super pumped and will do a great job with our kids.

7. We got amazing dorm room assignments at Camp Wow.

8. Jamie is going to be our camp nurse.

9. I am packed.

10. Judah is packed.

11. We had fun tonight running through our new lawn sprinkling system. Judah thought is was so funny. We were soaked and then got really cold.

12. The weather will be perfect for camp.

13. Gary got a lot accomplished on the house tonight.

14. Zach saved me a lot of time at work today. He made a big project happen without much help from me.

15. Two great meetings took place with my Executive team.

16. Open minds and prayerful hearts.

17. Pastor Tami brought us amazing homemade banana muffins as a “Welcome to your Home” gift. They were amazing!

18. My mother-in-law let me borrow her swimsuit for camp. She is one of the most giving and self-less individuals I know.

19. My mother-in-law is getting to spend the week with her baby girl, Kelli, also known as the world traveler of the family. #militarywife.

20. Our closet is almost completely unpacked.

21. Gary got Judah’s tree house bed put together today. Judah played all day in and out of his tree house bed.

22. Danielle shared a children’s book with me today. She wrote it and it was fantastic. Beautifully written, super fun read, creative characters, fun illustration, and the storyline was superb. She should publish it!

23. Second Chances.

24. Technology.

25. Asher Hoover is so excited to spend time with my sweet Judah. I know he will take great care of him.

26. My 16 year old “permanent” retainer broke tonight. Thankfully, my tooth did not come off with it.

27. My perspective is changing.

28. My vacation is on the horizon.

Selah~Day Fifty Four

My 28 Thanks:

1. My freedom as an American.

2. Patriotic Music.

3. Thousands came to Crossroads Freedom Celebration tonight. It was a huge success.

4. Best Fireworks show ever.

5. People had a wonderful time.

6. People gathered around on blankets and in lounge chairs enjoying one another.

7. The Weather was AMAZING.

8. I even got goose bumps on June 30.

9. Danielle taught me the medical term for goose bumps. Not going to share it here because it makes me blush. But, I am sure you are going to research it now!

10. The auxiliary ministries raised awesome support tonight.

11. Judah had a blast on the inflatables.

12. Kids church was awesome this morning.

13. The energy during the praise set was OFF THE RAILS!

14. Sundays are usually “intense” but today had a sweet peace to it.

15. My nephew, Kolt, spent the afternoon with Judah and I. He is a sweet boy.

16. I met some very sweet, new people tonight.

17. God does great things through His church.

18. The church can really help the community.

19. We were able to empty out our last storage unit today.

20. My father-in-law and my brother were amazing help.

21. A little girl tonight told me that she had three favorite things about the Freedom Celebration: 1.) Inflatables 2.) Snow Cones 3.) Seeing Me! How sweet.

22. Clean Sheets.

23. Judah had a chance tonight to learn how to stay in a line and wait for your turn.

24. Our clown did an amazing job!

25. My mom and sister made it back home safe.

26. I had a nice visit with my friend, Janelle, tonight. I am so glad to see her sweet face again. She has such a spirit of triumph.

27. I held Gary’s hand tonight during the fireworks show. So thankful that he is my husband.

28. I held Judah in my arms and watched fireworks tonight. He loved every orange firework because he is a boy.