Selah~Day 189 “5 Lessons from Monsters University”

My 27 Thanks:

We ended our Thursday with family movie night. We thought Turbo was available to rent, but it wasn’t. Thankfully, Judah’s sad face truned back to a smile when we started Monsters University. Within 5 minutes, we were all laughing. Pixar does a great job with family, friendly films.

I really enjoyed watching this prequel to the first movie, Monsters Inc. The back story of Mike Wazowski and Sulley is so good and has many great lessons stored within it. Yes, I am one of those people. I am constantly looking for lessons in everything I watch and read. Here are some of the lessons I found in Monsters University

Lesson 1: Mike Wazowski doesn’t fit the part of a scarer! He is small and doesn’t look scarey and his “roar” is more like a kitten than a lion. But, he doesn’t let the opinions of others distract him from his dream! 

Lesson 2: In Monsters University, Mike and Sulley don’t start out as good friends. In fact, their desire to beat one another becomes so competitive that they get kicked out of the Scare Program. In order to be readmitted, they join forces with some of the most unlikely of “scare” students to compete in the Scare Games. And, along the way they realize an important truth. Sulley tells Mike, “You can train them all you want, but you can’t change who they are!” So, Don’t try to be someone you are not. Be who you are called to be! 

Lesson 3: If you can’t change who you are, then use what you have to become the best you can be! Mike realizes that they may not look the part of Scarers and they may not sound the part of Scarers, but they do have skills that set them apart for greatness. They all learn to use what they do have to become great and most importantly gain confidence in who they are and what they can do. 

Lesson 4: Be Inspired. Always keep your dream in front of you. Hope is never lost. Mike and his team of Wanna Be Scarers are running out of luck. Defeat seems inevitable and morale is low. So, Mike has a brilliant idea. His team needs to be inspired. So, he devises a plan to break into Monsters, Inc. and show them what their future could look like. The plan works. The team is inspired to finish strong and do their very best. A dream always fuels your fire. 

Lesson 5: There is usually a back-story to every great relationship. After watching Monsters, Inc. I assumed Mike Wazowski and Sulley were always great friends. But, in the prequel, Monsters University, we learn that this was not the case. Mike’s and Sulley’s friendship was definitely tested. Fierce competition, jealousy, breaking of trust, lies, lack of care, and down right mean words, could have destroyed any hopes of these two ever having a friendship. But, their desperation to acomplish a dream brought them together as a team. They realized that they had to work together to if they ever hoped to make things right. The pressures of living up to a family name (Sulley) and the pressures of proving the world wrong (Mike) brought these two enemies together to reach a common goal. Through it all, their relationship survived and birthed a beautiful friendship filled with trust, care, honesty, and kind words. 

My 27 Thanks:

1. I stayed home one more day from work. It was definitely what I needed to kick this sickness to the curb.

2. Gary made me oatmeal for breakfast and I spent the morning resting in my fluffy chair.

3. I completed my small group discussion lesson for Kidmotion this Sunday.

4. In case we get bad weather this weekend, I went ahead and ran up to the church to prepare for Sunday’s service. Gary helped me setup. It saved me time and energy.

5. I am so thankful for a job with benefits. Paid leave when sick is a blessing.

6. Gary was able to help Jameson and the production team hang acoustic panels in the Sanctuary.

7. He got to spend the day with other men doing manly things. He loves working with power tools.

8. Judah and I spent some time on the floor making a boat out of craft sticks. I love spending quality time with my Judah.

9. Judah loves art!

10. Crest had their turkeys for .79 lb.

11. Gary went to the store and got us a turkey.

12. While shopping, he refrained and DID NOT buy anymore of that delicious Pumokin Pecan Spice Ice Cream!

13. A parent called me today and told me that her son (One of my KidMotion kids) is being awarded “6th grade student of the month” for his school. I am so proud of Seth!

14. My mom is feeling better after having a procedure.

15. My childhood best friend, Kristi, is getting to move into her new home. They have waited patiently for a while now and I am so glad she gets to move in and begin life in her new home.

16. Gary rubbed menthol stuff of my shoulders and neck. It really helps! Crazy enough, I am so stopped up that I can’t smell it!

17. Family laughter.

18. Judah kept asking us to rewind parts of Monster University so he could watch the “munny” parts again. He had a blast watching that movie.

19. I have a warm, cozy home.

20. My sister-in-law, Laura, is celebrating her 30th birthday today.

21. Laura had a great day and was blessed by so many people on her special day.

22. Laura is more like a sister to me than a sister-in-law.

23. She has held my hand through a few personal tough times. At 37 weeks of pregnancy with Judah, I had to be rushed to the hospital because my blood pressure shot through the roof. Laura was the one who held my hand and prayed over me and Judah while driving to the hospital. (Gary was at the fire station).

24. Laura is a really calm person. She is laid back and doesn’t let much frazzle her. She is like her brother Gary and her mom!

25. Laura has a big heart for others.

26. Laura loves to cook and she loves to share her food. She makes the best mashed potatoes. There are times when she has tried to trick me into eating weird types of meat. Usually, she seasons well enough that I don’t taste the difference!

27. Laura makes me laugh and turn all different shades of red and pink! I love her.

Selah~Day 188

Wednesday, November 20

My 27 Thanks:

1. I slept through the night and finally got more rest.

2. The Lord designed two ways for us to breathe, nose and mouth. When one is clogged, the other works perfectly. I am so thankful for this back up plan.

3. Judah woke up and was really excited about his “Harvest Fall Festival Party” at school today. I love how he throws in every word he has recently heard to describe his party.

4. Gary’s station officer granted him two hours of leave to attend Judah’s party.

5. Judah was thrilled to see both Gary and I show up to the party.

6. We met other parents, as well as Judah’s little friends. It is such a sweet environment.

7. Judah’s teachers are absolutely amazing. They are so kind, sweet, and loving. They both have a very sweet presence about them.

8. Gary and I ran the game portion of the party. Trying to get 12 3 year olds to play games in an organized fashion was a learning experience. Where was Mrs. Lori when I needed her? It was fun though and I didn’t try to organize it like crazy. I was actually relaxed.

9. I am totally going to be one of those PTA moms.

10. Every child in Judah’s class had a parent or grandparent represented. Wow, 100% participation from parents is amazing. I hope this continues.

11. Judah made a “I Am Thankful” for….book in his class. I cried reading it. The first picture was one of Gary, Judah, and me. He colored his dad an oranger color (Gary’s favorite color). He colored me green (My favorite color). He colored himself red (Judah’s 2nd favorite color next to orange, but he let his daddy be orange). Isn’t that so smart and sweet?!?!?!

12. Judah and I got to rest before heading back to church.

13. Lorry Gail went thrift store shopping for our clown costumes.

14. She found some costumes at a great price too.

15. The crate Terry made for our puppet sketches is AWESOME. And, the front porch prop is better than I even imagined.

16. I had enough energy to complete an entire night of Kidz Ministry.

17. The kids love coming to church. There is always an extra dose of energy on Wednesday nights.

18. I have such a helpful team. They are so loving and kind.

19. Ava got the Angel Tree setup in the Welcome Center. And, we have identified almost 150 angels for the tree.

20. I am so thankful that Grant gave Judah a piece of pizza. Judah was hungry because he wouldn’t eat dinner earlier. I didn’t want to make a stop to get him food, so the pizza saved the day.

21.  I wasn’t the last one to leave the church. So, I didn’t have to walk out to my car alone. Lorry Gail stayed with me and we walked together.

22. Judah and I ooooed and awwwwed over the Christmas lights popping up as we drove home.

23. I get to park my car in a garage.

24. Cough Drops.

25. Kleenex with lotion.

26. My mom taught me at a young age how to pray healing scriptures over my body.

27. I can call on the Lord and He hears my cry.

Selah~Day 187

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is home today.

2. I didn’t feel well upon waking up, but I got ready for the day anyway!

3. Judah woke up in the best of moods and greeted me with a huge smile.

4. Gary made me breakfast while I got ready for work.

5. We started another John Maxwell leadership book in staff chapel.

6. I love having the opportunity to learn more effective ways to lead others.

7. Anyone can be a leader. It doen’st matter their position/title. You can choose to lead right were you are!

8. Position and Title is the lowest form of leadership. Leadership is all about trust, relationship, vision, and production.

9. I can lead up, down, and all aroud.

10. We had a great, brief brainstorm session about an topic that is very exciting to me in staff meeting.

11. I started feeling really yucky and was able to go home immediately to rest.

12. I didn’t throw up even though I thought I would.

13. Gary tried to keep Judah occupied so I could rest.

14. They launched a new software at work today that will help us store information. This is going to make information more accessible and organized. Love it!

15. Kayla did great work getting this available for us. I am thankful.

16. One of the great Angela’s in my life is going to organize one fantastic Cast Party for our Christmas show.

17. I enjoyed a nice, surprise visit with my mother-in-law. I love being around her.

18. The Lord gave me the energy and the strength to make food for two other families tonight.

19. Yes, I cooked! I was able to bless 2 families with homemade chicken pot pies.

20. We enjoyed a visit with the Casares family. Their newborn is still in the NICU.

21. Baby Zeke is doing better, gaining weight, and his temp is up. He should be coming home soon.

22. Gloria is doing so much better after her surgery.

23. Pastor Tami checked in on me this evening.

24. My curtains are done and they are beautiful. I love my burlap fabric.

25. Gary spent over an hour hanging them for me.

26. The Lord is my HEALER.

27. My body has to line up with the Word of God.

Selah~Day 186

Sunday, November 17th

My 27 Thanks:

1. I barely slept last night, but I didn’t feel tired upon waking.

2. We are launching a new series in KidMotion this morning. I love new series.

3. The topic of this series, selflessness, is especially important in the life of young and old and every one in between.

4. Jesus teaches us that the least is truly the greatest in the Kingdom.

5. Parables.

6. Jesus came to earth to serve others.

7. Mrs. Lori and her family enjoyed some time away today.

8. But, Miss JaQuisha had everything under control. I love the fact that I have multiple amazing leaders who can lead.

9. There was a sweet presence of peace in Kids Ministry today.

10. My friend, Sande, found favor in a tough situation this past week.

11. Our younger kidmotion kids rocked the challenge in their small groups today.

12. Gary surprised me this morning with a roast, carrots, and potatoes for the crock pot. He stopped by Crest on his way home from the fire station.

13. We came home from church and the roast was ready and smelled wonderful.

14. We got to take a brief power nap.

15. Gary and I learned a valuable lesson in parenting today: Pick your battles!!!!!! A carrot is not worth a 1 hour battle.

16. We had another quick, successful, and fun recording session with Chase. He has done a great job with voice acting for our Christmas Production.

17. I was told today that me new haircut makes me look like Tiffani Amber Theissen. That’s right folks, I have been compared to Kelly Kapowski (sp) from Saved by the Bell!

18. Production practice went well and we were able to do two full run throughs of the show.

19. Lorry Gail took great notes for me.

20. Pastor Marc has been a wonderful addition to our team. He is a great talent.

21. Dustin was able to leave the tech booth tonight and come upstairs to film portions of our practice for our promo video.

22. Pastor Ted beat me at fantasy football, but that is okay. He needed a win. I can always put someone first. Ha Ha Ha.

23. Our neighborhood Christmas lights are up and they look amazing.

24. Judah LOVED seeing the lights. He went on and on about them. Christmas will be so much fun this year with him. For some reason, he thinks that Christmas lights=its going to snow now. So, everytime he sees lights he asks, “Is it snowing yet, mommy?”

25. The weather was perfect today and definitely not cold enough for snow.

26. We had fun during bathtime tonight. Judah asked me to spell different words with his bath letters. He loves to learn.

27. Sleep.

Selah~Day 185

Tis the season to very busy. But, even in the hustle and bustle of life, there is always time to find ways to bless the Lord. Here are my 27 thanks for Saturday, November 15.

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I slept in until 9:00 a.m.

2. I woke up to his sweet face staring into mine.

3. I love morning snuggle time with my sweet boy.

4. Judah always smiles at me upon first waking up.

5. Its the little things that matter big time.

6. Judah makes me feel very special.

7. We had an eventful morning filled with crafts, activities, and messes.

8. Judah and I sat together at the kitchen table and painted a castle.

9. Washable paint.

10. Quality time with my son is so valuable to me.

11. Everything can be cleaned.

12. We enjoyed soaking up some Vitamin D outside. I enjoy watching Judah play in the dirt. He is all boy.

13. Judah and I made it safely to Hobby Lobby. It is crazy out there this time of year. Christmas is definitely in full swing.

14. Judah rode in the cart the entire time we were in Hobby Lobby. I don’t know what excatly was up with him, but I didn’t ask, I enjoyed this rare occurrence.

15. While there, Judah and I picked up more painting projects. I let him select 3 different ornaments to paint.

16. We had to start painting as soon as we got home. Thankfully, they included a painting pattern suggestion and they turnd out great.

17. Judah and I enjoyed fun conversation while working on this project together.

18. Two of my friends were blessed with great baby showers today. They both are preparing to welcome sweet, baby girls into the world.

19. It was a makeup free day and I loved it.

20. Other than a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, we spent the day at home.

21. Gary had a very interesting day at the fire station. They got a call that a 1 year old was stuck inside a vending machine at a nearby laundry mat. It was one of those toy vending machines that requires you to move the grab hand and drop it on a toy. Well, the little boy obviously wanted a toy and had plenty of unsupervised time to climb up into the slot that holds the toy once it is dropped. He manuevered his whole body into that slot and the drop door shut with him inside. Wow! Gary’s station rescued him, but I don’t think the vending machine was saved in the process. the little boy came out hot and sweaty. Yes, they gave him a toy after it was all over.

22. First responders.

23. People who stay calm in stressful situations.

24. I have my own washer and dryer at my house. I don’t have to go to a laundry mat.

25. My sister danced for her last football game as a  Southeastern Savages. I know she is ready for a new season of life.

26. My mom was able to attend the game with her and walk out on the field with her for Senior Day.

27. It was a beautiful day.


Selah~Day 184

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary and I both have the day off together.

2. We spent the morning in our pajamas.

3. Gary had a cleaning bug. He cleaned and I let him.

4. Gary and I both like to keep a clean house.

5. Gary and I do Rick Renner’s Sparkling Gem devotion almost daily together. It is nice to be able to discuss the Word together.

6. The Word is full of Wisdom for every area of your life.

7. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

8. I love Psalm 50: 14. It says that we should make Thankfulness our sacrifice to God.

9. Thankfulness.

10. The Hendrickson, Ellison, McGuire, etc…Thanksgiving menu has been set.

11. I am hosting both sides of our family for Thanksgiving on the same day. It is going to be lively and wonderful.

12. God protects us on the road. Someone came over into our lane and almost hit us. Thankfully, they corrected quickly and avoided a collision. I am constantly reminded of His protection.

13. Gary has been singing and playing guitar to the song we had played at our wedding. Judah now knows it and walks around singing, “Faithful, You are faithful, I am in love with the way that you are.” It is so sweet.

14. My home is a peaceful, comforting place.

15. Gary and I protect our “home” from strife and discord. Yes, we have moments of disagreement, but we are quick to resolve.

16. We follow peace. My mom always stressed that in my life. She would always say, “Follow peace.” I think it is a pretty good rule of thumb.

17. We went to Mathis Brothers and after months of looking we found a desk in the “As Is” section.

18. We got a great price on the desk and the scratches are minimal. Besides, with a 3 year old in the house, scratches are inevitable!

19. Mr. Ken also helped us find an office chair in the “As Is” section. He also gave us a tip on how to easily fix what was wrong with the chair.

20. We were able to fit the desk and the chair into our 4 Runner. It took some creative packing, but it worked…barely.

21. My little family loves Pei Wei. So, we had it for our Friday Night Fun dinner. We beat the dinner crowd.

22. Gary always tries something new. I stick to what I know I like. I am glad that Gary is adventurous.

23. Judah always eats his entire meal from Pei Wei. It is the one time that I rest assured he has a full tummy.

24. I was able to run several errands in a short amount of time, as well as visit two stores that I have always wanted to check out. And, we still made it home by 7:00.

25. I was strong enough to help Gary unload the desk. And, it fits perfectly in our small space.

26. Tis the season…Christmas lights are already on display.

27. I love my Lord, not because of what He has done, but simply because of Who He is.


Selah~Day 183

My 27 Thanks:

1. Nothing can separate me from the love of God.

2. God’s love for me is so great that I can’t even comprehend it.

3. The book of Romans is filled with such rich truth.

4. God’s love is never ending. It stretches to the highest mountain and penetrates the depths of the earth.

5. God’s love is unconditional. It is who He is.

6. We are working ahead in creative.

7. We have the stage design ready to launch for the new year and beginning stages of Easter planning are underway.

8. Jameson solved a Christmas production problem for me. It is going to work better than I even thought.

9. Dustin helped too.

10. Teri is coming back into work to help me out with a CD duplication project. She is so willing to help.

11. Gary, Judah, and I had lunch together.

12. Lorry Gail is an awesome help. She is a writer extraordinaire. She can produce a funny script in a matter of minutes.

13. Creative friends who inspire me.

14. The first week of our You First service is ready to go. I am excited to teach this series on Selflessness to my KidMotion kids.

15. Judah played in the dirt while Gary worked on our fence. I love seeing my little boy have fun in the dirt.

16. My sister’s little white fur ball dog, Comet, is alive. After being ran over by a truck, he jumped up and ran back to my parent’s house unharmed. It is a miracle.

17. Everytime my mom tells a story, she makes me laugh. She left TBN on the TV during the day so Comet, the dog, could watch it and get saved. She said he needed Jesus after that death defying experience. Oh man…I am so excited to spend time with my family this Thanksgiving.

18. We had a wonderful, home cooked dinner. Gary led the way and I was his wonderful assistant:) I don’t mind assisting at all in the kitchen.

19. Judah ate a vegetable. Granted, I had to put brown sugar on the sweet potato, but he ate it!

20. I told the most funny version of the 3 Little Pigs tonight for Judah’s bedtime story. Let’s just say it ended with the 3 little pigs falling asleep too close to the fireplace. When they woke, they smelled like ham and bacon. Judah, Gary, and I errupted with laughter.

21. We laughed together for a solid 10 minutes over that story. Gary then joined in and we continued to tell it together. Judah loved it and wanted us to tell it all again. I am sure we will never be able to tell it the same way again.

22. Gary and Judah make my heart smile.

23. Gary and I enjoyed a movie together.

24. Gary is willing to watch chick flick movies with me.

25. Gary told me that I make him laugh.

26. He makes me laugh too.

27. Evenings spent together.