Selah~Day Eighty Nine

Yesterday, I captured my thoughts about how I loved that this blog kept me accountable and present in every moment of every day. This morning, I start my 89th entry. On this journey to bless the Lord for 10,000 reasons in one year, I have had people along the way ask me, “How do you stay so consistent?” Or, “Is it tough to think of 28 things a day to say, ‘bless you Lord?'” And, “Do you sit at your computer screen and stare forever before you think of anything to write?”

Thankfully, the answer to those questions is a simple, “No.” When I first committed my 33rd year of life to this 10,000 reasons challenge, those previous questions were fleeting fears that raced across my mind. But, I didn’t let them stay there. Instead, I just started “writing” on this path towards my healing, my freedom, and my deliverer. You see, as soon as I lost the baby, I knew that I had two choices:

Choice #1: Win a free paid trip to the land of isolation and depression. An all-inclusive destination filled with hate, anger, bitterness, pity, unending grief and pain, and fear.


Choice #2: Win a free paid trip into the Arms of a loving Father who promises to be close to the broken hearted. An all-inclusive destination filled with love, hope, comfort, and peace.

I chose option 2…(in case you were wondering).

Currently, I am reading a book written by Robert Barriger entitled, Honour Found. He makes a very profound statment on page 41. “There is a saying, gratitude confims relationships.” Wow. Think about that for a moment. Our gratitude for someone confirms are relationship or draws us closer in that relationship with them.

The same is true with our relationship to our Heavenly Father. When we REMEMBER all God has done for us and are THANKFUL, we draw closer to Him.

So, the opposite of a heart that remembers would be a heart that forgets or is ungrateful. Then, a forgetful heart and an ungrateful heart is a DISTANT heart. Something else occupies the spaces of our heart. Something else steals our attention away from the very one who gave us the “gift.” Think about it…God blesses us in order to do good and to draw even closer to Him, our Source and our Provider. But, so many times, we take those blessing and allow them to  draw us away. I could list several examples: wealth, talent, friends, promotion, and etc…

The distance is man’s fault, not God’s.

Often we read in the Old Testament that after a battle of victory or a deliverance of ones life, God instructed His children to offer up a sacrifice or build a structure or name the place. I often wondered, “Why?” What was the importance of remembering these places or times in ones life? I often read those passages and tink to myself, “My God sure is sentimental.” If you know me, this is a funny because I don’t have a sentimental bone in my body. Well, I might have two. Judah has helped me in that area. Gary, on the other hand, is like God. He wants to errect a statue, hang a plaque, take a photo, or seal in stone our memories.

Then, it hit me. God wants us to REMEMBER because if we don’t REMEMBER, we FORGET. Like His children in the Old Testament, if we don’t remember all that He does for us, we will forget and so will all the generations after us.

Now, I am not going to start building statues, giving things and places special names, or sacrificing at an altar. However, this Selah blog has given me 89 entries so far to REMEMBER all the good things God has done for me. And, the more grateful my heart becomes, the closer I draw towards Him.

That, my friends, is my sole goal in writing.

My 28 Thanks:

1. My writing has drawn me closer to my Heavenly Father.

2. I chose option #2 for my destination.

3. Light Bulb moments when reading the word of God.

4. I have 89 days of rememberance.

5. God does good things for His kids.

6. The Psalmist, David, was a man after God’s very heart. David had a grateful heart.

7. Gary is sentimental.

8. I am more sentimental now then I have ever been before.

9. I spent a relaxing morning at home with Judah.

10. Judah’s closet is full of brand new clothes and I got a STEAL OF A DEAL!

11. I get to bless others with Judah’s clothes that are too small.

12. Spent the afternoon with my mom-in-law and sis-in-law and all our kids.

13. We invaded the library with 5 kids ages 4 and younger. I love the library.

14. Sarah, the lady working the kids section at the library, was really sweet and praised Judah for “reading” 4 books. He got to pick out a prize from the treasure chest.

15. The .15 cent plastic construction hat made Judah grin from ear to ear. He wore it all day.

16. I love watching Judah play pretend.

17. My kids sermon for Sunday finally came together on paper.

18. I can think like Jesus thinks.

19. I have the mind of Christ.

20. Every day is a new opportunity for me to draw even closer to my Heavenly Father.

21. Dinner was easy for Judah and me. He wanted yogurt and an egg.

22. Judah and I snuggled in the recliner and watched Rio. Judah thought the bird was so funny! I love hearing him laugh.

23. Judah went to bed early tonight. He didn’t have a nap. He fell asleep at 7:00 p.m. This NEVER happens.

24. I got to watch a Hallmark movie with no interruptions.

25. Gary had an easy, restful shift at the fire station.

26. I have a new book to read.

27. God is teaching me, rather convicting me, about the action of HONOR.

28. Restful days.



Selah~Day Eighty Eight

As Judah sat on my lap last night, I was overwhelemed with a grateful heart. I told Gary how quickly this 3.5 years has gone by since we had Judah. Then, Gary made a profound statement that made me think. He said, “There will never be another day just like today. So, we must enjoy every day because it is the only one we get.”

That is so true. The day changes every day. Judah changes every day. Gary  changes every day. I change every day.

I love writing this blog because it makes me be present in every moment of every day. I no longer “dream” the day away or even “dream” away moments. I am aware, completely aware of every interaction, every time of play, every conversation, every coincidence, and every encounter. I am fully alert, ready to document a reason to Bless the Lord.

My 28 Thanks:

1. My Selah blog.

2. Life is full of wonderful days.

3. There is no day like today.

4. I am present in every day.

5. My husband makes profound statements.

6. I am aware of every interaction.

7. Gym clean out is underway.

8. Creative Meeting is always life giving.

9. Gary is strong and helps me carry heavy things.

10. Pastor Marcia can really make you laugh.

11. Pastor Marcia is excited about her message on Sunday.

12. Danielle sent me a really sweet, “thinking about you text.”

13. I got to meet Paul Gage, a super smart man, who has coached a lot of great people in ministry.

14. I got more accomplished today than I thought I would.

15. I had to work late, but when I got home, Judah was ready to play with me!

16. Another spontaneous night of awesome hide and seek. Judah is getting so good at that game.

17. My friend, Jamie, is a blessing. She reads my blog and told me I was a great writer. Jamie has always been my cheerleader. She is a lot of people’s cheerleader. She loves people. She loves to serve people.

18. Skylar helped me cut out my small group props.

19. I got invited to a garage pre-sale in my neighborhood.

20. I purchased two seasons of NICE, Gap and Gymboree clothing for Judah at an excellent price.

21. I met more neighbors. We all have names that start with K…

22. Judah was especially excited about the pajamas. He put them on as soon as I brought them home.

23. All the clothes were freshly washed. I just have to hang them up!

24. Pastor Willie George’s tweets about generations were so good!

25. Bed time stories with Judah and Gary.

26. I drank at least 100 oz. of water today.

27. When everything else fails, the Word of God still stands. It is my source.

28. Every day is a new day! Be present in it!

Selah~Day Eighty Seven

My 28 Thanks:

1. Every good and perfect gift is from above.

2. Judah always wants to sit in my lap when he first wakes up in the morning.

3. “Huggle” time with Judah before I go to work is the best.

4. I got a few, “that’s cute,” compliments on an old shirt I pulled from the back of the closet and wore today.

5. My schedule was flexible, so I was able to take an early lunch and go to the chiropractor.

6. My brother is my chiropractor and gets me in whenever I need an adjustment.

7. My headache loosened up after my adjustment.

8. My brother’s chiropractic business is doing very well.

9. Old High School Friends, Jason and Darissa, welcomed their first child into the world. They named him Ezra Slate. Great name for a cute little boy.

10. Jason was my senior prom date. We went as friends. I always had great, fun, friendly prom dates.

11. My friend, Danielle, spoke an awesome message defining the difference between purity and virginity.

12. It really ministered to our youth ministry.

13. Danielle is passionate about teaching the importance of protecting  purity.

14. Gary, once again, was a great help setting up for Wednesday night ministry.

15. Leftovers made meal time super easy.

16. My new 5th grade girls class is going to be awesome.

17. We kicked off the night making a collage that represented who God made us to be.

18. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

19. His works are beautiful.

20. Being used by God to teach girls and boys how incredibly special they are to Him is such an honor.

21. Shea got to take the afternoon off work. She works so hard and I am glad she got some rest today.

22. Our 5th grade Rangers, a huge group, did awesome tonight.

23. Gary had a lot of fun playing a “get to know you” game with them.

24. They taught Gary a fun game too.

25. Wacky World shifted their schedule around so they could meet with Brandon and I next month.

26. Decluttering the old and making way for the new.

27. Even in the midst of frustration, I know God is in control and will work it all out.

28. The only thing consistent is CHANGE. I can embrace it.


Selah~Day Eighty Six


What we guard, shows what we value. Think about it…Our most prized possesions are usually locked away in a fire proof safe, kept in a vault at the bank, or a ziploc bag tucked into a jelly jar buried in the back yard. Whatever your mode of safety, we guard what we value. We also insure what we value. My family, my health, my home, and my car are all insured. We pay large sums of money each month to make sure our most precious possesions are safe, sound, and secure.

After reading Proverbs 7, I realized another example that proves that physical possesions are not the only things that we should take extreme measures to guard. Think about it…we are reminded multiple times in Proverbs to use wisdom about who we hang out with, where we travel, and what choices we make. The man used as an example in chapter 7, didn’t guard his most valuable posessions: purity, covenant, wisdom, and his heart. Because he let his guard down, he was seduced and laid down his values on the bed of a thief.

Are we careful to guard and insure our hearts, our commitments, our purity, our wisdom, our minds, our emotions, our words, our thoughts, our dreams, our pursuits, our motives, Wow…our motives, and the list can go on. But, if we truly value them, we will guard them.

My 28 Thanks:

1. He loves us so much.

2. We sang that song in Staff Chapel.

3. Listened to a great message illustration.

4. Our team had lots of laughs today in our meeting.

5. Dreams can be revived.

6. I have a friend who is dreaming again.

7. God heals the broken hearted.

8. God is close to the broken hearted.

9. We defined the word “team” for our Crossroads Staff Team.

10. Starla got a buy one, get one free deal on cards. I thought she won the lottery. Ha Ha…

11. I love it when people are excited-even over the small things.

12. Creative brainstorms.

13. Gary always helps me load my bags into the car each morning.

14. He continually looks for ways to help me.

15. Judah got to stay home with his daddy all day.

16. Judah slept in until 10:00 a.m. This is the latest he has ever slept in. I am so glad he got rest.

17. Friends you can share your heart with and trust that your heart is safe.

18. Charlie blessed me with a brand new water bottle. And, the water bottle is green, my favorite color.

19. Judah and I had a fun laughing session when I got home from work.

20. The Hoovers came over for dinner. They watched Judah for us while we went to kids camp. He had so much fun with them.

21. A home to host people for a night of fellowship.

22. Tom and Amy are great friends, who love Jesus and love us.

23. Judah had a BLAST with Asher and Jairus. Lots of laughter and loudness filled my home.

24. Jairus didn’t fall down my stairs.

25. Gary grilled chicken and used a new marinade. It was delicious.

26. We cooked together.

27. We cleaned together.

28. Together is a wonderful place to be.


Selah~Day Eighty Five

My 28 Thanks:

1. I didn’t have a “case of the Mondays.”

2. I was able to get ready for work with little interruption.

3. Brandon, Gary, and I had a very exciting conference call with someone about something somewhere. I am still pumped over it.

4. It only took me about 5 minutes to complete my July Financial statement.

5. God has called other people to work full-time with numbers.

6. I am surrounded with people who have talents and strengths where I am weak.

7. Teams.

8. Rony and Jameson had the KidMotion sound system reconfigured in less than 30 minutes. Huge Help.

9. My sweet husband spent the entire day re-installing the KidMotion stage.

10. He also brought us lunch.

11. Judah had a great day playing with his friends.

12. Mindy and JaQuisha love kids and take such great care of them.

13. I had an awesome, life giving conversation with Starla.

14. Starla met some goals and was super excited.

15. Goals.

16. Creative people.

17. Judah made me laugh a lot today.

18. Danielle and Rony came over for a spontaneous dinner.

19. I was spontaneous. Wow, I can do it!

20.  Fun conversations.

21. Rony is alive. If you knew his story, you would be thankful too. He is a miracle.

22. The more I hear of people’s stories, the more I realize NORMAL doesn’t exist. The only thing that is normal is abnormal. That should take some pressure off:)

23. Judah and I prayed healing for one of my friends before we went to sleep.

24. Judah used to be afraid of the Jets in the bathtub. Now, he loves them.

25. Some of my are back at school this week. I know they are going to have a missional year.

26. From the pictures being posted, it appears that my Rowin Family friends are having a great vacation.

27. Every day is a new day to try something new.

28. His mercies are new everyday.


Selah~ Day Eighty Four

When I was young, my family and I took a couple of vacations to South Padre Island. South Padre was my first experience with the ocean and I always looked forward to these trips. On one of our trips, my aunt and uncle traveled with us. The day came for us to head to the beach. As a kid, we were ready to go when the sun came up. But, we had to wait around on the adults to get ready. I am sure that what was only an hour or two felt like an eternity. However, I will never forget watching my aunt and uncle get ready. To go to the beach, they were truly making themselves look beautiful. My aunt, who always looks done up, had to do her hair and make-up. And, my uncle was ironing his clothes for the day.

Finally, the time came to load the car. When we got there, we set up camp on the sand and headed, with boogie boards in hand, to the water. It was a great day. The best part of the day came when a group of sea gulls flew into our camp. We had no control over these birds. Of all the miles of beach available, they chose our beach camp. They flew high above us and then they came swooping low to the ground.

Then, it happened! My aunt was walking along the sandy shore and a sea gull flew above her. Out of nowhere, it dropped a most precious, big gift upon her beautiful hair. For a moment, the world froze…then, a loud, shrill scream bolted from her mouth and that crazy, hand flopping, high knee dance followed. That hour or so of morning beauty preparation ended with a dive into the salty ocean waters. We laughed so hard. It was the best bird poop bomb incident I have ever, even to this day, witnessed. We still talk about it, some 20 years later, at some family gatherings.

Have you ever had a bird poop in your hair, or on your clothes, or on your newly washed car? I am sure we have all had an encounter with a bird or two in our day. There isn’t much we can do about it. Thankfully, the poop washes out and we can continue on our day. Even though we can’t control a bird flying over our head, we can control whether or not we allow it to land in our hair and make a nest there.

At this point, you all are probably thinking…why in the world is Kara spending so much time talking about bird poop and bird nests? Well, despite the fact that poop from any animal is a funny topic with kids, Here goes the real reason…

Thoughts continually come into our mind.

About a month ago, Gary and I took Judah to the zoo. When we were pulling in to park, a huge sign was displayed advertising the Science Museum (Omniplex). The sign read, “the human brain can process up to 70,000 thoughts a day!” Wow…the human mind is facinating to me. The mind is similar to the ocean, vast, powerful, and has unchartered territory. Just think about that for a moment…70,000 thoughts a day.

We don’t have control of a bird flying over our head or dropping an occasional poop bomb on us, just like we can’t control what thought comes into our mind. At least I can’t! Some thoughts are good, some thoughts are bad, some thoughts are ugly, some thoughts are rude, some thoughts are lovely, some thoughts are random, etc…but, I don’t have to let the thoughts “build a nest in my mind!” BINGO! There, I got it out.

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

We must put every thought through the filter that God provides to us–His Word! If the thought doesn’t line up with the word of God, throw it out, wash it out…don’t let it nest there. Could you imagine…go there with me for a moment…if our mind can process up to 70,000 thoughts a day, I bet half of those would not be what God says, but rather jabs from the world. So, what would our “hair” look like if we let approx. 35,000 thoughts build nests in our head?

I don’t know about you, but I am going to be cleaning out some nests today and everyday. Taking captive every thought, my mind must be renewed by the Word of the Lord. Then, I can know what God’s will is–his good, pleasing, and perfect will. If you are searching for God’s will in your life, make sure you are renewing your mind with the WORD!

My 28 Thanks:

1. My mind can be renewed.

2. My mind is renewed by the Word.

3. I can know God’s pleasing and perfect will.

4. My brain is so amazing.

5. I can filter out bad thoughts.

6. I can keep thoughts that are pure and holy and of a good report.

7. Family memories.

8. Experiences that make me laugh.

9. The kids message last night spoke to me…hence, the blog post this morning.

10. Even though some of my main leads were gone on vacation yesterday, kidz ministry was smooth.

11. I have a faithful, talented team.

12. The kids made some awesome cards representing their thankfulness to the Lord. This project is a huge help to the women’s ministry arts/crafts fair.

13. A little girl, who is dealing with PTSD after the tornadoes, hasn’t been coming to kids church. This weekend, she attended every Back 2 School Fuel service with no tears and no parent! So proud of her.

14. Sweet emails and texts from friends and parents about how much their kids love kids ministry at Crossroads.

15. Spontaneous, life-giving hallway conversations.

16. I met several new families at church.

17. I had more than enough help for our Back 2 School Fuel services. My team even stayed late and helped with the set tear down.

18. Kids were saved and baptized in the Holy Ghost this weekend.

19. The PM, Big church services ended at 7:30. This really helped us start set tear down early and still leave the church by 9:45 p.m. My KidMin team loved the early night too.

20. Judah had two really long days at the church. But, he did awesome.

21. I saw two leaders, who have never done “stage stuff,” really shine this weekend.

22. Two new recruits to our Elementary team, Rich and Deanna Inabnit, had a blast this weekend and they were a great help.

23. Judah was able to take a 3 hour nap in between services and get some rest.

24. Bob and Debbie hosted our kids evangelists for lunch. So, I was able to come home and let Judah take a nap.

25. Because we put scriptures to rap beats this weekend, I remember all 3 of them.

26. Creativity that helps kids remember the Word of God.

27. My responses to certain negative thoughts, negative people, and negative behaviors from others, have shown me that I am growing up in some areas.

28. Growth.

Selah~Day Eighty Three

My 28 Thanks:

1. My little brother and sister in law and nephew had a great visit with us.

2. Family memories shared around the kitchen table.

3. Baby talk. I love listening to babies form words.

4. Gary and I had great help setting up the Back 2 School Fuel Service.

5. Young Adults. They are so helpful, creative, and excited about life.

6. Risk Takers. I don’t consider myself one. But, I love hanging out with risk takers and listening to their views on life.

7. We worked a 12 hour day today. But, it went so smoothly and quickly.

8. I had lots of energy today.

9. Judah was a champ. He had a great, helpful attitude all day.

10. Our guest speaker and his wife are super friendly and easy to host.

11. My friend, Deborah, finally got an apartment of her own. This is a huge deal and I am so proud of her.

12. Several ladies at our church were able to attend Women of Faith Conference. They had a great time and built amazing friendships.

13. I got to hang out with some new friends today. I am excited to get to know them more.

14. A church from Edmond, Winner’s Church, brought 12 kids and joined us for our service tonight.

15. They were a great group of kids and leaders.

16. The service tonight was so fun! I laughed and laughed and laughed.

17. I barely have a voice tonight because I screamed the power verse with so much passion.

18. I have a voice that can boldly declare the Word of God.

19. The Bible is TRUTH. Kids heard some of that truth tonight and 5 kids responded to the altar and were saved!

20. I got to hear a room full of kids boldly “rap” this truth tonight, “Jesus said You Must Be, You Must Be, You Must Be Born Again!”

21. I learned some new kidmin games tonight.

22. My brother and family made it home safely.

23. My faith, hope, and trust is in the Lord…no one or nothing else.

24. Jesus is my portion. He is all I need and He is more than enough.

25. Jesus changes me on the inside.

26. Our waiter at Johnny Carinos tonight was so sweet. She has waited on me several times and she has such a great spirit about her.

27. Some of my kids experienced major life change at Royal Family Kids Camp this week.

28. People who invest in the lives of kids are more valuable than the most precious diamonds.

Selah~Day Eighty Two

I heard a desperate cry for help from Judah. Immediately, I switched into super hero mom mode and ran to his aid in the living room. When I arrived, wearing my “here I am to save the day” face, I quickly realized that his cry for help was in response to his blanket falling off the recliner. I breathed a sigh of relief and made a silent decision to let him help himself with this situation of turmoil. For 5 minutes, Judah pouted, fussed, cried, and half-way tried to put the blanket back on the recliner so he could sit on it. It was a most dramatic display and admittedly he gets that from his mother!

My random chuckles did not help the situation, but rather fueled his fit a little more. Finally, I said, “Judah, seriously…this is not a big deal. Is this really something you want to spend so much time being upset about.” Then, it hit me…the Holy Spirit spoke and said…”learn from this.” Ouch! I was going to learn a lesson from this as well.

I finally waved the white flag of surrender and helped Judah get settled back into the chair. Then, I thought about what just occured. I thought about the times that, like Judah,  I too cried out for help for situations that I should not have been spending my time, energy, and emotion on. I wonder how many times my Father has thought, “Kara, seriously…this is not a big deal. Is this really something you want to spend so much time being upset about.” I am sure this is why God tells us often in His word, “Don’t Worry…Don’t be anxious…Rest in Me, etc…”

I am sure that I am not the only one who can concur that there have been times when you have either worried, gotten upset, spent emotions, and/or whined over a situation that you later realized was so minute and insignificant in your life.  Nevertheless, we don’t always learn and we repeat this pattern of behavior over and over and over again.

I think I am going to work on this…this is definately a cycle that needs to be broken.

My 28 Thanks:

1. The Lord uses me to teach my son important truths.

2. I learn important truths while teaching my son.

3. I love being a mom.

4. The thought of me as a super hero, even in writing, is funny.

5. I love to laugh.

6. Judah and I enjoyed a quiet morning together.

7. Judah got to eat a strawberry sprinkled donut this morning. He loves sugar! Yikes…

8. Judah and I had a great grocery shopping trip in Crest. He was so helpful and talked to me a lot about the different food items.

9. The workers at Crest are so nice and helpful.

10. Brittney and Brandy are back in Oklahoma. Sweet girls who have spent three weeks away caring for their family.

11. People who care for one another.

12. I am not a cook at all. But, I made an amazing chicken spaghetti tonight. My own recipe.

13. My brother, Jake, and his wife Madison and son Gatlin are staying the weekend with us.

14. They loved my chicken spaghetti.

15. Judah and I spent the afternoon at the Library. He loved playing puppet show.

16. Judah let me read him two books tonight.

17. Gary had orange tulips delivered to my door today.

18. He wrote a very sweet, not-typical message in the card.

19. My husband is always looking for ways to make me smile.

20. God made flowers for me! Ha Ha…when I was in college, my roommate, Jahni, and I would always buy fresh flowers every week for our apartment.

21. Tulips are my favorite flower. I may be using personification. But, I love the gentle, graceful beauty of a tulip.

22. Two of my KidMotion kids returned from Royal Family kids camp and they had a great time.

23. Memories…

24. The proof of desire is in the pursuit. I have desire.

25. 87 people read my last blog.

26. My husband fought a big fire this morning. He didn’t get dehydrated and he stayed safe.

27. My friend, Danielle’s 10000 Reasons blog rocked it tonight. It really moved me.

28. Intentional relationships.

Selah~Day Eighty One

My Thursday was much better than my Wednesday. Each day and with each experience, I learn that my perspective controls everything: my attitude, my actions, my emotions. So, if you are having a difficult day, you should look at how you are “looking” at things. A quick shift in your perspective can make things so much better.

Case in point~A friend of mine was having a very tough few days. She was upset with herself because of a few disappointments. She emailed me and told me that she decided to quit thinking about herself and instead do a few things to bless other people. When she followed through with these acts of kindness, her perspective changed. And, things got a lot better.

I have heard Joyce Meyer say before that the best cure for depression and anxiety is to stop thinking about yourself. Instead, think about others and how you can invest in making their lives better.

Perspective changes everything…even your reality!

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary came home from the station rested.

2. Gary had coffee with a new friend.

3. He was so encouraged by the coffee date.

4. Judah loves to snuggle with me in the mornings.

5. Perspective adjustments change everything.

6. I changed my perspective.

7. Gary helped me setup for the Back 2 School Fuel services.

8. A church from Edmond is going to join us for our Saturday night Back 2 School Fuel service.

9. Christmas Creative meeting. I love creating.

10. We did a story board for Pastor Ted’s sermon series, T.G.I.M.

11. I love working on the Creative Team.

12. Gary brought me lunch since the meeting went 3 hours.

13. My friend, Laura, got a super short, super cute haircut. This was a big step for her and I am so proud.

14. Got an awesome text from a friend. God is doing some great things in her life.

15. Hope is never lost.

16. My friend, Leslie, said the sweetest words of encouragement to me. She told me she loved to see my worship and compared me to Kim Walker-Smith…yes, can you believe it!!!!!!!!!

17. My co-workers are so life-giving.

18. Brandon went home from work at a normal time. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS HAPPEN BEFORE EVER!!!!

19. Danielle helped me fill out my birthday cards.

20. Spontaneous game of family hide and seek.

21. Early evening chat with Gary’s parents. They are such great people.

22. We took a walk around our neighborhood.

23. We met two new families in our new neighborhood. I love my new neighborhood. The people are so friendly and helpful.

24. Twitter. I love reading twitter feeds of pastors, leaders, advisors, comedians…their quick wit and insight constantly activates my mind. Learning keeps my mind sharp.

25. The people who own China Delight on 119th and May are so sweet. I so appreciate great costumer service.

26. My husband always kisses me goodnight and says, “I love you.”

27. More of my family is coming to visit this weekend.

28. The best is yet to come.

Selah~Day Eighty

I let my son watch Monsters Inc. last night on my computer. We always need some time after church to chill out. Therefore, my computer was tied up until 11:30. So, this is my Selah yesterday, for July 31st.

I did not have the most stellar of days. I thrive in organized, clean, and prepared environments. When my “world” gets out of order, I am not at my best or most creative. I am like this both home and outside of  my home. Ask my husband…

When we first got married, we quickly learned that an item only had a shelf life of one day if it was left out on the counter. I can’t stand for stuff to pile up on a kitchen counter or table. So, if it appeared to be “junk”, I would throw it away. Gary would come in and ask, “where did _____________ go?” I would have to reply, “Oh, I thought that was junk and threw it away.” Thankfully, my husband is incredibly clean and organized too. But, he didn’t mind an occasional pile on the kitchen counter or table. So, we quickly created a plan to solve this dilemma. If Gary put anything “paper or object related” on the counter, he would always communicate to me two things:

1.) What the item was and 2.) How long it would remain on the counter.

I know this seems petty, but it works for us and we laugh about it now every time we have one of those conversations. Thankfully, having a child has REALLY helped chill me out in some areas.

Nevertheless, I, like our Heavenly Father, love order (insert sarcastic laugh here). But, when the “piles of junk” get created in my life, it is important for communication to take place, expectations to be managed, plans reworked, and strategies changed. Then, I can continue to have stellar days everyday. Right? Never an off day? Well, lets just say I am going to be working on it.

My 28 Thanks:

1. The Lord teaches me things about myself everyday.

2. I am learning to trust other people.

3. Communication.

4. Preparation.

5. Plans and Strategies.

6. “My world” can always be cleaned.

7. Natasha and the amazing facility team at church cleaned my entire kidz ministry area in record time yesterday and it looked amazing.

8. Natasha is quiet, reserved, and an amazing worker. Yesterday, she made a bold statement to me. I was thrilled with her spunky response.

9. The facility team helped me setup our water night for Rangers and Girls.

10. My friend and Kidmin leader, Deborah, helped me big time yesterday with the event. And, she stayed with me until the very end. I didn’t have to walk out of church alone in the dark.

11. I learn from my mistakes…(most of the time).

12. I made a decision yesterday and it saved me tons of time in preperation.

13. That decision turned out to be AWESOME for the kids at water night. So glad I can change my plans.

14. I got to chat with Luci yesterday. She is so sweet and selfless. She works so hard to provide a great home for her girls.

15. Foster parents. They are amazing people.

16. Shea and Danielle bring such a great energy and excitement to my Wednesday night team.

17. I saw Abby Darrah last night. She has served 6 weeks in the Dominican Republic helping children. That experience has changed her life.

18. People who have a mission.

19. My Wednesday night team did an amazing job with the event last night. My leaders are so committed to ministry to kids. They get wet, run until they are tired, provide safety, care, and fun. They are champions!

20. Mr. Greg is a super star. He has such a servan’t heart. He stayed late and did all the manual labor tear down of the event.

21. The kids had so much fun. I love watching kids have fun.

22. Only one small injury….a scratch!

23. I haven’t had fast food for lunch in a long time. Bringing my lunch to work has saved us tons of money and helped me eat healthier. I also get to enjoy a few minutes with my buddy, Danielle.

24. Deborah asked me a lot of questions about kidz ministry yesterday. She has a heart to learn and grow.

25. My friend Amy is a great friend to so many. She makes my heart happy.

26. We have a huge group of Ladies attending Women of Faith this weekend. We were blessed with free tickets for tornado victims or tornado relief workers. Huge blessing.

27. My mom is finally feeling better after a horrible bought of sickness.

28. Serving God is fun.