Selah~Day 355

Friday, May 16

My 27 Thanks:

1. I woke up to a very sweet boy giving me kisses on my arm.
2. Judah and I spent most of the morning snuggling and playing in bed.
3. We had breakfast in bed too. Judah thought that was awesome.
4. We had absolutely nothing to do today.
5. I was able to watch the entire Mother’s Day service in bed.
6. The stage set looked awesome.
7. The Youth Fine Arts team did an incredible job on their human video. It was very moving.
8. They made it to the National level and even scored top 6 at District level.
9. Today is a very popular day for birthdays! My friend Amy Gramling is celebrating her big day. Amy is one of the sweetest, most laid back friends I have.
10. Jeremy Barton is also celebrating a birthday today! He has been running our Kidmin sound booth since he was 12. I can count on one hand how many times he has missed. He is incredibly faithful and has the sweetest of spirits!
11. The weather is absolutely beautiful today.
12. I had the best, uninterrupted amount of time with my little boy today.
13. My mom and I spent some time today planning our mini vacation trip.
14. Vacations.
15. I loved hearing about all the different awards my Kidmin kids received at the end of the year school ceremonies. I celebrated with all the moms as they posted pics and updates on social media. 
16. The best kids in the world go to Crossroads Church. 
17. Kids who work hard and want to make good grades. 
18. Angela invited me to girls night out. Even though I wasn’t able to go, I so appreciated her invite!
19. She is gifted at bringing groups of people together for a great time.
20. They had tons of fun. I am so glad they enjoyed a night out together.
21. Judah and I spent a couple of hours at Mom mom and Pa Pa’s house. We always have a relaxing time over there.
22. Judah got to drive the lawn mower with Pa Pa. He grinned from ear to ear.
23. Gary had a great shift. His work with Chief Schmidt has really increased his level of confidence for his work. I am so proud of him.
24. I can be myself. Besides, everyone else is already taken.
25. God loves me.
26. I am made in the image of God.
27. I am a daughter of the King. 


Selah~Day 354

Thursday, May 15

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is off work today.

2. Gary made scrambled eggs and sweet potato pancakes. I was never much of a breakfast eater until I married a breakfast of champions kind of guy. He always makes us yummy breakfast.

3. Firemen can cook!

4. Abby and I had a morning recording spot with the Oasis Radio Network.

5. They want to promote our Jr. Academy.

6. Cherri, the radio host, was super sweet and accommodating.

7. We are getting the word out more and more about our Jr. Academy.

8. Gary and Judah got to go to the YMCA today and workout and swim.

9. Gary loves to have fun with Judah.

10. Then, they met me for lunch at one of our favorite places, Qdoba.

11. I got a lot of much-needed work done today.

12. My vacation leave was approved. Gary and I are so excited to take some time off together with our family before the hustle and bustle of summer events begin.

13. I got to see my buddies, JaQuisha and Debby, for a brief time. It’s nice to be able to drop in and see their faces every now and again. They are awesome ladies who love kids and love people.

14. Thursdays are my Fridays.

15. Modern-day convenience. I am so thankful for things like a dishwasher, washer and dryer, and running water.

16. Today is the wedding anniversary of our dear friends, John and Holly Stimson. They married so young and continue to grow old together.

17. Gary and I share many fun memories with John and Holly.

18. Anniversaries.

19. Friends.

20. I had some time alone with the Lord this evening. Those times are so valuable to me.

21. Worship music. Music has such a powerful way of ushering the presence of the Lord.

22. Gary ran to the store to pick up some items for us and gave me a chance to have some quiet time.

23. When he got home, he prayed with me and over me.

24. My husband and I are equally yoked.

25. I can cast all my cares on the Lord because He cares for me.

26. He knows me. He has memorized me.

27. I can go to Him when I am weary, and He gives me rest.


Selah~Day 353

Wednesday, May 14

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is Judah’s last day of school. He has had such a great year at Antioch.
2. I got to take him to school today.
3. Abby met me at the school and was able to speak with a few of the preschool teachers.
4. We got some great insight for the start of our school.
5. Antioch has been such a blessing and a big help for us.
6. More of my team signed up to help with Sports Camp today.
7. Gary and I enjoyed a nice lunch with our friend, Pastor Travis Jenkins. It was really nice to catch up with him and share stories and resources. We also met his kids pastor and was able to give her some insights into our kids ministry at Crossroads. 
8. Travis blessed us with lunch. 
9. Shared resources. 
10. Judah’s teachers loved our appreciation gift. You can never go wrong with Movie Theater gift cards.
11. Judah and I got to spend a couple of hours at home before church. We enjoyed ice cream to celebrate his last day of school.
12. I even got in a 20 min power nap.
13. Gary always sends me sweet text messages throughout his shift.
14. I married my Dream Come True.
15. Gary is my best friend.
16. He helps me make sense of my feelings when they get a little out of control! Ha ha ha
17. Wednesday night kids ministry at Crossroads has come such a long way in a year. 
18. Pastor Marc made a big push on my behalf for Sports Camp. Teens help make Sports Camp really successful.
19. Mrs. Melissa helped me get the teens signed up and emailed me a follow-up report. I so appreciate her help and organization skill!
20. Our Ranger kids had a super fun night flying kites. Mrs. Suzanne always has fun stuff planned for her class.
21. Mrs. Tressa told me how much my card meant to her. She said she still reads it for encouragement.
22. Hand written cards.
23. I spent the evening with our preschoolers. Such a sweet group of kids.
24. I loved watching Judah participate in Praise and Worship. That makes a mommy’s heart smile!
25. Because it was so late when we got home, Judah and I decided a “wash cloth” bath was good enough for the night!
26. Simplicity.
27. God has a plan for me.

Selah~Day 352

Sunday, May 11

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is set aside to celebrate moms. I think Moms deserve a special day!
2. I was blessed with the best mom. She is loving and kind and passionate and so giving.
3. My mom and I are now good friends-we like each other.
4. I am a mom!
5. Judah makes me feel like the best, most special mom in all the world.
6. He gave me so many sweet goodies with either his sweet picture on it or his precious handprints!
7. I had a fully staffed kids church team on Mother’s Day Sunday!
8. The mom’s loved the sweet Mother’s Day crafts we had the kids make for them.
9. Judah was so proud of the necklace he made me. He wanted me to wear it all day-I did!
10. Gary made a nice lunch for me.
11. He did all the cleanup too.
12. I actually took a Sunday afternoon nap.
13. Gary made a run to the grocery store to get dessert.
14. Crest is right by our house.
15. I feel special everyday, not just on Mother’s Day.
16. Judah has two amazing grandmas in his life.
17. Gary’s mom is wonderful. Such a beautiful example of gentleness, care, and selflessness.
18. Gary is just like his mom.
19. Gary’s mom treats me just like her own daughter.
20. Gary’s parents came over to enjoy dessert with us.
21. It was so nice to have the evening available to enjoy with them.
22. Apple cobbler and blue bell vanilla!
23. Baggy pants.
24. Quiet, peaceful evenings.
25. I listened to Judah tell Gary what to write in my final Mother’s Day card. It was a super sweet ending to the night.
26. Judah boves me berry berry berry much!
27. As I was leaving church today, a parent stopped me on my way out the door. He wanted to thank me for the impact Kidz Ministry has had on his entire family. He told me there was a time when he no longer wanted to go to church, but his son’s love for kids church kept him in the game! Now, they are all an active, thriving part of our church body. 

Selah~Day 351

Saturday, May 10

My 27 Thanks:

1. My baby sister graduated from college today.
2. She graduated with honors. I am so proud of her hard work and her involvement in school.  
3. Gary was off work and our little family was able to travel to Durant to be a part of it and show her our support.
4. The graduation was outside, even though it was hot, it didn’t rain.
5. We found one spot of shade in the entire football arena to sit.
6. Many people migrated to our grassy knoll. We had a nice visit with strangers from both Oklahoma and Texas. 
7. I love hearing the stories of other people. 
8. All four Ellison kids are out of college.
9. We all completed a bachelor degree program and graduated with honors.
10. Hard work and dedication pays off. 
11. We celebrated Haley with lunch at Ceviches’ Mexican restaurant. It was our first time there. 
12. Great food and great service.
13. My parents paid for our lunch.
14. We got to visit for a while before heading back home.
15. Car rides make for good, uninterrupted conversations. Gary and I sure did enjoy our conversation time. 
16. We splurged on Starbucks.
17. Judah thinks in patterns. He is so aware of his surroundings and loves to pick out color patterns, shape patterns, etc…I love watching him learn. 
18. We made it home safely.
19. Gary helped his parents till their garden.
20. We found baby rabbits in their garden. There were 4 of them and they stayed tightly snuggled together. Creation is so amazing. 
21. I waited to long to eat dinner and I got really sick. So, Laura ran to the Chinese restaurant and picked up food for me.
22. Judah and his cousins played in the freshly tilled dirt. They buried themselves and had a great time.
23. Gary and his dad had a great conversation about life. Gary always feels refreshed after sharing some time and talks with his dad. 
24. My in-laws decided to go ahead and have a full garden this year!
25. They share their garden goodies with us!
26. Non-GMO food.
27. Saturdays. God created them for a special purpose.

Selah~Day 338

Saturday, April 26

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary was supposed to be at the fire station today. But, he took off to spend my birthday weekend with me.

2. I am loved well by my husband.

3. My mom came up to the City to see me for my birthday.

4. She blessed me with perfume and a new outfit. She has great taste.

5. Gary was able to help Pastor Marc and his family move into their new home.

6. Pastor Marc had a lot of people helping them move.

7. They were able to move into a beautiful, large home.

8. My mom, Judah, and I got to go watch my nephew Gage play baseball.

9. They were so cute and played so well. And, all the parents played nice too!

10. Mature parents at sporting events.

11. I sat next to my sis-in-law, Meghan, and we had a fun time catching up.

12. Judah loved going to the concession stand and playing in the playground.

13. My mom supported his love for going to the concession stand.

14. My brother helps coach his son’s team. Kyle is a great coach and he didn’t yell at the kids. 

15. The role of a dad in the lives of his kids is absolutely priceless. I saw many dads today who were involved with their kids. 

16. Dads!

17. Gary is an amazing, words can’t describe, kind of Dad to Judah. 

18. My mom and I enjoyed lunch at Qdoba. We both love the same clothes, same perfume, same style of purse, and same food. The older I get the more I realize how much I am like my mom. 

19. I am like my mom!

20. My mom had to head back to Durant. She made a quick trip just to see me  for my birthday (and to get her hair done)!

21. She made it back home safely.

22. God knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb.

23. He knitted me together. He is my Creator.

24. He says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

25. He created me for a specific purpose.

26. I have enjoyed 33 years of one incredibly blessed life. Yes, there have been moments of sadness, tragedy, despair, and rejection, but shinning brighter have been moments of joy, triumph, hope, and acceptance. With God, you are always a winner!

27. Tomorrow begins a new year of my life.

Selah~Day 350

Friday, May 9

My 27 Thanks:

1. We slept in. I love simple mornings.
2. Road trips.
3. It just seems okay to eat junk food when you are on the road. Judah and I packed an awesome snack bag for our trip.
4. We pray together before we go on any trip.
5. God sends His Angels to be charged about us.
6. Divine protection.
7. Gary always drives and I let him. I love being the passenger.
8. We went shopping together for Mother’s Day gifts. I found the perfume that both my mom and I want. It smells so good.
9. My parents live 2 hours closer to the City. A 2.5 hour drive is so much better than 4+.
10. Car rides lend great opportunities for in-depth conversation.
11. Gary is a great listener.
12. The Arbuckle Mountains are just a small taste of God’s amazing creation. When driving through them today, I was reminded about the majesty of my God. 
13. Gary doesn’t mind stopping multiple times for my “tiny tank” problem!
14. Judah was so excited to get to Nona’s and Pa-pa’s. He kept asking the age-old questions, “are we there yet?” And, “how much longer?”
15. Gary and I hold hands while driving in the car. I never knew how important this simple form of physical touch would be in a relationship. I love having my hand in his-I feel safe! 
16. I can trust Gary completely. He is such a caring man. 
17. My mom and dad grilled out for us. It was so yummy and so nice to eat on their back patio.
18. My mom bought Judah a slip-n-slide. He had so much fun playing on it.
19. My dad let my mom setup a slip-n-slide on his most treasured lawn! It was awesome.
20. Haley was really glad that we traveled down for her college graduation.
21. Accomplishments.
22. My mom is a great host. She always prepares a nice stay for us.
23. She made us a very yummy strawberry shortcake. We always eat well and healthy when there.
24. Family.
25. We shared so many moments of grand laughter. 
26. My mom is usually the source of most of the laughter. She is such a funny lady. I am glad she is a good sport. 
27. Laughter. 

Selah~Day 349

Thursday, May 8

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is home from the fire station and he made me eggs for breakfast.
2. Gary loves to cook breakfast and he is so good at it.
3. Thursdays are my Fridays! I love the end of the week.
4. Gary has the whole weekend off work.
5. I am so amazed by my son’s skill with numbers. He loves numbers and recognizes them wherever we go.
6. We speak amazing promises over Judah’s life.
7. I met the kindest Asian man who came into the church today to sign up his son for our K4 program. I love working with kind people. 
8. Gary and Judah came and took me to lunch. We had lunch outside again. It’s one of our favorite things to do.
9. Gary drove me around to 6 Moore schools so I could drop off Sports Camp flyers. It was so much quicker to not have to stop and park.
10. Time saving help!
11. Gary helped me clean up the game side of Kidmotion and hang a banner.
12. Debby and JaQuisha threw a Mother’s Day party for the staff kid’s moms.
13. They invested their own money to make a really special brunch happen for the moms and kiddos.
14. They helped the kids make the cutest flower pots with hand prints! I love mine. Judah wants to plant a sunflower in it.
15. Handprint crafts. I LOVE keepsake items with Judah’s handprints.
16. Pinterest.
17. Creativity.
18. I am much more sentimental now that I am a mom.
19. Gary and I enjoyed dinner and a movie in the Director’s Suite at Moore Warren.
20. Date Nights.
21. Madi and Molly came over to watch Judah.
22. Judah LOVES when they come over. They invest so much quality time into Judah.
23. Madi and Molly fed Judah dinner and give him a bath! Gary and I got a full night of bedtime routine activity off.
24. You can put on the full armor of God.
25. God has given you everything you need to defeat the devil and his schemes of evil against you.
26. I am an overcomer.
27. God is on my side.

Selah~Day 348

Wednesday, May 7

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I enjoyed a great morning together and I got to take him to school.
2. I have met some of the sweetest people this year at Antioch school. I am so glad we made an investment to put Judah there this year.
3. In my weakness, God is made strong in me.
4. I can trust Him to guide my steps.
5. God listens to His kids, He also speaks to them.
6. Seasons. We have them in Oklahoma, we also have them in our lives.
7. The Word of God is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!
8. The Word of God is living. It never a gets old!
9. Today is Jahni Suzanne Tapley’s birthday. Jahni was my college roommate and truly one of the most fun people I have ever had a chance to do life with. I loved my time with Jahni. Distance and life now keeps us apart, but I am so thankful that she is in my life and I am thankful for the time I had with her. 
10. All my plants survived the horrible hail storm and winds.
11. Our garage is big enough to house both my 4 Runner and Gary’s parent’s big truck. I am glad Gary got an extra long garage.
12. Our cars were safe from the hail storm.
13. Two of my Kidmin leaders, Brittney Hodges and Lorry Gail Cieri , have been accepted into the same Masters Degree program!
14. Higher Education.
15. I love my check-in team. They have served faithfully with me for 7 years. Ava Hatton is the best check-in leader and serves weekly with grace and faithfulness!
16. Mrs. Debby and Miss JaQuisha did the cutest Mother’s Day activity page with our preschoolers.
17. I saw so many moms reading it with big smiles of joy.
18. The Ranger boys won the offering challenge by $4. I get to buy them pizza.
19. The boys were so excited. They love to win and they love pizza. I  am so thankful that I can bless them.
20. Our kids are learning the importance of being a giver right now in the church.
21. Gary and I are cheerful givers. We love to give!
22. Judah loves to give too. He wants to put all the money he finds into his buddy barrel.
23. Judah and Abby shared a very funny, memorable conversation tonight. She will probably share the conversation at Judah’s wedding one day!
24. Judah wore his cowboy boots to church tonight. Shorts and cowboy boots! He was so excited to show Ryder and Rowdy. I love my sweet boy.
25. Judah and I made it home safely from a late night at church.
26. Abby walked out with me. I hate being the last to leave. I am so glad that I have a friend in ministry.
27. I have a storm shelter. It gives me great peace of mind.

Selah~Day 347

Tuesday, May 6

My 27 Thanks:

1. The Word of God does not return void!
2. The Word of God is living and active.
3. The Word of God brings power in my life.
4. At a young age, my mom taught me how to pray the Word of God in my life.
5. We talked about the importance of guarding our hearts in staff chapel. Good teaching.
6.  The Bible gives us clear Instruction to help us live a life free from the devils entanglements.
7. All staff meeting=more time to work.
8. We prayed together as a team for another church who is going through a tough time.
9. We are all one body of Jesus Christ-all on the same team!
10. I love seeing groups come together in times of need and crisis. We were created to need one another.
11. The local church is the hope of the world.
12. What the devil means for bad, God can turn around and use for good.
13. Gary and I are both aware of the attacks against marriage. So, we work hard to safeguard our most precious covenant.
14. Pastor Marc completed all the graphic designs for me on Sports Camp. I am so thankful for his help!
15. Our new visual media director, Arlis, has worked so hard at learning our equipment so he could help me finish some media projects!
16. Arlis is on our team. I  am so excited to have his skill and talent and heart on our team.
17. You don’t necessarily need to be a genius in order to succeed-hard work gets you there too!
18. My little buddy, Peyton, got her big, bright green cast off. She is healing up so well. 
19. Peyton and the whole Stimson family are such fun friends in our lives. 
20. Gary grilled steaks tonight!
21. My sweet grandma bought us our amazing grill as a wedding present almost 10 years ago. She loved giving gifts-our grill is a good one!
22. Judah loves his new pool and I love watching him play in it. I remember playing in water as a kid and it didn’t matter how cold the water was-we still wanted to play in it. Now, I need the water to be at least 88 degrees!
23. I love quiet evenings at home with my family. 
24. My trust is in the Lord. 
25. I don’t have to lean upon my own understandings. 
26. The Lord directs my path. 
27. Peace.