Selah~Day 358

Monday, May 19

My 27 Thanks:

1. I went to a new doctor today for a yearly check up. I really liked her.
2. Her office in Norman is so much closer than my former doctor’s office at Mercy.
3. The office staff is so kind!
4. Medical Insurance.
5. My blood pressure was normal for the nurse! What? This is reason to celebrate people!
6. God makes us brave.
7. He gives us the opportunity to put on Peace.
8. I had a free lunch card for McAlisters today.
9. I got back great results on some lab work. 
10. I am healthy. 
11. My SIL, Laura, is heading to Tennessee to spend time with her sister before she heads overseas to England for 3 years.
12. We are keeping Morgan and Abby while she is away. Judah is excited.
13. Judah is close to his cousins, so close he thinks they are his siblings.
14. Gary is such a great dad and uncle. He kept all the kids in the afternoon while I worked.
15. He made dinner too!
16. The kids stayed up late, but they fell asleep with few tears for their mommy!
17. Judah slept the entire night on a pallet in the living. It is possible for him to sleep somewhere besides the middle spot in our bed! Ha ha ha…
18. The lessons we have learned from being Judah’s parents are priceless. 
19. Protection. 
20. One of my Kidmin kids, Brooklyn, is safe and home resting after a very scary car accident!
21. Healthy living.
22. Making right choices now, pays off later.
23. Laura made it safely to Tennessee. 
24. Gary and I have great peace in our marriage. 
25. We have so much fun together. 
26. I married my best friend. 
27. Gary and I both have Jesus as the Center of our lives. 

Selah~Day 357

Sunday, May 18

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary and I get to lead kids into worship of our Heavenly Father.
2. We get to join up with an awesome team of leaders whom we love to serve with!
3. Gary has only had to work one Sunday since October! Wow…I have been spoiled to his incredible help in Kids Ministry.
4. My husband loves doing ministry with me.
5. I met some new families today. I love watching new kids fall in love with the way we do kids
6. I can’t say enough about my awesome leaders who also act as my host team. They are a friendly, class act team!
7. Jeremy, our kidmin sound tech, made his first appearance on the KidMotion stage and did really well. I am thankful for his willing heart.
8. God rewards us when we endure.
9. The kids loved our small group challenge. They all did so well that we decided to award them all with a donut party.
10. Judah told me his entire kids church Bible story on the way home from church.
11. I heard my son declare, “God takes care of me!”
12. Kids Ministry and Preschool Ministry.
13. God cares so much for us. I love how He confirms it in His Word with the story of Elijah being fed by the Ravens.
14. God is our Provider. He is our Source.
15. We came home after church and had yummy leftovers.
16. We all got to relax and rest a little.
17. Judah took a nap and woke up refreshed and happy!
18. Pastor Marcia preached an awesome message on I Love My Selfie.
19. The Spirit of God moved in our service.
20. We had dinner with the Hoovers and the Thomas’ after church.
21. Asher, Judah, and Jairus are like young 3 stooges. They have a great time together.
22. Time to hang out with friends.
23. Fun, light-hearted conversation that doesn’t involve our work lives!
24. Judah’s personality continues to explode with fun and expression. He makes us laugh all the time. I so look forward to car ride conversations.
25. Full Tummy and happy heart.
26. My bed.
27. I am blessed beyond measure. 

Selah~Day 356

Saturday, May 17

My 27 Thanks:

1. This is the day that The Lord has made. I get to rejoice and be glad in it!

2. Women’s ministry hosted a beautiful Daughters of the King brunch at the church this morning.

3. The food was awesome and the service was top-notch.

4. Our Men’s Mission group did both the cooking and the serving. They were high-class and amazing to us.

5. They made all the women in attendance feel so special.

6. They made a special recognition to all military women or wives of military. It was super sweet.

7. I am so thankful for the military and their families. 

8. I got to attend the brunch with my MIL and SIL.

9. We enjoyed great company at our table as well.

10. My kidmin boys served too and they did awesome and looked too cute!

11. Gary watched both Judah and Laura’s girls so we could all attend together.

12. The weather has been absolutely wonderful today.

13. We enjoyed a nice, relaxing evening at home together.

14. Judah had fun splashing around in his new swimming pool. I am amazed that cold water doesn’t seem to affect you much when you are young.

15. I got to see pictures of my friend, Laura’s, new house. I am so excited for her.

16. Someone told me today that I looked thinner. I will always take that as a compliment!

17. I received several really nice compliments on my hair. It is amazing how it can look when you spend time blow drying it and straightening it.

18. Compliments.

19. Opportunities to connect with other people.

20. There is no one like my God.

21. No one and nothing compares to His glory.

22. When I call His name, He hears me.

23. He knows my name.

24. He sings over me while I am unaware.

25. He is Faithful to complete the work.

26. He is the Lover of my soul.

27. It is well with my Soul.

Selah~Day 355

Friday, May 16

My 27 Thanks:

1. I woke up to a very sweet boy giving me kisses on my arm.
2. Judah and I spent most of the morning snuggling and playing in bed.
3. We had breakfast in bed too. Judah thought that was awesome.
4. We had absolutely nothing to do today.
5. I was able to watch the entire Mother’s Day service in bed.
6. The stage set looked awesome.
7. The Youth Fine Arts team did an incredible job on their human video. It was very moving.
8. They made it to the National level and even scored top 6 at District level.
9. Today is a very popular day for birthdays! My friend Amy Gramling is celebrating her big day. Amy is one of the sweetest, most laid back friends I have.
10. Jeremy Barton is also celebrating a birthday today! He has been running our Kidmin sound booth since he was 12. I can count on one hand how many times he has missed. He is incredibly faithful and has the sweetest of spirits!
11. The weather is absolutely beautiful today.
12. I had the best, uninterrupted amount of time with my little boy today.
13. My mom and I spent some time today planning our mini vacation trip.
14. Vacations.
15. I loved hearing about all the different awards my Kidmin kids received at the end of the year school ceremonies. I celebrated with all the moms as they posted pics and updates on social media. 
16. The best kids in the world go to Crossroads Church. 
17. Kids who work hard and want to make good grades. 
18. Angela invited me to girls night out. Even though I wasn’t able to go, I so appreciated her invite!
19. She is gifted at bringing groups of people together for a great time.
20. They had tons of fun. I am so glad they enjoyed a night out together.
21. Judah and I spent a couple of hours at Mom mom and Pa Pa’s house. We always have a relaxing time over there.
22. Judah got to drive the lawn mower with Pa Pa. He grinned from ear to ear.
23. Gary had a great shift. His work with Chief Schmidt has really increased his level of confidence for his work. I am so proud of him.
24. I can be myself. Besides, everyone else is already taken.
25. God loves me.
26. I am made in the image of God.
27. I am a daughter of the King. 

Selah~Day 354

Thursday, May 15

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is off work today.

2. Gary made scrambled eggs and sweet potato pancakes. I was never much of a breakfast eater until I married a breakfast of champions kind of guy. He always makes us yummy breakfast.

3. Firemen can cook!

4. Abby and I had a morning recording spot with the Oasis Radio Network.

5. They want to promote our Jr. Academy.

6. Cherri, the radio host, was super sweet and accommodating.

7. We are getting the word out more and more about our Jr. Academy.

8. Gary and Judah got to go to the YMCA today and workout and swim.

9. Gary loves to have fun with Judah.

10. Then, they met me for lunch at one of our favorite places, Qdoba.

11. I got a lot of much-needed work done today.

12. My vacation leave was approved. Gary and I are so excited to take some time off together with our family before the hustle and bustle of summer events begin.

13. I got to see my buddies, JaQuisha and Debby, for a brief time. It’s nice to be able to drop in and see their faces every now and again. They are awesome ladies who love kids and love people.

14. Thursdays are my Fridays.

15. Modern-day convenience. I am so thankful for things like a dishwasher, washer and dryer, and running water.

16. Today is the wedding anniversary of our dear friends, John and Holly Stimson. They married so young and continue to grow old together.

17. Gary and I share many fun memories with John and Holly.

18. Anniversaries.

19. Friends.

20. I had some time alone with the Lord this evening. Those times are so valuable to me.

21. Worship music. Music has such a powerful way of ushering the presence of the Lord.

22. Gary ran to the store to pick up some items for us and gave me a chance to have some quiet time.

23. When he got home, he prayed with me and over me.

24. My husband and I are equally yoked.

25. I can cast all my cares on the Lord because He cares for me.

26. He knows me. He has memorized me.

27. I can go to Him when I am weary, and He gives me rest.


Selah~Day 353

Wednesday, May 14

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is Judah’s last day of school. He has had such a great year at Antioch.
2. I got to take him to school today.
3. Abby met me at the school and was able to speak with a few of the preschool teachers.
4. We got some great insight for the start of our school.
5. Antioch has been such a blessing and a big help for us.
6. More of my team signed up to help with Sports Camp today.
7. Gary and I enjoyed a nice lunch with our friend, Pastor Travis Jenkins. It was really nice to catch up with him and share stories and resources. We also met his kids pastor and was able to give her some insights into our kids ministry at Crossroads. 
8. Travis blessed us with lunch. 
9. Shared resources. 
10. Judah’s teachers loved our appreciation gift. You can never go wrong with Movie Theater gift cards.
11. Judah and I got to spend a couple of hours at home before church. We enjoyed ice cream to celebrate his last day of school.
12. I even got in a 20 min power nap.
13. Gary always sends me sweet text messages throughout his shift.
14. I married my Dream Come True.
15. Gary is my best friend.
16. He helps me make sense of my feelings when they get a little out of control! Ha ha ha
17. Wednesday night kids ministry at Crossroads has come such a long way in a year. 
18. Pastor Marc made a big push on my behalf for Sports Camp. Teens help make Sports Camp really successful.
19. Mrs. Melissa helped me get the teens signed up and emailed me a follow-up report. I so appreciate her help and organization skill!
20. Our Ranger kids had a super fun night flying kites. Mrs. Suzanne always has fun stuff planned for her class.
21. Mrs. Tressa told me how much my card meant to her. She said she still reads it for encouragement.
22. Hand written cards.
23. I spent the evening with our preschoolers. Such a sweet group of kids.
24. I loved watching Judah participate in Praise and Worship. That makes a mommy’s heart smile!
25. Because it was so late when we got home, Judah and I decided a “wash cloth” bath was good enough for the night!
26. Simplicity.
27. God has a plan for me.

Selah~Day 352

Sunday, May 11

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is set aside to celebrate moms. I think Moms deserve a special day!
2. I was blessed with the best mom. She is loving and kind and passionate and so giving.
3. My mom and I are now good friends-we like each other.
4. I am a mom!
5. Judah makes me feel like the best, most special mom in all the world.
6. He gave me so many sweet goodies with either his sweet picture on it or his precious handprints!
7. I had a fully staffed kids church team on Mother’s Day Sunday!
8. The mom’s loved the sweet Mother’s Day crafts we had the kids make for them.
9. Judah was so proud of the necklace he made me. He wanted me to wear it all day-I did!
10. Gary made a nice lunch for me.
11. He did all the cleanup too.
12. I actually took a Sunday afternoon nap.
13. Gary made a run to the grocery store to get dessert.
14. Crest is right by our house.
15. I feel special everyday, not just on Mother’s Day.
16. Judah has two amazing grandmas in his life.
17. Gary’s mom is wonderful. Such a beautiful example of gentleness, care, and selflessness.
18. Gary is just like his mom.
19. Gary’s mom treats me just like her own daughter.
20. Gary’s parents came over to enjoy dessert with us.
21. It was so nice to have the evening available to enjoy with them.
22. Apple cobbler and blue bell vanilla!
23. Baggy pants.
24. Quiet, peaceful evenings.
25. I listened to Judah tell Gary what to write in my final Mother’s Day card. It was a super sweet ending to the night.
26. Judah boves me berry berry berry much!
27. As I was leaving church today, a parent stopped me on my way out the door. He wanted to thank me for the impact Kidz Ministry has had on his entire family. He told me there was a time when he no longer wanted to go to church, but his son’s love for kids church kept him in the game! Now, they are all an active, thriving part of our church body.