Selah~Day Ninety Nine “I am actually ready for football…”

On Sunday evenings or Monday mornings, I love to read weekend church reports from ministries all across the USA. Usually, I get those reports from my twitter feed or facebook posts. I follow some great, growing ministries of all different denominations in the US and I love to see the pictures of people standing in line for church, or read about overflow rooms having to be opened up, or hear that extra service times are being added to accomodate growth. People are hungry. And, the local church is the HOPE for the hungry.

Each week I celebrate what God has done at Crossroads Church, as well as around the world. I am so glad that in the Kingdom of God, we are really all one church with multiple locations. I love being a part of God’s great team who has one goal in mind: Leading people to Jesus. In my seven years of “ministry”, I have learned that our approaches in ministry may vary from team to team, but our goal remains the same.

Regardless of the approach, we (the church) are all moving the team towards a common purpose.

In a week or so, I will participate in my second fantasy football season. I had so much fun last year picking players, forming teams, and winning games. Shockingly, my mind is thinking football right now. So, I thought I would throw in a litle football jargon to make my point even clearer and intimidate the guys who think I am unqualified for this year’s draft! Ha Ha Ha…

I have watched a lot of football in my 33 years of life and in every single game each player has one thing in mind: the endzone. Now, the way the teams get to their endzone differs. I have seen risky, give it all  plays, like the infamous Hail Mary. I have bit my nails while watching the, pray to God it works, on-side kick. And, the fake punt always excites the fans. I have also seen more strategic, slow approaches, like the inside draw. I have, at times, questioned a Quarterback keeper approach, but they seem to always get some yards and every once in a while you catch a big break. Then, there is the ever so popular, if well-executed, screen play.

Regardless of the team or the approach, every offense wants to move the ball forward. They don’t want to ever fumble or lose yards! Never! It happens, but it is never the plan.

I am thankful that I am on a great team, made up of all different players from different locations, who all want to move the ball towards the end goal…the endzone. Tonight, I celebrate those different plays and hope that we all score touchdowns on a daily basis.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I enjoy Mondays.

2. I get a lot of work done on Mondays.

3. I worked from home Monday morning.

4. I wrote a lot on a video project script. I like the direction it is going.

5. Gary made it home early from the fire station, which means he was up all night working. But, he was home early.

6. He brought home milk and eggs and saved me from having to go to the store.

7. We were able to help out Laura with Abby Grace once again. She is so funny and loves wearing pajamas.

8. My niece, Morgan has started Pre-K. She loves school and loves to learn. I am sure she is going to be the teacher’s favorite. Her big blue eyes and curly blonde hair are pretty cute!

9. Starla rode with me to lunch. We always have fun conversation. She is such a funny person and makes me laugh.

10. Starla is growing in ministry on a daily basis. I am proud of her.

11. I was able to discern that a friend was having a bad day. So, I went to her and prayed for her. I believe it was strategic.

12. I choose to be available and allow the Lord to use me.

13. My feelings were considered by others today.

14. Truth and transparency.

15. I am learning leadership principles on a daily basis.

16. I am a part of a much bigger team who works for a common purpose.

17. I celebrate different approaches and thank God that we all have the same purpose.

18. Pastor Ted and Dustin Drewery helped me with my football lingo so I didn’t look like a dork over the world wide web.

19. My friend, Debby, wrote me the most beautiful letter. Her words are a treasure to me.

20. Danielle has opened up her life to this amazing writing journey. It has changed her life too.

21. Gary and I blessed some friends, who just lost a loved one, with dinner. I miss Kenneth and Jenny so much. Their little boy, Joel, is precious! I am so glad I got to see them.

22. God has a bright future planned for my friends.

23. There is a place for everyone.

24. I am reading a new book called, Relaunch, by Mark Rutland. His book is amazing and I am only on chapter 4.

25. I have heard Mark Rutland in person 2x. He is one of my most favorite speakers.

26. Found out today that my mom is going to spend her birthday weekend with me!

27. My sister Haley is coming too! I see a Girl’s weekend in my future.

28. The Lord brings PEACE to every storm, big or small, He brings peace.


Selah~Day Ninety Eight “The S Word”

I am sure several “S” words ran across your mind upon reading the title of this blog. But, I highly doubt the word SUBMISSION was on the list. Submission isn’t four letters, but sometimes we like to classify it in the “4-letter” curse word category.

When I was in the 3rd grade, my teacher, Mrs. Dark assigned us to do a poster project for the Presidential Campaign that was taking place that year. The campaign was between Republican Candidate George Bush and Democratic Candidate Michael Dukakis. Interestingly, in my younger years I was pretty active in the political arena. I was chairman of the college republicans, worked with a couple campaigns, and spent a summer interning for Congressman Watkins in Washington, D.C. This love for politics began as early as 3rd grade. So, when Mrs. Dark split the two rooms in half and I ended up on the Dukakis side, I knew trouble was in store because he was not the candidate I was supporting that year.

I remember going home that day and immediately telling my mom. I asked her to call Mrs. Dark and demand that I get switched to the other side of the room. Even at the age of 8, I had a strong opinion and did not want to sumbit to this project assignment. My mom called her, but the conversation went no where. Mrs. Dark refused to allow me to switch. She said that it was just an assingment and it didn’t matter in the long run because we were 3rd graders who couldn’t sway public opinion anyway, right? Didn’t matter? EVERYTHING MATTERS, right?

Because the hate for failure was greater than the political affiliation, I made the poster. But, I can promise you it didn’t win the class poster project prize. I am sure I approached it with a bad attitude, little respect, and little effort.

This life experience flooded my mind last night during our “Blessed Woman” Bible study group. We were discussing Debbie Morris’ chapter on submission when I remembered the Lord convicting me about this very topic in college. My strong opinions about politics and people in certain positions in office didn’t end in the 3rd grade, but rather grew the older I got. In college, the Lord kindly reprimanded me for some of the strong opinions I voiced against people in authority. Submission does not mean that I agree with them, but it does mean that I respect their position and I honor them with my words and actions. I also learned that submission isn’t a blessing that I give to others, but rather  when I submit to authority it is a blessing I give to myself! Submission is like forgiveness. It isn’t for the benefit of the other person, it is for my benefit!

I have learned that we SIN against God when we don’t SUBMIT to the authority that He has placed in our lives. Whether we like the person or not, God is a God of order and authority. In The Blessed Woman, Debbie Morris writes, “When we step out from under our delegated authority, our faith is weakened, our own authority is undermined, and we become open prey for the enemy. Therefore, if we want to live in victory, we must learn to submit to the authority structure of God.”

Jesus himself submitted to authority. Not only to His Heavenly Father, but also to earthly authority.  He submitted to His earthly parents (Luke 2:51), He submitted to water baptism by John (Matthew 3:15), He submitted to the religious rulers and paid the Temple tax (Matthew 17:27), and He told the disciples to submit to the Scribes and Pharisees (Matthew 23:2). There are other examples in the Gospels, but what I notice about the four examples listed is that Jesus submitted to both those He trusted and had a relationship with, like John the Baptist, but also submited to those who didn’t care for Him, like the Scribes and Pharisees.

I think submission is easy when you are submitting to a person you like. But, it isn’t so easy when you have to submit to someone you don’t agree with, don’t trust, or don’t relate.

In my home, I submit to the loving leadership of Gary. God placed Him as the Head of our home and I honor and respect his position. I have found that the more I submit and support him in decisions, the more I build him up as a man. We experience great peace and unity in our home because of the act of submission. By no means does Gary rule over me. Our wills are so united that submission has never really been a topic for us to address. We have a mutual understanding that we move together as one, like in a dance. He leads and I follow. Thankfully, Gary always wants my opinion on matters. He always wants me involved in the decision making process. Submission thrives in our relationship because Gary sets an atmosphere of love and freedom.

(Even though I am a fan of submission and believe in its benefits, one DOES NOT have to submit to an environment of abuse, neglect, or sin!)

Submission doesn’t have to be an ugly S word that traps you and holds you back, but rather can bring great freedom in your life.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I have learned a lot about submission.

2. I got to go to 30 minutes of the women’s Bible study.

3. God showed me something about submission during that class.

4. Jesus submitted to both those who loved Him and hated Him.

5. Submissions brings unity in my home and in my relationship with Gary.

6. A young, 6th grade girl asked me to lead her in a rededication pray before kids service started this morning!

7. Even though we had several technical difficulties, KidMotion rocked today!

8. As I think about all the leaders who serve with me, from check-in to nursery to preschool to kidmotion, I am overwhelmed with appreciation. Our kids are so blessed with leadership from the finest of men and women.

9. Several of my teammates are really growing in stage presentation.

10. Judah and I had a great, restful afternoon.

11. Judah was so helpful today…he helped me before church, during church, and after church.

12. Mr. Jerald lets Judah have a donut every Sunday morning even though they are reserved for the boys in the 5th and 6th grade class. Mr. Jerald told me that he is bringing Judah a Strawberry, sprinkled donut next week.

13. Judah is using his manners more and more when communicating with adults.

14. Kids with manners.

15. Mrs. Debbie and the kidcrew are ready to perform Shine Your Light. They have worked hard and it looks good.

16. We have come so far in kidz ministry over the last 6.5 years.

17. Danielle told me how encouraging my after service text messages are to the team.

18. Laura let Judah come over and play with Morgan and Abby tonight.

19. I had a meeting after church and I didn’t have to keep up with Judah and his restlessness. I actually got to sit through the entire team leader’s meeting.

20. Judah had a blast at his Aunt Laura’s house.

21. Laura gave Judah a bath tonight.

22. Gary has had a great day at the fire station.

23. Jameson, my newest co-worker, told me that he thought about Gary and I yesterday and prayed for us.

24. Olivia, the new youth pastor’s daughter, sat by me tonight. She is my new little friend. Such a sweet girl.

25. Paul Days, a Faithful volunteer at the church, received Volunteer of the Month tonight.

26. Pastor Marcia spent hours on her statistics presentation. The results were awesome. I love her attention to detail.

27. Judah was super excited to come home with me when I picked him up from Laura’s house.

28. Gary and I always say goodnight, whether in person or over the phone.

Selah~Day Ninety Seven “The Day I Dreaded”

Saturday, August 17th was a day I had been dreading for months. You see, in December of last year, I marked this day with the words “Due Date.” Unfortunately, it would not be a due date for our precious baby, but rather, just another day in the life of the Hendricksons. Yesterday morning I was spending some time with the Lord, sharing my heart with Him. Out of nowhere, the Lord reminded me of the day my husband proposed to me. Gary and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, as well as the day he asked me on our first date. But, we have never really celebrated our proposal date.

When he woke up that morning, I asked him, “Gary, when did you propose to me? Was it the 16th, 17th, or 18th?” We both thought for a moment and he said, “I think it was the 18th?” I dug through some boxes that still house our books and I found my journal that I wrote in while we were dating. Quickly, I found the page the held all the details of that great day. Sure enough, Gary asked for my hand in marriage on August 17th at 5:00 p.m. in the backyard of his parent’s house.

Once again…it is all about how you look at things. So, I decided to change the eyes of my heart and look at August 17th through a different lens…a lens filled with sweet memories and hope for an even greater future.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary asked me to marry him.

2. I can change the way I look at things.

3. August 17th was a great day.

4. Judah had a great day at his cousin’s birthday party.

5. Jump Zone wasn’t very crowded.

6. The twins loved their gift from Judah.

7. Rony and Danielle came by our house to surprise me with a pampering gift. The gift included Sees Chocolates.

8. They wanted to make my day sweeter and happy. They are such a blessing in my life.

9. My sweet friend, Amy, flooded me with scripture verses.

10. I had close friends thinking about me and praying for me.

11. We met some more of our neighbors.

12. My in-law’s garden is doing so well. The tomatos are awesome.

13. The weather was amazing.

14. I have hope.

15. The best days of my life are ahead of me.

16. I have thoughtful people in my life.

17. Received some really sweet emails from people who thanked me for praying for them this week.

18. I feel like Gary and I have been friends with Rony and Danielle forever. And, I found out that Rony lived with my cousin in San Diego…what a SMALL WORLD!!!!!

19. I found my journal that I wrote in when Gary and I were dating.

20. Clayton, a Kid’s Ministry friend and leader for Kidz Blitz, asked us if he could do a service in KidMotion! My answer, “YES!” Super excited to host him on our stage.

21. Camp WOW emailed me and asked us to come back again next year and do another kids camp for them. Several other churches heard how awesome our camp was and want to join us.

22. I play a role in leading the best generation of people-KIDS!

23. All of the Hendrickson grandkids who live in the OKC metro are going to the same preschool.

24. Eric and Laci are strongly considering moving closer to all of us!

25. We enjoyed an evening at Gary’s parents. They have an awesome yard. I love relaxing outside.

26. Evening chats with family.

27. Gary held my hand a lot today.

28. Hope is never lost.


Selah~Day Ninety Six “Honor is Heavy”

Did you know that the soldiers who have the honorable duty of marching in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier spend 40-50 hours preparring their shoes for the task? Then, they spend 4-6 hours each day just shinning their shoes in between guard walks.

I am currently reading a book about Honor. In the book, the author, Robert Barriger, talks some about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, as well as the soldiers who guard the tomb everyday. Stories about our military always inspire me, convict me, and challenge me.

For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year since 1937, soldiers have kept watch. Or, it equals 76 years, 27,740 days, 665,760 hours, that soldiers have kept watch! And, they are doing it right now even as I type this blog. Soldiers who are assigned to this regimen consider it the highest honor that can be afforded to a service person.

The three soldiers who lay in this tomb are known only to God. Nevertheless, the soldiers who keep guard do so with the utmost honor and respect. They show honor and respect for the three soldiers who sacrificed their future so that they might have one. So, we might have one.

The protocol established and the act of honor for these unknown soldiers is deeply humbling.

Even in the midst of storms, soldiers keep watch. When Hurricane Isabel and Sandy threatened the East coast, including Washington, D.C., the soldiers where given an option to stand down if conditions got too dangerous. I am sure you can all guess what their response was to the “Stand Down” option. Yes, you are right. They responded by saying, “No way, Sir!”

In spite of hours of marching in soaking rain and high powered winds of a tropical storm, the Soldiers assigned to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier saw it as more than a job assignment, but rather the highest honor of their life.

As I think about the respect and honor our soldiers pay towards one another, I also think about the level of honor and respect I pay towards others, including the one who died for me and my everlasting future.

Over the last year, my faith has been challenged. But, there is a reason why Paul said to “fight the good fight of Faith.” I have experienced challenges, trials, tests, and heartache that have been so difficuIt. But, we were never promised that this so-called life would be easy. I have learned that having FAITH means that I will also have questions that may never be answered.

In the wee hours of the morning that dreadful day in February as I drove home from the hospital, I kept saying over and over and over again, “I don’t understand, Lord, but I trust you.” Daily I have been on a mission to figure out exactly what that phrase looks like in my life. It is one thing to make a profound statement, but it is a totally different thing to walk it out.

Bottom line…it simply means that it doesn’t matter what we go through or what happens…God is still God. And, I have decided that I trust Him. I want to honor my Lord like the soldiers honor the tomb. High winds, rain, hurricane conditions, strict shoe shinning regimen, and more, they consider their assignment as the greatest of honors. Like them, regardless of the “storms or regimens” that life throws at me, I want to stand guard and keep watch over the Faith I have in the One who gave it all for me.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I can fight the good fight of Faith.

2. Soldiers who are a perfect example of respect and honor.

3. The ones who fight on my behalf for the freedom I so enjoy.

4. Those whose names are known only by God.

5. The weather was amazing today.

6. My niece Abby came over to play this morning. She is so cute and sweet.

7. My mother-in-law got some answers from the doctor today. She is on the road to wellness.

8. Gary, Judah, and I had a fun day running errands.

9. 40% off coupons at Hobby Lobby.

10. Judah is starting to use his manners without us having to remind him.

11. I took a walk by myself this morning.

12. I can talk to the Lord.

13. He listens to me.

14. Gary and I shared a powerful conversation today about our life.

15. Judah has amazing eye sight. He can see things that are really far away.

16. My brother waited on me at his office so I could get an adjustment.

17. I have wanted an “I Love Oklahoma” shirt since they became so popular after the tornado. I finally got one today and it is AWESOME. I do love Oklahoma.

18. Pastor Tim and family came to OKC so Karissa could be honored tonight at the crowning celebration. It was so good to see them all.

19. Five of our girls were crowned honor stars tonight.

20. They looked beautiful in their white dresses. Thankful for moms and dads who invest in their kids.

21. I have an awesome team of ladies who help these girls achieve such big goals.

22. John Stimson can make the most boring moments of a ceremony funny!

23. Judah was amazing in the 2 hour ceremony.

24. Holly is getting a sectional couch. She has wanted one forever. So so so glad it is finally happening.

25. Hemispheres is now open in Moore. I haven’t purchased anything yet, but I love to look.

26. We sat on the floor tonight, ate Chinese together, and played a fishing game.

27. My dad won 3rd place today in a Crossfit tournament in Dallas. He was the OLDEST competitior. Yep…my dad is pretty cool.

28. Bedtime Stories with the family. Judah has a new favorite book called “Where do Diggers Sleep at Night?” Have you ever thought about where bull-dozers lay their head at night?

Selah~Day Ninety Five

My 28 Thanks:

1. When I walked out the door to leave for work, Judah yelled, “Wait Mommy.” Then, he ran and gave me another BIG hug and a kiss. That little boy has no idea what that means to my heart.

2. Judah loves getting to stay home all day with his daddy.

3. I got to work with two great Creative Genius’ today….Rony Renfrow and Tanner Herriott.

4. I interviewed 3 amazing people for our EXCITING new video at church.

5. Stories of Life-Change.

6. My friend, Debby, took a big step today and shared her story of life-change publicly. This was a brave act and I am honored that she would share it with me and others.

7. Someone’s story of life-change can radically change another person’s future.

8. Spent some time today hearing Becky Brock’s story. Thankful for her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and her willingness to share the broken places of her heart that Jesus radically restored!

9. Danielle and Rony shared their love story and it went viral! Almost 3,000 people around the World got to hear a portion of their love story.

10. Rony’s first wife, Jaimee, lived an amazing life completely sold out to her Lord. What an inspiring young woman. I am blessed to know her story even if our relationship is only through the words of a mutual friend.

11. Danielle has found her new awesome and I get to help her.

12. People finding their awesome, the place where they soar to new heights.

13. I cried a couple of times today. Personally, I think crying is a catharsis. It also lets me know that I am not completely desensitized to people, words, and actions. Sometimes we like to ignore emotions. I embrace them, I am not led by them. But, I embrace them. It keeps me real!

14. Today was much more productive than yesterday.

15. Pastor Marcia asked for my help on a task.

16. I was able to help Pastor Marc with a Fellowship One task.

17. Gary mowed our lawn and it looks amazing. I love that he loves to take care of things.

18. Good Stewards.

19. A former drug addict told me yesterday that he used to be a “hopeless dope addict, but now, he is a dopeless hope addict!” Wow!

20. I got a sweet text from my friend, Janelle, telling me that she loves my cute pony tail! She asked me to show her how to get the same look. I never thought I would be one to copy:)

21. I have a natural “bump it” in my hair! In college, my friends told me my hair was perfect for being a TV Evangelist wife.

22. Gary, Judah, and I had a great, restful evening at home tonight.

23. I got to help a young girl find a white dress for her honor star crowning.

24. My friend, Amy, always knows what to say. She has prayed for me all week.

25. Gary and I get to spend Friday and Saturday together. This only happens once every 6 weeks.

26. Sincere hearts.

27. People who do acts only known by God. They don’t care about getting the attention of others.

28. People who honor others.

Selah~Day Ninety Four “Disappointments…A Silent Killer”

Disappointment lurks in the shadows of great strides. I like to think of it as the silent killer, if left unchecked, to great momentum. Disappointment wears many masks:  people, communication, actions, perception, failure, hurts, missed commitments, lies, expectations, failed plans, mis-managed plans, emails, and the list, I am sure, goes on and on and on.

Day 94 seemed to have disappointments at every corner (if days have corners). At the end of the day, I had to really change my thoughts because I was allowing the disappointments of one day hurt and affect the hope I have for the future, whether that future be a day from now or a year from now. When it has all been said and done, Jesus is in control. He knows the deepest part of every heart, every motivation, every word, and every plan. And, He works on my behalf. I only have to be still. Beside, Jesus never disappoints and never fails. So, I fix my eyes on Him and move forward with HOPE.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I fix my eyes on Jesus.

2. Hope is never lost.

3. Jesus fights on my behalf.

4. I can be still.

5. I can change the way I think.

6. I can forgive.

7. Disappointments don’t have to be the end result.

8. Gary made it home safely from the fire station!

9. He had a good shift and got to sleep all night.

10. He takes good care of us. He always seeks the Lord when making decisions for our family.

11. I did a lot, but got little accomplished. This frustrates me to no end. Truly, activity does not EQUAL productivity. I am thankful because I handled the day with patience and grace.

12. The kids ministry area is being de-cluttered, one room and closet at a time.

13. People who invest in a vision that is greater than themselves.

14. Lori and Aaron help me all the time. Great is their reward!

15. Zach helped organize the curriculum. It is done for another 3 mos. And, his lips are a normal size!

16. I was able to speak life into a person’s life today.

17. My friend, Danielle, is a great writer. Her 10,000 reasons blog is so inspiring.

18. Transparency.

19. I get to read several 10,000 reason blogs everyday. Excited that I play a small role in their journey.

20. Even though I work as a kids pastor, I use my degree in English everyday.

21. Gary is helping me stay successful on the Daniel’s Fast Diet.

22. We had a fun, but sad, going away party for Mrs. Bandy. She was a great leader on our team and a wonderful inspiration to our girls. She will be missed.

23. People who make a difference in the life of kids.

24. The Bible and my mom are right. A soft answer TRULY  turns away wrath.

25. I talked softly to a person and changed their perception.

26. My mom taught me to memorize and pray scripture as a little girl.

27. The Word of God does not return void.

28.  Every day is a brand new day.

Selah~Day Ninety Three

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah was so excited to go to Mom-Moms house that he helped dress himself.

2. Judah got to play with his cousins today.

3. Every seat around the staff table had a person sitting in it.

4. Great team discussions took place.

5. Vision written down for all to see.

6. People who are excited about executing vision.

7. I can learn from mistakes of others and avoid those pifalls.

8. I can choose to not take offense. Offense gives the other person power over me.

9. The more I choose to forgive others, the more I give God the ability to free me!

10. More activity does not mean more productivity. I can choose to be more productive and not more active.

11. I got to spend my lunch break with Pastor Marcia.

12. She likes to hear my opinion on things.

13. Dorothy is always so helpful and so encouraging. She has the purest of servant hearts!

14. I received an email from a friend who has recently had a change in their job situation. Now, she can come to church on Wednesday nights and she wants to serve in Girls Ministries!

15. I was able to help out Pastor Marc today.

16. I haven’t had any desire to eat candy or meat or bread or dairy.

17. Danielle always offers to help me out with the odds and ends of my job.

18. My landscaping has really done well in my yard. I can tell that it is growing.

19. Oklahoma has received great amounts of needed rain.

20. Judah has a fun imagination. You never know when the floor will become hot lava!

21. The future looks pretty bright from my seat on the bus.

22. Jen came to measure my window length one last time. And, she gave me a sneak peek of my curtains. I AM SO EXCITED. They are beautiful.

23. Austin was able to knock out several items on our punch list today.

24. Lorry Gail and I spent four hours writing out an outline/story board for this year’s Christmas production.

25. Creative writing.

26. Lorry Gail has an amazing heart for kids.

27. Funny, corny jokes that make you laugh out loud!

28. Jesus is my best friend.


Selah~Day Ninety Two

My 28 Thanks:

1. Morning prayer with my team.

2. Worship music that aides in prayer.

3. The secret, quiet places where we talk with God.

4. God talks to me.

5. God has the answer to every question.

6. I had a sweet moment with the Lord and shed a few tears. I could feel Him holding me.

7. God is close to the broken hearted.

8. The Righteous suffer many afflictions but the Lord promises to RESCUE us from every one!

9. I met our new youth pastor and I am super excited to have him on our team.

10. The new youth pastors have 3 small children!

11. Kids Ministry is growing.

12. Qdoba has great, Daniel-fast friendly food.

13. Gary took care of a ton of to-do items for our house.

14. Judah has so much fun with his daddy.

15. Gary setup Netflix on our new TV. Judah loves watching Netflix. What kid doesn’t like having a library of Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam episodes to watch?

16. Zach came over and visited with us. He missed Judah and Judah missed Zach.

17. We laughed and laughed and laughed about Zach’s lips! Funny story, I won’t share over the web:)

18. Laughter with others.

19. Judah and I played Good guys vs. Bad guys. We each had dart guns and walked around our cul-de-sac shooting “pretend” bad guys.

20. The neighbor lady, Ms. Sharon, brought Judah an ice cream treat while we were playing outside. Judah was thrilled.

21. Gary pays all of our bills and I don’t have to mess with our budget. I just do what he tells me to do! Seriously! Some of you are laughing!

22. Starla got a lot accomplished and it makes her feel good. I love when other people celebrate accomplishments as much as I do!

23. Several people appreciated my “spilled milk” blog.

24. The audience who reads my blog helps keep me accountable to this awesome journey God has asked me to travel.

25. My mother-in-law received an awesome report from the orthopedic surgeon. No surgery needed at this time!

26. I have great in-laws.

27. God never wastes a hurt.

28. Health.

Selah~Day Ninety One

Sunday is a busy day. It starts early and ends late and is full of “stuff” in between. Because it is busy for me, it is also a busy day for Judah. When we got home from the evening church service, Judah had yet to eat and he was hungry. He wanted honey nut cheerios with milk from the “blue jug.” No, milk isn’t sold in blue jugs, but our milk container has blue writing on it and Judah wants us to make sure and serve him the milk in the blue jug (the only milk jug in our refrigerator). After settling him to eat at our pub table, I turned around to clean up the dishes from earlier in the day. Within seconds, I hear a loud crash and cry. Judah had fallen from the table and took the placemat, bowl of freshly poured cereal, and spoon to the floor with him. He sat crying in spilled milk and cereal.

For a moment, thoughts of how to react raced through my mind. I was tired too. Really tired. But, this was an opportunity to show grace and not be a grouch! I ran to his aide and picked his milk drenched body up into my arms and held him close. I told him it would all be okay and that I would clean him up and get him a new bowl of cereal with milk from the blue jug.

After I settled Judah down, I asked him in a very soft voice so he would know that I wasn’t angry, “Judah, why were you getting down from the table anyway?” He responded, “Because Mommy, I had to go pee. I didn’t want to pee in my mants (pants).” At that moment, I hugged him again and laughed, thanking God that I chose to respond with grace and not be a grouch.

You see, we can take the messes of our lives and chose instead to turn them into memories. Before I cleaned up the bowl of cereal, I took a picture of it and texted it to Gary. We laughed about it.

I am pretty sure Jesus doesn’t make a BIG deal out of my messes, but rather He covers up my messes with FORGIVENESS AND LOVE!

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah’s messy cereal mishap late at night taught me a lesson.

2. I chose to respond with grace and not be a grouch.

3. I laughed about a messy situation late, late at night.

4. Messes can be turned into memories.

5. Judah didn’t get hurt when he fell from the table.

6. I can send picture text to Gary and make sure he knows what I have to do while he is at the fire station. Ha Ha Ha…

7. Jesus covers my messes in Forgiveness and Love.

8. Messes can be cleaned up.

9. Judah and I fell asleep together watching Despicable Me. I love that movie. There has to be an idea for a kids series, so I can show clips in KidMotion.

10. I completely forgot to put shoes on Judah this morning for church. I didn’t pack any in his bag either. So, when I pulled him out of his car seat once we arrived at church, it hit me! Judah said, “That’s okay, mommy. You can just carry me.” So, I carried into church the folowing,  Judah, my computer bag, my purse, and Judah’s bag.

11. Muscles.

12. Automatic doors that open.

13. People were very kind and patient while we worked to figure out a glich in our check-in system.

14. We launched our 4 week Back to School Bash series and the kids had a good time.

15. Miss JaQuisha and the Preschool team have done an amazing job while Lori and family have been on vacation.

16. Lori is home from vacation!

17. Mrs. Jen, a leader in my 5s class,  is so full of life and smiles. She is a face I enjoy seeing every Sunday. She told me how to make a reading tent out of material for Judah.

18. I sent a “I miss you” card to a teenager who I hadn’t seen in a month or so. She came to church yesterday because of my card! It’s the little things that make a huge difference.

19. Sande bought me an Oklahoma Charm Necklace. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Sande is such a blessing and a joy to be around.

20. Holly is so faithful to always serve. She is an early bird and that is why she is perfect to run early morning check-in. I am so thankful for her bubbly personality early in the morning.

21. Pastor Ted and family had an awesome vacation. So glad the are relaxed, refreshed, and READY to go.

22. Another friend of mine started a 10,000 reasons blog journey. There is no time like NOW time to start.

23. Angela is really growing as a leader on the stage. She is a blessing.

24. Another family in our church became a Foster care family. The families in our church are such blessings to the community.

25. I had great conversation with a friend. I encouraged her to come to church last night and the message was perfect for her. It really encouraged her.

26. My friend told me that she has been set FREE.

27. I have a TV in my room now. So, when Gary is at the fire station, I can play the Daystar channel all night long. I love having the music and scriptures stroll all night.

28. Forgiveness, Love, and Hope.

Selah~Day Ninety

I love spending time with my family. Saturday was a blessing. My husband’s family all went to the movies together. We watched the greatly anticipated Disney movie, Planes. I love a movie with a great story line. Although many of the jokes were above the heads of kids, my husbang and I had great laughs. The story is about a Crop-Dusting Plane determined to compete with the best of the best fast planes in a race around the world. With a will to win and a determination unmatched, Dusty the Crop Duster amazes the world with his courage, determination, and will.

Dusty defied every odd stacked against him.

My 28 Thanks:

1. The weather was beautiful.

2. I got a little chilled while sitting outside on the back porch this morning. For August, this is a huge blessing.

3. Gary makes the best pancakes. It is one of his favorite foods. He made pancakes for Judah and himself.

4. We gave Judah a haircut. It looks really good for an at home barber shop do!

5. My mother-in-law organized a family day at the movies.

6. Laura stood in line and purchased all of our tickets so we didn’t have to wait in a long line.

7. We got the perfect row of seats in the theater.

8. We had a great time laughing together at the funny lines in Planes.

9. Good, Clean, Wholesome, Family movies.

10. The will to win.

11. The spirit of a Champion.

12. Underdog stories.

13. Creative writers who can personify airplanes and make a human cheer for them, cry for them, and laugh at them.

14. All the kids did great at the movies.

15. It only took me 45 minutes to setup my teaching props at the church.

16. We took Judah and Morgan to Earlywine Park. They had so much fun.

17. Judah is such a boy. He chased squirrels up trees with a stick and loved hanging with one hand off the bars.

18. Gary is an awesome playmate for Judah.

19. I love listening to Judah and Morgan carry on kid conversations. They are so funny.

20. Gary and I made a spontaneous trip to Sams Club and bought the TV we have been discussing for 6 weeks. Another spontaneous outing for me…I am doing so well with spontaneity.

21. Kyle, the TV salesperson at Sams, was super knowledgeable and helpful.

22. We got a great deal on a really nice TV.

23. I went grocery shopping on a Saturday.

24. Gary helped entertain Judah so I could study on my message.

25. Judah loves to spend time with Gary and me.

26. I finally hung up or put up every article of clothing in my closet. You can see the entire closet floor now.

27.  Nightime stories and bedtime prayers are always a welcomed end to super fun days.

28. God thinks good things about me!