Selah~Day Twenty One

My 28 Thanks:

1. God is with me in the clear and the cloudy.

2. God is with me in the sunshine and the storm.

3. God is _______________. Whatever I need when I need it.

4. I woke up to Judah bringing me a book to read to him this morning.

5. It was a picture book of Judah and me. He loves to see the pictures of us together and for me to read the captions.

6. Today was Abby’s birthday. She is my two year old neice. She calls me Laura (which is her mother’s name) and calls Gary, Gee. She really likes Gary. Abby is a happy little girl and always has a smile on her face.

7. Abby loved the Superman PJs we got her. We also got her a cute summer dress. She threw the dress to the side and immediately put on the Superman PJs.

8. My sis-in-law, Meghan, called us early this morning and invited us to go to Jump Zone and to lunch.

9. I love unexpected hang-outs with the family. It was so nice to visit with Meg and to let the boys play together.

10. Judah had a great time. He was covered in sweat.

11. Gas prices are so high, but I am still able to fill up to a full tank.

12. Judah fell asleep this afternoon and Gary and I really needed to run some errands. So, my mom-in-law let us leave him with her while we ran errands. I am really going to miss this feature of living with the in-laws.

13. But, they are starting to paint my house now! I am so excited to move in.

14. Meghan finally got to see my house today and she loves it. She has a great sense of style and so her opinion matters:)

15. She helped me settle on paint colors.

16. Judah slipped and fell in the mud. He was covered. But, instead of getting frustrated, we all had a great laugh. Judah thought it was really funny. What little boy doesn’t like being covered in mud!

17. I got the cutest dress at Target today and it was on sale.

18. All kinds of birds have been visiting my in-laws home. From hawks to orioles to hummingbirds to woodpeckers and more, we have seen them frequent my mom-in-laws feeder. She grabs a camera and a bird book and gets so excited. My husband is in on the fun too. I love watching them watch the birds.

19. I love when people find beauty in God’s creation. He made it for us to enjoy.

20. We had dinner with some strangers tonight. They are now friends.

21. Our waiter at Saltgrass was awesome.

22. We got to invite him to church and he just might come.

23. Even though I had one amazing meal, I didn’t over eat!

24. Laura let Judah stay at her house tonight so he wouldn’t miss out on Abby’s birthday party because Gary and I had prior commitments.

25. Laura had Judah completely ready for bed when we picked him up.

26. Some very promising things happened today that could affect the future in a great way!

27. Got word from a good friend today that she and her family may be moving closer…like driving distance closer. I would love that. I have missed this couple so so so much! They are soul tie friends!

28. Even though the weather was gloomy and yucky today, my attitude wasn’t! I can choose my attitude and I choose joy! It was a great day.


Selah~Day Twenty

Judah loves showing us his artwork. Most of the time, I have no idea what it is. However, he can picture an airplane from a jumbled mess of scribbled lines or a puppy dog in a sort of square like shape. Because it is his artwork, he knows every detail and the purpose of every dot and the value in every scribbled line. Of course, Gary and I think it is adorable because our son drew it. But, lets be honest, his work isn’t quite ready to hang in the gallery of a museum. What I love most about Judah’s artwork isn’t the work itself, but rather it is Judah’s “ta-dah” moment or “Mommy, look what I did!” Judah’s presentation is the best. Why? He is so proud. He is so excited to share. He only sees his very best work.

Right now, as I type this, I am looking at a picture that Judah colored for me on Mother’s Day. It is a mom and her son looking sweetly at each other. The boy is colored solid ORANGE. Judah thinks orange is the color for boys. It is the funniest thing. The mommy is colored with multiple colors. Judah knows that I love a lot of colors. When I look at that piece, I don’t pay any attention to the fact that he didn’t stay in ANY line at all. He also didn’t bother putting any effort into coloring other parts of the picture. But, what I do notice is that Judah knows me. And, he was so excited to give it to me.

Judah’s love for his artwork reminded me of this verse.”You created the deepest parts of my being. You put me together inside my mother’s body. How you made me is amazing and wonderful. I praise you for that. What you have done is wonderful. I know that very well,” states Psalm139:13-14 (NIRV) We are God’s greatest works of art. And, Oh how He loves us. Like Judah knows the details of his rather interesting work, God knows every detail, the purpose of every dot, and the value in every scribbled line of His work. He knows us and He is excited to present us and call us His masterpiece.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I am God’s masterpiece.

2. God knows every detail, the purpose of every dot, and the value in every scribbled line of His work. And those dots and lines aren’t blemishes…His work is perfect.

3. God put me together.

4. Everything God made is amazing and wonderful.

5. Quality is in the details.

6. God is so proud of me that He is proud to call me His own.

7. Judah is so aware of others. Even at the age of 3, he knows details of mine and Gary’s likes, dislikes, favorites, etc…

8. Judah can find so much joy in the simplest of things.

9. Gary made me oatmeal for breakfast. It was a nice change from my morning toast routine.

10. We covered a lot of ground in creative meeting today and got out early!

11. Glad Rony and Danielle are on our team. They are super sweet, creative, and full of life.

12. Angela made it through surgery so WELL! She is doing great.

13. She sent me a sweet text right before her surgery too. Wow, always thinking about others.

14. Praying for a friend today. Thankful in advance that God is going before her and her family…He is working all things together for good.

15. Dori’s husband, Danny, continues to shock the doctors with his awesome recovery after bypass surgery.

16. Gary and I tackled a massive closet clean out today. We purged years and years and years of junk.

17. Judah had a lot of fun playing with his friends from church today.

18. Journey is so excited about getting to go to Sports Camp this year. She ran to me today and asked how much longer until she could go. Then, she told me that she wore her sports jersey today because she is so excited.

19. Free Chick-Fil-A today.

20. Gary, Judah, and I enjoyed a nice dinner out tonight.

21. Charleston’s came up with the most creative pre-meal distraction for kids. Instead of colors, (which Judah breaks immediately) they handed out wikki stix. They were wax like strings that could be formed into multiple shapes. Judah was entertained and had so much fun with those.

22. This has been a very long, but productive week. I am so glad it is almost over:)

23. I think I have finally decided on a paint color for my master bedroom. Remember, I love color…all kinds of colors. But, I especially love green… all shades of green. I am not putting green in this house though. I am branching out for change this time.

24. So many of my kids are receiving honors at the end of the year school assemblies. So So So proud of all of them. God wants His kids to excel in every area of life. Many of my kids have worked hard to pull up their grades and do better. I am so proud of all of them.

25. Pentecost Sunday night service is fully staffed!

26. Two of my friends celebrated birthdays today. I am thankful for my friend, Amy. She is so kind, caring, laid back, easy going, a great mom, has a beautiful smile, and is a behind the scenes life savor friend. Brandon is relentless, determined, driven, hard-working, and has a big soft spot for people.

27. Gary, Judah, and I had the most fun in the car this evening. We laughed and laughed and laughed while making funny noises. We asked Judah, “what noise does a cow make?” Judah replied, “honk-honk.” Then, he laughed for what seemed like 5 minutes. It was truly a great time.

28. Laughter is truly the best medicine.


Selah~Day Nineteen

Have you ever been so busy that you didn’t even allow the Lord time to speak to you? I feel like I have been in this exact place for the last two days. Unfortunately, I have allowed my schedule to control me, instead of me controlling my schedule. When I allow my schedule to control me, my priorities get out of line. I think the enemy loves to keep us busy and tired. When we are busy and tired, we can easily become anxious, discouraged, and emotional. Thankfully, I quickly realize this state and work hard to get out of it and not stay there long. In these moments, I reflect upon the Word which reminds me to cast my cares on the Lord because He cares for me. The Word also tells me that the Lord directs the STEPS of a righteous man. He doesn’t expect me to jump leaps and bounds everyday, but rather walk it out in steps. I also know the the Lord is my portion, He is more than enough for me. He gives me just what I need each day. He is my stregth for today and my Hope for tomorrow.

If you just speak the WORD of GOD, you can talk yourself right OUT of anxiety, discouragement, and emotional moods.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I realize when I am too busy.

2. I am understand how important it is to hear from the Lord.

3. I can decide to take control of my schedule.

4. When I was young, my mom taught me how to pray using scripture.

5. I can recall several power verses when I am praying.

6. The Lord is my portion. He is more than enough for me.

7. He directs my steps.

8. He is my Hope for an even better tomorrow.

9. I didn’t sleep well at all last night. But, I still had an unusual energy for a very busy, taxing day. The Lord is more than enough!

10. I was able to have lunch with a good friend today. It had been a lunch on hold for almost a month!

11. Although it rained again on a Wednesday night, we didn’t get any severe weather.

12. Judah gave me an awesome kiss and a hug when I was getting ready to leave for work this morning. Then, with a really cute grin on his face he says, “Mommy, I gonna wash them off when you leave.” He is such a cute kid:)

13. I can breathe out of my nose today.

14. The IRS is being investigated for targeting conservative non-profit groups. I hope every evil motive is exposed.

15. Gosnell- GUILTY of first degree murder.

16. Tonight’s kidz service went really well.

17. Brandon, my co-worker, played a REALLY funny joke on me today. I totally fell for it. It was a good one.

18. I just saw a post from my friend, Dori. Her husband is out of surgery and doing well!

19. Mr. Matt helped me out tonight in a Ranger class. He is such a good teacher.

20. The boys learned an awesome lesson on trust. They recalled so well during the debriefing.

21. I have many people in my life that I can truly trust. Some who I would even trust with my life.

22. I had a great conversation with Maxton today. He is such a good young man, who loves the Lord. He gave me some good insight into Kidz Ministry from a kids perspective.

23. I processed 3 more people to serve in kids ministry.

24. For two weeks in a row, the girls have one the game competition. This never happens. It is a great boost to their morale.

25. Every day brings me closer to the day I move into my new home.

26. I will have a special place in my new home to write and reflect.

27. Judah and Gary are healthy and happy.

28. Gary made me the sweetest and most thoughtful gift that I have ever received. He spent hours creating a photo collage book of Judah’s first 3 years of life. He wrote all the captions and the words reflect prayers that I have prayed over Judah and statements that I have made! It just came in the mail tonight! So blessed.


Good Night.




Keeping it simple tonight. God is a good God and every good thing comes from Him.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah woke in a great mood.

2. He immediately asked me to build him a tent in the game room. He remembered that part of the story from the night before.

3. We made a tent and played for a few minutes before I had to get ready and go to work.

4. Gary made me breakfast.

5. We sang 10,000 reasons in staff chapel today.

6. Learned some  great lessons on High Performance Team building today.

7. Gary made the preschool puppet stage much more useable.

8. We started on the new set design for the KidMotion summer series.

9. Even though it was quick, I got to leave church for lunch today.

10. Several people commented on my cute dress. It was 2-toned blue stripped dress and I added a yellow cardigan. I like to call it my Dori costume.

11. My friend, Terry, found out today that he won’t need a 2nd knee surgery.

12. Heard several praise reports in staff chapel today.

13. Miss JaQuisha saved Judah a sprinkled donut today. So thankful that Judah has people in his life that love him so muhc.

14. Mrs. Mindy and Miss JaQuisha are doing amazing things with our staff childcare kids.

15. Found favor with our summer camp. They gave me some additional discounts today.

16. Ordered everything we will need for our Summer series, Off the Rails.

17. After 5 different paint samples, I think I have decided on my master bedroom color.

18. Met our new neighbors tonight. They are going to be awesome.

19. Have a lovely, take-out Chinese, dinner outside tonight.

20. I was able to speak life into a person’s life tonight.

21. Judah went to bed by himself tonight.

22. Judah got to help Mom-Mom in the garden again. He had so much fun helping her plant.

23. Starting to mentally plan time off. More than one-day time off!

24. Even though my nose is completely stopped up, I can still taste food.

25. Overheard Pastor Marcia telling her “diabetes diagnosis” testimony to someone today. Afterwards, she told me and Dorothy, “I don’t ever want to miss telling someone how good my God is to me.

26. Dori’s husband, Danny, has great peace about his 2nd bypass surgery. We are believing with him that it is going to be alright!

27. Pastor Elias helped me carry some extremely heavy boxes today.

28. Great, deep, uninterrupted conversation about the future with my husband tonight. That is a rarity anymore.



Selah~Day Seventeen

I just had the best 30 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with my 3 year old, Judah. And, he did 90% of the talking. He must take after me. Our nightly routine involves some of the following:

1. Tuck Judah in bed.

2. Judah cries and says his tummy is yummy. Begs for food.

3. Explains to Judah that he isn’t hungry, just tired.

4. We say our bedtime prayers.

5. Judah asks mommy to tell him a story.

Several months ago, I started telling Judah these real life stories which have him as the main, heroic character, who rescues one of his cousins from an adventurous event. I vivdly explain the setting, characters, and actions of my story, and I can see Judah acting out the parts in his head. He is a captivated audience and I LOVE IT. Tonight, however, I became the captivated audience as Judah retold me in detail a story which blended the plot lines of all the stories I have ever told him. In this story, we built a campfire, prayed for our friend’s burnt finger, put out fires, made a boat that a crocodile jumped on while floating down the river, watched swinging monkeys, and cut down vines in the vine jungle with our knife so we could sew up the holes in our butterfly nets in order to catch two orange butterflies and one blue one.

That was a mouth full, I know. Judah told me that story in the most excited, expressive way, and the best part is he still has a lisp and mis-pronounces many words. It was awesome. I have quite the little story teller on my hands! What a personality he is developing. After the magnificent tale ended, I realized something. I fall more in love with Judah with every conversation that I have with him. When we talk with one another, I learn so much about who he is and the personality he is developing and the young boy he will be. And, I love him more and more and more.

That, my friends, is what happens when we spend time talking to God. The more we talk to Him, the more in Love with Him we become. When we learn His ways, His character, His personality, we fall more in love with Him.

Also, Judah loved the undivided attention I gave him while he was telling his story. When he would pause to take a breath, he would always restart the story with, “and mommy you know what happen next…” Judah wanted to make sure I was still listening, still engaged, and still excited to hear every word that came from his mouth. My Father, God, would love the same undivided attention. Wow~how often has He wanted to speak to me, but I am too busy or not listening that I miss the most imporant, exciting conversation of my life? God, the creator of the it all, wants to talk to me! I want to listen and show Him that I am excited, I am engage, I am fully involved in the conversation…sitting on the edge of my seat, can’t wait for the next word…that excited.

Lord, please forgive me when I have neglected our talks. I know that you want to talk to me. As I spend more time talking to you, I will fall more in love with who you are. 

My 28 Thanks:

1. God wants to talk to me.

2. The more I talk to God, the more I know Him. The more I know Him, the more I love Him.

3. I can know God more.

4. I got to spend 3 hours talking to God today while at work.

5. My voice was strong enough to talk to God out loud for that long.

6. Lori, preschool director, and I placed our big order for our summer series Off the Rails.

7. Lori and I realized today that this series is like doing an 8 week long VBS! The kids are going to LOVE IT.

8. Lori can draw. She is like a jack of all trades. She made an amazing sketch of a growth plan for Training Wheels. I can’t wait to present it.

9. Doroty was so sweet and went and got me lunch today. I was able to just work right through lunch, but not starve!

10. Had an unexpected visit from Zach today. He is excited about interning with me this summer. Love it when young people realize a call on their life…and it is even better when that call is to KIDS MINISTRY!

11. Zach said something really funny and I laughed so hard I had to spit a mouth full of water into the trash. Thankful that I didn’t spew it all over my Mac book pro.

12. My friend, Holly, had a prayer answered today!

13. Spent 60 minutes tonight mapping out some future sermon notes for KidMotion. Love uniterrupted brain storms.

14. Three of my kidmin leaders stepped up today and said they would help me with an event this week. They are amazing! Everytime I get concerned about staffing an event, the Lord

15. Came home from work, changed clothes, played in the water with Judah.  Judah loves when I play with him.

16. Judah followed me everywhere tonight. He wanted me to be with him at all times. He just wanted to be close to me. That doesn’t always happen.

17. Enjoyed a nice conversation on the porch swing with my in-laws.

18. Robert, my bro-in-law, had someone cover his shift at fire station tonight so he could surprise his family and spend the evening with them. I love when people surprise the ones they love.

19. My plants are growing so well.The beets, green beans, onions, and peppers are doing so well in my pallet garden.

20. Pastor Ted, my boss,  asked me to be his friend on facebook. Ha Ha Ha…I haven’t approved it yet. I thought I would hold out for a while.

21. So glad that my pastors love to have fun.

22. Bath time for Judah was simple tonight. I didn’t have to dry 40 toys at the end of the bath.

23. Today, I think I did a really good job balancing both work and home life. Both got my very best.

24. Judah played with my hand the whole time he told me his adventurous story.

25. Judah has a vivid imagination.

26. I put Gary on speaker phone and he got to hear Judah’s story too.

27. Judah is fascinated with his daddy and his job. He loved putting out fires in his story too.

28. The sun was shinning so bright today. I love being warm.

Selah~Day Sixteen

I have been thinking about God’s promises today. Not only did I teach about it today in KidMotion, but on the way home from church, Judah sang me his favorite song, God’s promises are forever…they will never change.” 

I remember when I was in elementary school and my friends and I made daily promises. And, when we were really serious those promises became “pinkie promises.” We would pinkie promise to dress alike, never like the same boy, always be bffs, and whatever else was the popular thing at the time. Unfortunately, those promises never lasted. Someone would inevitably break a promise and hurt another’s feelings. But, GOD’S promises never get broken. It isn’t in His character to break a promise. His promises are FOREVER and they never Change. In honor of Mother’s Day, God also gives specific, special promises to His daughters.

I am thankful for some of those promises today:

My 28 Thanks:

1. His promises are forever and they will never change.

2. God doesn’t break His promises.

3. 2 Peter 1:4 And because of his glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.

4.  Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

5. Matthew 11:28-29 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

6. Isaiah 40:29-31 He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

7. Philippians 4:19 And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.

8. God’s Word brings me life.

9. Thankful for moms who raise their children in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

10. Gary and Judah brought me a dozen beautiful orange roses this morning.

11. Judah LOVES the color orange. So, he was very excited that my flowers were orange.

12. Judah got me a “wreck it Ralph” card. It is a mother’s day card, but when you open it, it plays a song from the Wreck it Ralph movie. He loves that movie.

13. My son is so smart:) He remembers everything.

14. Gary and Zach were super helpful to set up additional props for KidMotion today.

15. Chef Stella made waffles and made the entire second floor smell amazing. The girls love Stella’s waffles. So do Gary and Judah.

16. Mr. Bob took one for the team today and allowed us to drench him in water. It was Getting Wet Sunday after all.

17. The kids loved the two games we played today. I love the energy and excitement they bring to the room.

18. Gary and Judah took me on a picnic lunch in the park.

19. It was such a beautiful day. The Oklahoma Sky can’t be beat.

20. Judah and I laughed and chased each other in the park.

21. Judah wanted to go to the water park today. Upon hearing me tell him that it is still closed, he replied, “but Mommy, we can just break the glass like wreck it Ralph does. Then, we can go in there.” At least he is persistent:) Judah has quite the imagination.

22. Family ice cream trip.

23. We got to go furniture shopping this afternoon for our new house.

24. The car is clean, the laundry is completely caught up, and you can see the floor in the play room.

25. Big Church and Kids Church both experienced changed lives today. Services were awesome and people surrendered their lives to Jesus.

26. My friend, Holly, was getting to spend the day at Frontier City with her son. She was so excited. She hasn’t gotten to spend a Mother’s Day with her son in a very long time.

27. Heard about a lady named Diane who is fighting leukemia came to church for the first time today. She went to the altar. Jesus changed her life today.

28. So much of who I am is because of my mom. So much of who I am becomming is because I am Judah’s mom. What an honor!




Selah~Day Fifteen

My mom and grandma were able to accompany me to the Mother/Daughter brunch today at church. It is always a nice time to be together. My mom and I were both dressed in white pants and dressy tops. I also wore an animal print Kentucky Derby hat. We always have fun at these events and seem to dress alike most of the time!

On our way home from the brunch, I witnessed a wreck. Because my mom was sitting in the back seat, she didn’t see it right away. I quickly realized that it was a bad wreck and looked back at my mom and said, “Mom, I am sure someone is hurt, jump out. You are a nurse-you have to help.” Before I even stopped the car, my mom jumped out and ran towards the vehicle that was smoking in the intersection. The lady was trapped in her air bag and was crying out for help. My mom, who does crossfit, threw open the car door and lifted the lady out. (I am thinking, wow, who is this woman..oh, yeah…she is my MOM)! She was an elderly woman with several wounds. But, she was able to walk with my mom’s help. Men had gathered to help with the scene, but my mom had it completely under control. I watched with such awe and appreciation that I called her mom. My mom treated the woman with such care and compassion. My mom didn’t panic, not once. I later told my mom, “If I ever was in a wreck and injured, I would want someone just like you to rescue me!” While we attended to the woman and waited for first responders to arrive, she kept saying”Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, help me.” Once I heard that, I grabbed her arm and begin to pray softly in her ear. While praying, it hit me. Wow! This lady understands the power that is in the name of Jesus too. There is power in the name of Jesus! Great power is released when we speak His name!

We left once they were preparing to load the sweet lady on the ambulance. I would love to know how she is doing tonight. I am sure she is very sore, but ever so thankful to be alive. Her car was destroyed. Thankfully, the young man she hit was okay too.

Now that I have some time to relax from today’s events, my mind was refreshed with two important truths: There is power in the name of Jesus and my mom is a hero to me.

My 28 Thanks:

1. There is power in the name of Jesus.

2. He rescues me.

3. When I call on Him, He answers me.

4. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord rescues them from every one.

5. That woman in the car wreck knew how to call on the name of Jesus.

6. My mom and I were there to help her.

7. It wasn’t as bad as it looked.

8. First responders. I have a personal love for a certain fireman! When you are at your worst, they are at their best!

9. My mom is compassionate, caring, and always meets the need.

10. My mom is so calm.

11. My mom has amazing srength.

12. My mom makes me laugh. She is so funny.

13. My mom is relentless.

14. My mom is passionate.

15. My mom is selfless.

16. My mom always sees the best in people.

17. My mom makes everyone feel really special. She always makes me feel super special too.

18. I got to see my mom today and once again she displayed all these traits.

17. My grandma got to accompany us to the brunch.

18. We got some great pictures together in our fun hats.

19. My mom-in-law looked so cute in her pink hat. She had a nice time too.

20. My dad watched Judah for me so I didn’t have to find a babysitter. Judah had fun with his Pa-Pa.

21. The ladies had so much fun together today at the brunch. The hats were lovely and each told a story about that woman’s character. My friend Holly could barely hold her head up because her hat was so big. But, it was STUNNING and super Holly!

22. The skit group was too cute. They really captured the life of woman in every age range! Fun Fun Fun!

23. Gary’s station collected a TON of money today for MDA.

24. I wore white pants for most of what turned out to be an eventful day and they are not really dirty!

25. Families got to be together today.

26. My friend, Valerie, sent me the sweetest of messages today on facebook. I miss her. We had such good times together. I can’t wait to celebrate with her this July as she says, “I do,” to her sweetie.

27. The set for Mother’s Day turned out even better than I pictured it. Tomorrow’s service will be awesome. Kdis service will be awesome too!

28. Going to be before 11:00 p.m.


Selah~Day Fourteen

I am super excited about the next 3 weeks in KidMotion. We are going to do a mini series on Obedience and use 3 of our favorite things about summer to illustrate it. For example, this week our favorite thing about summer is getting wet. Well, we are going to talk about Noah. There are a lot of people that got REALLY wet in that story. Our big answer this week is “Obedience brings God’s Promises.” When we obey, we activate God’s Promises in our lives. Noah’s obedience activated God’s promises in his life, as well as for the future. God promised never to flood the earth again. Noah didn’t just obey, but he had the right answer, the right actions, and the right attitude towards his obedience to God. Think about it, it took YEARS to build that ark and God wanted it exact. Not to mention, Noah was made fun of by others. He was definitely going against the flow. Nevertheless, we don’t read were Noah complained, whined, or even waivered in his obedience to God. Everyday, he made a decision to obey God.

While meditating on this thought, I realized that I have reached a point were it is easy to obey God. Disobedience towards God is actually difficult. Thankfully, I would rather just obey right away and reap the Promises, Protection, and Rewards that God has for me when I obey. After all, obedience is better than sacrifice.

Lord, please reveal any area of my life where I am not obeying you with the right answer, the right action, and the right attitude. I don’t want to obey you out of reluctance a mediocre heart, but rather out of a submissive spirit that DESIRES to please you in every way.

My 28 Thanks:

1. God promised to never flood the earth again.

2. I love His beautiful reminders of His promises, like the Rainbow.

3. I find it easier to obey than disobey.

4. Obedience brings God’s Promises.

5. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

6. A submissive spirit that desires to please God in every way.

7.Gary, Judah, and I got to start the day with a nice, long walk.

8. I had a great conversation with my new friend, Jen, today. She is making puppets for kidz ministry.

9. We got to go to Penn Square Mall today.

10. We got an AWESOME parking spot at Penn Square today. That never happens.

11. I went to Dillard’s to look for a bedspread I found online. I found it. But, I didn’t like it in person. However, I found a bedspread that I absolutely LOVED.

12. The bedspread I loved was 50% OFF!!!!!

13. The sweet lady, who worked in the bedspread department, let me take out several bedspreads and spread them out over a bed. She really helped us out.

14. Judah has a blast riding the escalator. He caught the attention of many people today. We got several, “He is so cute,” comments.

15. I got to eat at Pei Wei today.

16. Judah is amazing with chopsticks. I don’t even try.

17. We had a nice visit with my family out at Kyle and Meghan’s house.

18. Judah hit his head while riding the 4-wheeler, but he is okay and won’t need stitches. Thank God for protection.

19. Gary and Judah had so much fun being out in the country riding 4 wheelers, walking in a creek bed, sharpening knives, and other boy stuff:)

20. My brother, Kyle, has watched so much Duck Dynasty that he talks just like them.

21. My family made me laugh so much tonight.

22. Kyle was able to adjust my back. It feels so much better.

23. My friend, Joyce, reads my blog. She writes too. She left me a really nice comment. Thank God for friends.

24. My grandma and my uncle Danny looked really good today. They seemed healthier today than they have been in a while.

25. People who work hard and finish their degree. So proud of all the college graduates.

26. I found out today that a few kids in KidMotion have battled failing grades all year, but not any longer. With the help of amazing teachers and two really amazing foster parents-they are PASSING!

27. People whose hearts are so big that they share their homes with others who need one.

28. My dad is watching Judah tomorrow so I can go to the Daughter of the King banquet with my mom, grandma, mom-in-law, and others.

Selah~Day Thirteen

Life is so precious. It is truly a vapor compared to eternity. In a moment, one can go from life to death. Our family experienced that truth today when my husband’s 34 year old cousin passed away suddenly. In times like this, I am completely aware of how precious each moment is and how important it is to live each day to its fullest. I don’t want to waste a day living outside of the perfect purpose God has for me. We should seize every moment to value our life and the lives of others.

No matter what the days may hold, this is my stance!

The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning
It’s time to sing Your song again
Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me
Let me be singing when the evening comes

Bless the Lord, O my soul
O my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before
O my soul
I’ll worship Your holy name

My 28 Thanks:

1. God has a purpose for me.

2. He values life.

3. I value my life.

4. I value the life of others.

5. I work really hard to make sure everyday is defined by a purpose.

6. I don’t waste time.

7. I was there when someone needed a shoulder to cry on.

8. I have such a caring family. They always help out when there is a need.

9. Judah was so excited to get to go with Mom-Mom to Ethan and Evan’s house today.

10. Judah told me all he ate today was donut holes. The cute part…the way he says, “Donut holes.”

11. Gary drove me to work today, then he stayed all day and helped me launch ads for big events.

12. We figured out a really inexpensive, simple way to make one of our most popular kidmin games easy and better looking!

13. I was able to finish two weeks of Kidmin sermons today.

14. Pastor Ted asked me to give him a list of my “wants” in a future kids space.

15. I got to see Danielle’s “heart attack” that she gave Pastor Marcia. It was so sweet and ever so thoughtful. Love when people do that for others. Talk about encouragement. She cut out different colors of hearts and wrote really special sayings on them. Then, she covered the WHOLE door in those hearts.

16. Creative meeting was productive.

17. Pastor Rony seemed really excited about some future possibilities.

18. Lori and Aaron sketched out a preschool growth plan and I think it will work!

19. Gary, Judah, and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Outback tonight.

20. Someone blessed us with the meal.

21. I got an awesome deal on some Kidmotion props at Hobby Lobby today.

22. I spent over an hour playing duplo blocks with Judah on the floor. He made the train and I made the farm. I even googled a picture of a duplo blocks farm. We had so much fun.

23. Judah had a blast tearing apart the tree on my farm!

24. Gary has spent a long time working on something for Mother’s Day. I have no idea. I am excited.

25. I met with UW sports ministry today. We are going to have a great team this year.

26. I am really excited about the next 3 weeks series in Kidmotion. 3 Things I Love about Summer will be a great mini series teaching OBEDIENCE. It is going to be so FUN.

27. Today is Charlie’s birthday. He is such a fun guy, full of life, full of energy, and he makes me laugh all the time.

28. This blog has made such a difference in my life and it is only day 13.

Selah~Day Twelve

Today was a busy day. Although productive, I only saw the light of day for a brief moment. The majority of the day was spent in the KidMotion room planning for our 3-Week series, “3 Things I Love About Summer,” and our Summer series, “Off the Rails.” The kids are going to LOVE it and that makes the long hours worth it. Our preschool department is currently learning about the Life of Zacchaeus from the book of Luke. Our Discovery Rangers group also studied it tonight. So, I paid close attention to this great passage, figuring I could learn a good lesson too!

If you read the passage, you can infer that Zacchaeus probably lived a life being bullied. Granted, he was a cheat, a liar, and a tax collector, but we also know that he was known as the “wee little man.” Even today, we sing songs about Zacchaeus, the wee little man. I am sure that people made fun of him for his size and it didn’t help matters that he chose a profession that wasn’t liked. In my own opinion, he probably spent a majority of his life “up in a tree,” isolating himself from others, only to come down when he needed to collect.

But, then there was Jesus. He didn’t say, “Hey, wee little man, come down from that tree!” No, scripture says that Jesus calls him by his name, “Zacchaeus, come down from that tree. I am going to stay at your house today.” Not only did Jesus call him by name, but He also made a decision to hang out with him. Wow! I am sure this was an ENCOURAGING boost to Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus surely knew He Jesus was at this point and for Him to want to stay at his house…awesome opportunity. Because of Jesus’ encouragement, His influence, Zacchaeus changed his ways. Immediately, he paid back what he had stolen from others, as well as gave money to the poor. It is amazing what encouragement and acknowledgement will do for a person…it will change their life!

My 28 Thanks:

1. God knows my name.

2. I am encouraged by the Word of God.

3. I don’t have to isolate myself from others.

4. I can wak confidently, knowing who I am in Jesus.

5. Encouragement can change a person’s life.

6. People have encouraged me, even today.

7. Tonight, our car was not damaged in the 2nd hail storm of this month.

8. The Rangers and Girls loved the opening ceremony game tonight. They went crazy cheering.

9. The new Discovery Ranger structure went well. It was a night and day comparison.

10. All the kids made it safely home or to the choir room to wait out the storm.

11. Judah’s class had a surprise Mother’s Day tea today.

12. He made me a construction paper flower. It was beautiful.

13. Judah made a “My mommy is…” paper. In his opinion, I am 6 years old, weigh 8 lbs, and love to buy stuff.

14. Judah also made me a handprint card.

15. We recorded Week 1 of Off the Rails puppet sketches.

16. Maxton, Zach, Lorry Gail, and Aaron did Superb!

17. I ate healthy today even though I didn’t leave the church but for 30 minutes.

18. Alysha made Judah a brand new id badge today. It had his picture on it. He loved it!!!! This is a big deal in his little world.

19. Mrs. Lacey and Mrs. Corrie taught Judah about Zacchaeus tonight. Judah told me Zacchaeus climbed a tree to see Jesus. Thankful for these ladies.

20. Mrs. Debby and Ms. Michelle  and Mr. Scott came and served tonight even though they were dealing with some pain in their bodies.

21. Faithful, committed people.

22. Mr. Greg checked out Rangers tonight. He even played our opening game. He will be a great asset to our Ranger team.

23. Gary helped me accomplish so much today. He hung banners, removed banners, finished games, made copies, cleaned up snacks, and on and on and on.

24. Judah had so much fun playing with his friends today.

25. Got a sweet, encouraging message from my friend, Jahni today on facebook.

26. Technology that lets you stay connected to people.

27. So So So thankful those girls in Ohio have ended their ten years of bondage. May justice be served to the fullest extent of the law.

28. Today is the due date of the first baby Gary and I lost this past September. I am thankful for the 6 weeks that I got to carry you. I will hold you in heaven.