Selah~Day 186

Sunday, November 17th

My 27 Thanks:

1. I barely slept last night, but I didn’t feel tired upon waking.

2. We are launching a new series in KidMotion this morning. I love new series.

3. The topic of this series, selflessness, is especially important in the life of young and old and every one in between.

4. Jesus teaches us that the least is truly the greatest in the Kingdom.

5. Parables.

6. Jesus came to earth to serve others.

7. Mrs. Lori and her family enjoyed some time away today.

8. But, Miss JaQuisha had everything under control. I love the fact that I have multiple amazing leaders who can lead.

9. There was a sweet presence of peace in Kids Ministry today.

10. My friend, Sande, found favor in a tough situation this past week.

11. Our younger kidmotion kids rocked the challenge in their small groups today.

12. Gary surprised me this morning with a roast, carrots, and potatoes for the crock pot. He stopped by Crest on his way home from the fire station.

13. We came home from church and the roast was ready and smelled wonderful.

14. We got to take a brief power nap.

15. Gary and I learned a valuable lesson in parenting today: Pick your battles!!!!!! A carrot is not worth a 1 hour battle.

16. We had another quick, successful, and fun recording session with Chase. He has done a great job with voice acting for our Christmas Production.

17. I was told today that me new haircut makes me look like Tiffani Amber Theissen. That’s right folks, I have been compared to Kelly Kapowski (sp) from Saved by the Bell!

18. Production practice went well and we were able to do two full run throughs of the show.

19. Lorry Gail took great notes for me.

20. Pastor Marc has been a wonderful addition to our team. He is a great talent.

21. Dustin was able to leave the tech booth tonight and come upstairs to film portions of our practice for our promo video.

22. Pastor Ted beat me at fantasy football, but that is okay. He needed a win. I can always put someone first. Ha Ha Ha.

23. Our neighborhood Christmas lights are up and they look amazing.

24. Judah LOVED seeing the lights. He went on and on about them. Christmas will be so much fun this year with him. For some reason, he thinks that Christmas lights=its going to snow now. So, everytime he sees lights he asks, “Is it snowing yet, mommy?”

25. The weather was perfect today and definitely not cold enough for snow.

26. We had fun during bathtime tonight. Judah asked me to spell different words with his bath letters. He loves to learn.

27. Sleep.


Selah~Day 185

Tis the season to very busy. But, even in the hustle and bustle of life, there is always time to find ways to bless the Lord. Here are my 27 thanks for Saturday, November 15.

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I slept in until 9:00 a.m.

2. I woke up to his sweet face staring into mine.

3. I love morning snuggle time with my sweet boy.

4. Judah always smiles at me upon first waking up.

5. Its the little things that matter big time.

6. Judah makes me feel very special.

7. We had an eventful morning filled with crafts, activities, and messes.

8. Judah and I sat together at the kitchen table and painted a castle.

9. Washable paint.

10. Quality time with my son is so valuable to me.

11. Everything can be cleaned.

12. We enjoyed soaking up some Vitamin D outside. I enjoy watching Judah play in the dirt. He is all boy.

13. Judah and I made it safely to Hobby Lobby. It is crazy out there this time of year. Christmas is definitely in full swing.

14. Judah rode in the cart the entire time we were in Hobby Lobby. I don’t know what excatly was up with him, but I didn’t ask, I enjoyed this rare occurrence.

15. While there, Judah and I picked up more painting projects. I let him select 3 different ornaments to paint.

16. We had to start painting as soon as we got home. Thankfully, they included a painting pattern suggestion and they turnd out great.

17. Judah and I enjoyed fun conversation while working on this project together.

18. Two of my friends were blessed with great baby showers today. They both are preparing to welcome sweet, baby girls into the world.

19. It was a makeup free day and I loved it.

20. Other than a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, we spent the day at home.

21. Gary had a very interesting day at the fire station. They got a call that a 1 year old was stuck inside a vending machine at a nearby laundry mat. It was one of those toy vending machines that requires you to move the grab hand and drop it on a toy. Well, the little boy obviously wanted a toy and had plenty of unsupervised time to climb up into the slot that holds the toy once it is dropped. He manuevered his whole body into that slot and the drop door shut with him inside. Wow! Gary’s station rescued him, but I don’t think the vending machine was saved in the process. the little boy came out hot and sweaty. Yes, they gave him a toy after it was all over.

22. First responders.

23. People who stay calm in stressful situations.

24. I have my own washer and dryer at my house. I don’t have to go to a laundry mat.

25. My sister danced for her last football game as a  Southeastern Savages. I know she is ready for a new season of life.

26. My mom was able to attend the game with her and walk out on the field with her for Senior Day.

27. It was a beautiful day.


Selah~Day 184

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary and I both have the day off together.

2. We spent the morning in our pajamas.

3. Gary had a cleaning bug. He cleaned and I let him.

4. Gary and I both like to keep a clean house.

5. Gary and I do Rick Renner’s Sparkling Gem devotion almost daily together. It is nice to be able to discuss the Word together.

6. The Word is full of Wisdom for every area of your life.

7. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

8. I love Psalm 50: 14. It says that we should make Thankfulness our sacrifice to God.

9. Thankfulness.

10. The Hendrickson, Ellison, McGuire, etc…Thanksgiving menu has been set.

11. I am hosting both sides of our family for Thanksgiving on the same day. It is going to be lively and wonderful.

12. God protects us on the road. Someone came over into our lane and almost hit us. Thankfully, they corrected quickly and avoided a collision. I am constantly reminded of His protection.

13. Gary has been singing and playing guitar to the song we had played at our wedding. Judah now knows it and walks around singing, “Faithful, You are faithful, I am in love with the way that you are.” It is so sweet.

14. My home is a peaceful, comforting place.

15. Gary and I protect our “home” from strife and discord. Yes, we have moments of disagreement, but we are quick to resolve.

16. We follow peace. My mom always stressed that in my life. She would always say, “Follow peace.” I think it is a pretty good rule of thumb.

17. We went to Mathis Brothers and after months of looking we found a desk in the “As Is” section.

18. We got a great price on the desk and the scratches are minimal. Besides, with a 3 year old in the house, scratches are inevitable!

19. Mr. Ken also helped us find an office chair in the “As Is” section. He also gave us a tip on how to easily fix what was wrong with the chair.

20. We were able to fit the desk and the chair into our 4 Runner. It took some creative packing, but it worked…barely.

21. My little family loves Pei Wei. So, we had it for our Friday Night Fun dinner. We beat the dinner crowd.

22. Gary always tries something new. I stick to what I know I like. I am glad that Gary is adventurous.

23. Judah always eats his entire meal from Pei Wei. It is the one time that I rest assured he has a full tummy.

24. I was able to run several errands in a short amount of time, as well as visit two stores that I have always wanted to check out. And, we still made it home by 7:00.

25. I was strong enough to help Gary unload the desk. And, it fits perfectly in our small space.

26. Tis the season…Christmas lights are already on display.

27. I love my Lord, not because of what He has done, but simply because of Who He is.


Selah~Day 183

My 27 Thanks:

1. Nothing can separate me from the love of God.

2. God’s love for me is so great that I can’t even comprehend it.

3. The book of Romans is filled with such rich truth.

4. God’s love is never ending. It stretches to the highest mountain and penetrates the depths of the earth.

5. God’s love is unconditional. It is who He is.

6. We are working ahead in creative.

7. We have the stage design ready to launch for the new year and beginning stages of Easter planning are underway.

8. Jameson solved a Christmas production problem for me. It is going to work better than I even thought.

9. Dustin helped too.

10. Teri is coming back into work to help me out with a CD duplication project. She is so willing to help.

11. Gary, Judah, and I had lunch together.

12. Lorry Gail is an awesome help. She is a writer extraordinaire. She can produce a funny script in a matter of minutes.

13. Creative friends who inspire me.

14. The first week of our You First service is ready to go. I am excited to teach this series on Selflessness to my KidMotion kids.

15. Judah played in the dirt while Gary worked on our fence. I love seeing my little boy have fun in the dirt.

16. My sister’s little white fur ball dog, Comet, is alive. After being ran over by a truck, he jumped up and ran back to my parent’s house unharmed. It is a miracle.

17. Everytime my mom tells a story, she makes me laugh. She left TBN on the TV during the day so Comet, the dog, could watch it and get saved. She said he needed Jesus after that death defying experience. Oh man…I am so excited to spend time with my family this Thanksgiving.

18. We had a wonderful, home cooked dinner. Gary led the way and I was his wonderful assistant:) I don’t mind assisting at all in the kitchen.

19. Judah ate a vegetable. Granted, I had to put brown sugar on the sweet potato, but he ate it!

20. I told the most funny version of the 3 Little Pigs tonight for Judah’s bedtime story. Let’s just say it ended with the 3 little pigs falling asleep too close to the fireplace. When they woke, they smelled like ham and bacon. Judah, Gary, and I errupted with laughter.

21. We laughed together for a solid 10 minutes over that story. Gary then joined in and we continued to tell it together. Judah loved it and wanted us to tell it all again. I am sure we will never be able to tell it the same way again.

22. Gary and Judah make my heart smile.

23. Gary and I enjoyed a movie together.

24. Gary is willing to watch chick flick movies with me.

25. Gary told me that I make him laugh.

26. He makes me laugh too.

27. Evenings spent together.

Selah~Day 182 “Believing vs. Surrendering”

It is a mistake to assume that just because you are a believer in God you have also surrendered yourself completely to Him. Believing and surrendering are two separate processes that are not linked up to work simultaneously together. If they were, then why would Paul write with great passion and urgency to the Romans that surrender is something they should do on a daily basis.  In Romans 12:1 Paul says, “I beseech you therefore, dear Brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, Holy acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.”

Jesus too was offered unto God as a living sacrifice. Presenting a child to God or Offering a child to God or Surrendering a child to God was a big deal. In Luke 2:22, we learn that Mary and Joseph followed the process of steps required by the law of Moses when presenting Jesus to the Lord. After her purification process, they went to the temple to surrender Him to God. It was not an event taken lightly, but rather of utmost importance. Jesus’ surrender, both in the temple as a baby and on the cross as an adult, wasn’t a casual, haphazard, unplanned event, but rather, thought out, purposeful, and intentional. That is why Paul urges us in Romans to present ourselves as living sacrifices to God on a daily basis. When we present ourselves to Him, we are declaring that we completely surrender to His ways and His will. This act of surrender is a big deal. We should see it as such. We are committing our lives to God’s close care and allowing Him to do what He wills with it.

Paul very wisely uses the word “living” when he describes what kind of sacrifice to make. In the Old Testament, people presented dead sacrifices as an offering to God. Those were necessary at that time, but because the animal was dead they were a one time only sacrifice. As a living sacrifice, we can DAILY present or surrender ourselves over to the Lord. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to surrender your thoughts, your actions, your desires, your will, and your life over to Him.

My 27 Thanks:

1. Morning Devotions.

2. God speaks to us through His Word.

3. Daily, I can present myself as a living sacrifice to the Lord.

4. Submission is liberating.

5. The Apostle Paul.

6. The book of Romans.

7. Gary got Judah ready for school.

8. Gary picked out a matching outfit for Judah to wear. Hip Hip Hooray!

9. Gary and I enjoyed a working lunch together.

10. Gary is such an amazing help in Kids Ministry. And, he is my muscle. Together, we accomplish big tasks.

11. JaQuisha helped me pull out all “preschool” friendly candy so they can use it as prizes in the preschool department.

12. We had a great tech meeting concerning Christmas production that didn’t last as long as we thought.

13. Aaron Rowin had already completed a tech assignment before our meeting even started. This task saved so much time in our meeting. I love saving time!

14. Jameson, Dustin, and I enjoyed fun, light-hearted conversation.

15. My mother-in-law picked up Judah from school, so Gary could come to our Production tech meeting.

16. Gary ran to the store and picked up some of the necessary items. And, I don’t have to go.

17. I got to run home before church service and spend some time in the playroom with Judah.

18. Our church cafe serves food on Wednesday nights. So convenient.

19. The kids were energized tonight. I loved seeing all their smiling faces.

20. Even though we didn’t execute it as well as planned, the kids loved the game 4 corners.

21. We learn from our mistakes and improve.

22. I desire to constantly improve.

23. I am not satisfied with mediocre. In fact, that word…mediocre…is a cuss word in my book.

24. Gary made sure the KidMotion room was picked up and straightened before we left. It is so nice to show up the next day to a clean, straightened room.

25. We got to rehearse briefly with choir and orchestra. It is going to be a fun Christmas production.

26. Hard working volunteers.

27. Rest.

Selah~Day 181

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is home.

2. I have an awesome heater in my home.

3. We have a wonderful fireplace that also puts out heat.

4. I have a roof over my head.

5. My team had a time of corporate prayer this morning.

6. There was laughter in our staff meeting today. I love laughing with my team.

7. My team loves to give me a hard time, but today I was full of comebacks. We enjoy working with one another.

8. My friend, Janelle, sent me an awesome email message. It made me smile from ear to ear.

9. My friend, Debby, was blessed BIG TIME by a friend she just recently met.

10. I love hearing stories of people being a blessing to others. I truly believe that being a blessing to others would cure most depression issues.

11. I had my annual budget meeting with Brandon and it went well. I got a “good job” comment because I handed in a great, workable budget and I had to make very little corrections.

12. I was able to spend an hour of uninterrupted time on my message for Sunday.

13. I am excited about my newest 3 week series on Selflessness. Jesus put others first.

14. To be the greatest, you have to serve others first.

15. Jesus chose to leave Heaven where He was the King of Kings and come to Earth to serve others.

16. Jesus radically changed the world with miracles.

17. Miracles are not a thing of the past. They still happen.

18. Dorothy and I went to pick up lunch together. I love spending time with Dorothy. She has  a beautiful heart for others.

19. She blessed me with lunch.

20. I got to sit with Pastor Marcia and Dorothy and enjoy lunch and visit about life.

21. Pastor Marcia is a walking Bible Concordance.

22. It was a productive work day.

23. To-Do lists. I love lists.

24. I got to spend the evening with my family.

25. Judah and I ate popcorn together out of the popcorn bowl he made for the craft fair.

26. After Judah went to bed, Gary and I searched online for Judah’s BIG Christmas gift. I can’t wait to get it for him. We have been saving for a while and this is the year for the gift.

27. Financial Wisdom.


Selah~Day 180 “Honor is Heavy” Repost

Repost from Selah Day 96 “Honor is Heavy”

Did you know that the soldiers who have the honorable duty of marching in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier spend 40-50 hours preparring their shoes for the task? Then, they spend 4-6 hours each day just shinning their shoes in between guard walks.

I am currently reading a book about Honor. In the book, the author, Robert Barriger, talks some about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, as well as the soldiers who guard the tomb everyday. Stories about our military always inspire me, convict me, and challenge me.

For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year since 1937, soldiers have kept watch. Or, it equals 76 years, 27,740 days, 665,760 hours, that soldiers have kept watch! And, they are doing it right now even as I type this blog. Soldiers who are assigned to this regimen consider it the highest honor that can be afforded to a service person.

The three soldiers who lay in this tomb are known only to God. Nevertheless, the soldiers who keep guard do so with the utmost honor and respect. They show honor and respect for the three soldiers who sacrificed their future so that they might have one. So, we might have one.

The protocol established and the act of honor for these unknown soldiers is deeply humbling.

Even in the midst of storms, soldiers keep watch. When Hurricane Isabel and Sandy threatened the East coast, including Washington, D.C., the soldiers where given an option to stand down if conditions got too dangerous. I am sure you can all guess what their response was to the “Stand Down” option. Yes, you are right. They responded by saying, “No way, Sir!”

In spite of hours of marching in soaking rain and high powered winds of a tropical storm, the Soldiers assigned to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier saw it as more than a job assignment, but rather the highest honor of their life.

As I think about the respect and honor our soldiers pay towards one another, I also think about the level of honor and respect I pay towards others, including the one who died for me and my everlasting future.

Over the last year, my faith has been challenged. But, there is a reason why Paul said to “fight the good fight of Faith.” I have experienced challenges, trials, tests, and heartache that have been so difficuIt. But, we were never promised that this so-called life would be easy. I have learned that having FAITH means that I will also have questions that may never be answered.

In the wee hours of the morning that dreadful day in February as I drove home from the hospital, I kept saying over and over and over again, “I don’t understand, Lord, but I trust you.” Daily I have been on a mission to figure out exactly what that phrase looks like in my life. It is one thing to make a profound statement, but it is a totally different thing to walk it out.

Bottom line…it simply means that it doesn’t matter what we go through or what happens…God is still God. And, I have decided that I trust Him. I want to honor my Lord like the soldiers honor the tomb. High winds, rain, hurricane conditions, strict shoe shinning regimen, and more, they consider their assignment as the greatest of honors. Like them, regardless of the “storms or regimens” that life throws at me, I want to stand guard and keep watch over the Faith I have in the One who gave it all for me.

Monday, November 11

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is the day we set aside to Honor and Celebrate our Veterans. I am so thankful for the countless men and women who have given their lives to a cause that is greater than themselves.

2. I am so thankful for Freedom.

3. I am so thankful to be an American. Even though some of our systmes are flawed, broken, or down-right corrupt, it is still the BEST land to live and thrive and raise a family.

4. I am thankful for the willingness of others to make a sacrifice for me and my family.

5. I am thankful for the spirit of selflessness. Wow! Our military lives a life of selflessness.

6. My in-laws served faithfully in the Navy and the Army for over 30 years.

7. I love that several different restaurants participate in blessing Veterans and our Military with free meals on Veterans Day.

8. Honor and Respect.

9. I was able to take Judah to school today.

10. I was out of ketchup and forgot to get more. Judah will not eat meat without ketchup. My mother-in-law saved the day and brought some ketchup to his school, so he would eat his chicken nugget lunch.

11. Judah has the sweetest, most caring teachers.

12. I had Qdoba for lunch and it was cheap taco day. I love Qdoba.

13. My ID Badge fell out of the cover and is lost for good. So, Kayla worked extra hard to get me a new ID Badge pronto. I appreciate her stopping everything to help me out.

14. Teri Darrah is a MVP team player. She is so dependable and pays close attention to detail. I love working with her on production material.

15. I got to hear some of Sam’s heart for kids today. Sam and Starla have a beautiful heart for kids. If they could, they would rescue them all.

16. Judah’s Mom Mom picked him up from school today and he got to go and play with his cousins.

17. Judah is super close to his cousins. They are more like siblings.

18. When I drove into my in-laws neighborhood to pick him up, he was playing at the neighborhood park. He had a smile from ear to ear and dirt to match.

19. I left my iphone on the park swing. When I realized it, I went back and it was still there!

20. Judah and I had a great time coloring together on the living room floor.

21. We enjoy each other’s company.

22. Judah made me laugh tonight on multiple occasions. Occassion #1: Judah states, “Mommy, if I tell you it is an accident then I won’t get a spanking. You don’t get spankings for accidents.” Hmmm…do you think he is figuring something out?

23. Funny Comment #2: Judah is standing on a box in the pantry holding a box of Fiber One cereal and states, “Mommy, do you want some cereal that helps you pee and poop?” I am sure his dad taught him that one.

24. Picture texts. It is nice to be able to capture funny moments and share them with my family.

25. Judah loves to learn.

26. We had a peaceful evening.

27. Life is good and Eternal Life is going to be even better.

Selah~Day 179

My 27 Thanks:

1. Pastor Ted always sends the team a text on Sunday morning to encourage and inspire us.

2. We had a great, smooth morning of ministry.

3. My leadership team was fully staffed today.

4. One of our beloved nursery leaders is out for a while after having knee surgery. We made several calls to staff her position. The ladies came through. We had 7 leaders in one nursery room. This never happens.

5. People willing to fill a need. I love GAP fillers.

6. People who are obedient and respond to vision.

7. Today is commitment Sunday. We get to commit to being a part of something BIGGER than ourselves.

8. I have two new leaders to my elementary team, Tim and Lan Downing. They are the sweetest of couples. They did great yesterday and left with smiling faces. I am so glad my team has fun.

9. I led the 2nd grade small group yesterday during break out. Usually, I lead the 6th grade leadership team, but thought it would be nice to switch it up. I am really thankful for my 2nd grade small group leaders. After my group, my throat hurt from talking so much! Ha Ha Ha

10. We had major computer issues at 10:15! I called Jameson and he was able to tap into my Mac from the Sanctuary Mac and fix the problem.

11. Technology.

12. My kids loved the ice cream sundae illustration I did for my message. They all wanted to eat it. The more toppings I piled on it, the more they wanted it. I thought it was disgusting.

13. I had a spontaneous conversation with a friend. In that conversation, I was able to encourage her with the promises of God and pray with her.

14. Gary, Judah, and I enjoyed lunch at Outback with Bob, Debbie, and Brian.

15. The craft fair was a huge success yesterday.

16. The Women’s Ministry raised all the money for Positive Tomorrows. It is a great organization for kids.

17. I saw so much creativity on display.

18. I enjoyed watching the ladies have a great time together as well as showcasing their talent.

19.  Judah made a piece of pottery, with the help of Pam Walker, for the silent auction part of the craft fair. It was a darling piece and I had to win it.

20. I won it! And, the money went to a great cause.

21. Christmas Production practice went well.

22. We enjoyed lots of laughter.

23. Pastor Marc is a great help with blocking and stage acting. He is a nice add to the team.

24. Lorry Gail is feeling better and was back at practice. I love her creative insight.

25. We got home late and were all starved. Gary made me eggs. He makes the best eggs.

26. Judah and I shared a brief snuggle moment before bed.

27. Everyday is a new opportunity to give thanks!

Selah~Day 178 “The Mirage in the Wasteland”

Baking under the hot sun, a weary traveler drags himself across the wide, long, massive expanse of dry wasteland. Rubbing his eyes to make sure, he spots what appears to be a sparkling pool of water just ahead. Stirring up every ounce of strength, the man runs to his puddle of relief and rescue. When he arrives, he throws himself into the puddle and quickly realizes he has been mistaken. His mind has played a trick on him. With his mouth full of dry, hot sand, the man has two choices to make, he can lay down and die or he can pick his self up, dig the sand out of his mouth, and drag himself forward believing that he will make it out alive.

Have you ever watched a scenario like this play out on the movie screen? Better yet, have you ever felt like the man in the above scenario? I am sure many of you are like me and can answer, “Yes,” to both questions. Our wastelands can come in many different forms. Maybe your wasteland is a large, expanse of travel through an addiction. Or, maybe your wasteland is a large, expanse of travel through a tragic event. Or, maybe your wasteland is a large, expanse of travel through the process of recovery from a sickness, a loss, or a re-start after a destructive storm. Whatever your “wasteland” may be disguised as, it exists and it is big and the journey is long and hard. And along the way, we may see a  mirage in the wasteland.

I am well aware that this blog may only make sense to me. And, I am fine with that, so here goes.

You see, I think the mirage in the wasteland is similar to our Faith in this journey through life. When we watch the above scenario play out on a movie screen, we think the man is having a hallucination. Quite the contrary though. A mirage is real, they are actually natural occurring optical illusions. Scientifically, they are created when light is refracted through air at different temperatures. We all see them often in the heat of the summer when driving down the black asphalt road. Although our mind leads us to believe that it is a pool of water, it doesn’t cancel out the reality that we are actually seeing a mirage.

I consider myself to be a person of Faith. I have great faith in my Heavenly Father and His promises. Nevertheless, there are still times when my faith is attacked. There are times when I feel like I am throwing myself into a puddle of water, only to realize that my mouth is full of sand. So, should I just sit down in the desert and bake? Or, do I allow the mirage to propel me forward, understanding that the timing for my “pool of water” isn’t quite ready yet?

On Thursday, I read Psalm 27 and verse 13 states, “Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.” I have thought about this verse for the 3rd day now. Hence, the writing of this blog. You see, Faith is a friend. It keeps us from giving up under the burden, the despair, and the drought of our wasteland. It keeps us hoping and praying and waiting and believing in the One who is greater than ourselves and our wasteland. Matthew Henry writes, Those that walk by faith in the goodness of God shall in due time walk in the sight of that goodness.” At first, Faith is my eyes. It is what I see and at times I only see it, but I can’t touch it. I am merely walking in the “Faith” of the goodness, but not yet the goodness. But, I know it is there.  If I don’t give up, if I don’t quit, if I don’t lose heart, if I walk by faith in the goodness of God in due time I WILL WALK IN THE SIGHT OF THAT GOODNESS.

My 27 Thanks:

1. The book of Psalm is rich with promises from The Lord.
2. Psalm 23: the goodness and unfailing Love of The Lord Pursues me all the days of my life.
3. God pursues me.
4. I will see the goodness of The Lord.
5. Peaceful and quiet mornings are a great time for reflection and thought.
6. Judah woke up and wanted me to hold him for a while.
7. He will always be my baby boy.
8. My in-laws let us borrow their brand new truck to pick up furniture.
9. We finally decided on a piece of furniture for our living room.
10. I ran into Angela Cheatham Young at the furniture store. We shared a great conversation.
11. She has such a sweet smile and a sweet heart. She was one of the first smiling faces I met at OSU Chi Alpha.
12. Gary, Judah, and I had lunch at Pei Wei. We all 3 love that place.
13. We enjoyed a spontaneous surprise lunch with our pastors, Ted and Tami. They happen to like Pei Wei too.
14. It is really nice to enjoy conversation outside the work environment.
15. They got to see Zach for a little bit yesterday. I am so glad they enjoyed a nice visit and got to meet some of Zach’s friends.
16. Women’s ministry craft fair is ready to go. They have worked so hard.
17. Judah and I did math problems during the drive to Norman.
18. My mom and I love talking about alternative health.
19. My back muscles have been super sore. Gary gave me a shoulder massage.
20. Judah got a haircut. He sat so still for the lady.
21. We had dinner with Sweetens. The food was awesome. Jennifer is a wonderful host. She pulled out the fine China for us. I felt special.
22. Gary and Kelley have similar hobbies. They enjoyed an evening of talking about coins, guitars, and other manly things.
23. Judah and I had great conversation with Jenn and Chandler and Sam.
24. We enjoyed an evening sitting by a real fire. I love the cozy, comfortable feeling from a fire.
25. I forgot to get pull-ups for Judah. Thankfully, Crest is open 24 hrs.
26. Oklahoma sunsets are beautiful.
27. Today is my grandma’s birthday.  She is a special lady who always makes you feel very special and loved.

Selah~Day 177

Thursday, November 7

My 27 Thanks:

1. Creative meeting was filled with intense discussion and laughter. We covered a lot of ground though.

2. Brandon and my team thanked me for being such a good sport about the Human Sundae. Hey, I am good with taking one, but only one,  for the team.

3. Dorothy is an amazing blessing. She took back all the cooking products we didn’t use for the Fall Festival. Wow! She saved me hours of time.

4. Pastor Marcia is full of wise counsel. I am glad that she shares it with me.

5. I always have opportunities to grow.

6. I was able to spend some quiet time at home this afternoon working on my sermon for Sunday.

7. Sunday can now happen in Kidmotion. It is unusual for me to wait until Thursday to work on Sunday. But, the Fall Festival took the majority of the early part of the week.

8. We are wrapping up our series on Obedience. It has been a great, successful series. A majority of all the kids know the series power verse, the 6 week Big Ideas, and can recall the different Bible stories we used to teach each lesson point. Yes, success!

9. Judah took a really long nap this afternoon. He was exhausted from our week and I am so glad I was able to bring him home and let him take a nap in his bed. It worked too. He rested for almost 3 hours.

10. Judah woke up in a great, rested mood.

11. Judah and I spent the evening playing with play-doh in the floor.

12. We also colored pictures together. He loves to help me with my pictures.

13. I have wood floors, so it doesn’t matter what we get on them because they clean up so easily.

14. Zach and his Master Commission friends came through OKC on his way back to Dallas. They stopped to say hi to us. Judah was thrilled to see Zach and wanted to go home with him.

15. Pastor Ted and Tami got to see their son! Even though he only got to visit for a couple of hours, they were thrilled to see him. I can’t imagine the day when Judah moves off to school. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

16. I love visiting with young people who have committed their lives to God and to His will and purpose for their life. It is so refreshing and gives us hope for our future.

17. I heard from a friend from college today. He is doing well and making a difference in the lives of kids.

18. Baby Kyla is finally here. She is beautiful and precious.

19. Bethany is doing well.

20. She loved the bouquet and balloons that Amy and I sent to her. They made her smile and cry.

21. I know Bethany Johnson. I am forever grateful of the time God gave me with Bethany. She has a very special place in my heart. I miss seeing her everyday.

22. The Hallmark Christmas movie marathon is on and tonight’s selection is wonderful.

23. Gary is at the Fire Station, so he doesn’t have to turn in his “man-card” and watch my movie tonight.

24. I believe in “Happily Ever After.”

25. Even though we walk through trials, tests, and tragedy…Gary, Judah, and I live a happy, wonderful life.

26. Gary and I are always open and honest with one another. We handle each other with great care.

27. Laughter.