Selah~Day 346

Monday, May 5

My 27 Thanks:

1. My job allows me to take Judah to school when needed.
2. Parenting is tough. I am glad that I have a great team-mate, Gary.
3. I was able to hug a friend that needed a hug today and speak words of encouragement to her.
4. God is the God who can restore all things.
5. Forgiveness
6. Brandon, Abby, and I came up with good ideas to promote the Jr. Academy
7. UW Sports Ministry rep, Josh, made a special trip to Crossroads to see me.
8. We are hosting Sports Camp for the 5th year. It is an awesome event!
9. The first year I introduced Sports Camp as a replacement for VBS, I took some heat. I even had one person accuse me of not being interested in teaching kids about Jesus. I am so glad I didn’t get defeated by those comments and moved forward with Sports Camp.
10. Sports Camp is one of the best evangelistic tools we use to reach kids. God can use sports to tell His kids about His word!
11. UW Sports gave me back Amanda Rider as my Head Coach.
12. I fielded a lot of phone call interest concerning the Jr. Academy.
13. Slow and steady proved successful for the tortoise. I believe it is working on my behalf too. 
14. Abby and I shared some honest conversations about life and future. She is a smart girl and knows more about me than I know about myself-ha ha!
15. I had a very productive work day.
16. Mom Mom picked up Judah from school for me. This act of kindness gave me more hours to work without interruptions.
17. When I picked up Judah, he was having fun with his cousins digging in the garden.
18. We decided to stay and visit a while and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather.
19. Porch Swings and shade trees.
20. Mom Moms leftovers made for a great, easy dinner.
21. I loved watching the kids play in Pa Pa’s sprinkler. The laughter of children warms my heart. 
22. I love visiting with my in-laws.
23. Gary’s family accepts me as their own. So good to me.
24. Gary’s family is very affection. They always hug goodbye and say, “I love you.”
25. Judah and I snuggled in bed and watched OSO Bear. I love my evening snuggles with Judah. 
26. Jesus loves me this I know. 
27. The Bible reminds me of these most beautiful truths. 

Selah~Day 345

Sunday, May 4th

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary always helps me get Judah ready for church.
2. Ms. Rhelda is back in our 5s classroom! She has been out for sometime recovering from back surgery! We are so glad to have her back.
3. Starla and her family are on vacation. It is always nice to have some time away.
4. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit.
5. The Holy Spirit is our helper. He will help us accomplish the tasks God has played before us.
6. I have the Holy Spirit alive and well in me.
7. Jeremy and Mason were back in the sound booth this morning. I so appreciate their attentiveness to our sound/tech service!
8. Jose, one of my super faithful Kidmin leaders, took the morning off to go to big church with his lovely wife. But, they still came up and said “Hello.” I love Jose and Katy’s hearts for ministry!
9. We had three new leaders in KidMotion this morning!
10. They loved our service and plan to join the team!
11. We hosted a small group training lunch for my K-1st grade leaders. They are such a great group of leaders.
12. Wisdom is in a multitude of counsel.
13. Sharing of ideas and new ways of approaching things.
14. Abby, my Associate, has a degree in education. Her  education in Elementary and Early Childhood development brings great insight to the Kidmin table!
15. Afternoon naps.
16. The weather is absolutely lovely today!
17. Sunshine.
18. I was the Guest Welcome host tonight and had little nervousness. This is huge for me!
19. Pastor Marc preached an awesome message on “Labels” tonight. Gary and I enjoyed the message.
20. The Youth Fine Arts team performed two of their special pieces and it was so good to see!
21. Young people use their talents to glorify The Lord!
22. We haven’t participated in Fine Arts for many years and now we are back in it. Many kids got involved too.
23. Service got out at 7:05! We had time to get dinner and go to the grocery store.
24. My parents are celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary.
25. My parents have weathered many, many storms in their marriage. But, they remained faithful and stayed on the boat. They didn’t abandon ship.
26. Commitment.
27. God honors commitment.

Selah~Day 344

Saturday, May 3rd

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is back at the fire station, but Judah and I have a super fun day planned for us.
2. I love having fun things to do with my sweet boy. 
3. Invitations.
4. Judah was beyond excited to start the day that was full of birthday party fun. He told us he loves birthday parties!
5. Our first party was to celebrate Aaron and Garrett Johnson. Judah has great friends.
6. We love the Johnson family and are so glad they are in our lives.
7. The party was at Chuck-E-Cheese. Judah loved playing all the games. He grinned from ear to ear and had so much fun.
8.  Social interaction amongst preschoolers is precious.
9. I got to see my sweet friend Amy!
10. Mom Mom invited Judah over to her house before my nieces birthday party. He was so excited to go early.
11. They kept Judah for me and gave me time to go to Rochelle’s baby shower.
12. Rochelle’s shower was awesome. She was blessed with so many goodies for her sweet baby girl.
13. Showers!
14. I love to see people blessing other people.
15. Mom Mom and Pa Pa opened their home to my nieces joint birthday party.
16. It was a fun time for all. The kids had a blast on the giant inflatable slide.
17. Judah played so hard with all his friends.
18. Sunscreen.
19. Watermelon. It is probably God’s favorite fruit!
20. Gentle breeze. The wind was not overwhelming at all.
21. Time with family.
22. When people ask me why I haven’t had another kid yet, and it happens often, I respond with grace and love and not an ounce of pain:)
23. God is a heart healer.
24. It’s a new season in my life. 
25. Gary had an awesome shift.
26. I love holding Judah’s hand. Feeling his little fingers wrapped inside mine is Heavenly.
27. Judah and I had a full, fun day together.

Selah~Day 343

Friday, May 2

My 27 Thanks:

1. We all slept in. Well, Gary went to the YMCA and worked out at 6:00, but Judah and I slept in.
2. Gary takes great care of himself.
3. My sweet little family had the whole day off together.
4. Gary brought us home donuts. Judah was so excited.
5. We had a peaceful morning at home.
6. The weather was perfect.
7. We went gift shopping together. We have the best of times doing things together. 
8. Judah doesn’t throw fits when we tell him, “no,” to a toy.
9. We enjoyed a nice lunch at McAlisters. 
10. We ran into our friends, Nickie and Angela. It was nice to see them and have a time to chat and catch up. 
11. Outside dining. We love to sit outside and enjoy both our food and spring weather. 
12. Judah loves to eat at the same places that Gary and I love to eat. 
13. We enjoyed a day free from cooking, but still made great food choices. 
14. Our kitchen is clean! 
15. Gary and I always team up to keep our house clean. 
16. Mrs. Sharon, our next door neighbor, brought over more ice cream for Judah. She loves to spoil him. 
17. We got to visit with her and her daughter, Cindy. It is nice meeting new people.
18. Ms. Cindy adopted her sweet daughter Mikayla from China. I love to hear people’s stories of adoption. 
19. Adoption. 
20. We enjoyed family movie night. Judah, Gary, and I love the new movie The Nut Job.
21. Judah loves to laugh.
22. My bed is huge and a perfect place for our family to gather and watch movies.
23. Judah crinkles his nose when he laughs really hard-I absolutely love that.
24. The Lord delights over His kids like I delight over my son, Judah. 
25. My husband and my son love me so much. 
26. I am content. 
27. Jesus is the lover of my soul. 

Selah~Day 342

Thursday, May 1

My 27 Thanks:

1. It’s the start of a brand new month. I love new beginnings.
2. I feel better than I did the day before.
3. Soft Kleenex.
4. Gary made me breakfast this morning. He is so sweet to me.
5. I am so thankful for ears and the ability to hear. My ears are so stopped up, it makes me realize the awesome blessing it is to hear clearly.
6. I have a great car that is super reliable.
7. My car is paid off!
8. I get to work with some pretty cool guys.
9. Mrs. Lori and I finally got to meet and chat. Mrs. Lori is such a blessing to our preschool team!
10. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law finally sold their house!
11. They are moving over to “our” side of the City. I am so excited for them.
12. I live in a convenient area of town.
13. I don’t have to ever drive in traffic.
14. Decaf, hot, lemon tea has been my best friend.
15. Miss Lorry Gail, one of my leaders, got a call for a second interview at a new job. I love when my team excels.
16. Judah got to play with his cousins for a little bit after I got home from work.
17. I rested a little while he went and played. I am hoping rest kicks this cold to the curb!
18. Gary mowed the lawn and it looks lovely!
19. Gary cares about the details.
20. Our neighbors moved in next door. They seem friendly.
21. Their oldest son came over and played with Judah. Judah was so hyped up and thrilled to have a new friend.
22. Judah is turning into a most precious little boy. He is growing up.
23. God’s protection.
24. I had a great chat with my friend Holly. She is well and her decorating business is soaring.
25. Judah learned tonight that he only has two more weeks of school left. You would have thought it was Christmas at our house. He is my little home body.
26. Judah and I enjoyed a bowl of popcorn in bed! We love our popcorn.
27. Jesus wants us to draw near to Him!

Selah~Day 341

Wednesday, April 30

My 27 Thanks:

1. Even though I feel like I have been hit by a bus, I got up, put on my big girl pants, and made it to work.
2. Gary joined me at the memorial service of a very good man today, Monte Dunn.
3. Monte’s life, even though cut short at 58 years, was full of life and beauty.
4. His family, especially his wife Rhonda, made it through the service okay.
5. Pastor Ted joined with two leaders of the Mormon church to conduct the service for Monte.
6. Our church always does a top-notch job to honor people and their families.
7. The funeral ministry team is such a blessing to so many families.
8. Gary and I had a nice lunch together.
9. Soup and salad lunch combos were a super smart idea…just saying.
10. Laura, my sister-in-law has sent some pictures of Judah enjoying Super Fun Day at school.
11. Judah has so much fun and plays so hard!
12. He has had a great year at Antioch Preschool. It is such a great place.
13. I have a fully staffed Kidmin team for the month of May!
14. Teams!
15. I have a flexible job that allowed me to leave work early to go home and try to rest and feel better.
16. I enjoyed hearing Judah tell me all about Super Fun Day!
17. I love Judah’s teachers, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Linda.
18. I love how Judah pronounces their names too!
19. I made the decision to stay home and take care of myself.
20. I NEVER miss church. This is huge for me.
21. My team is awesome. They sent me lots of well wishes, prayers, and offered to bring me stuff to make me feel better.
22. They lead well and had a great night of ministry without me.
23. Gary and Abby are a great blessing. I completely trust them. They know my heart and execute well!
24. When Gary and Judah got home, Judah walked right up to me and said, “Mommy, are you feeling better now?” Then, he gave me a big kiss!
25. I have the most caring little boy!
26. My hope is in The Lord.
27. The Lord renews my strength.