Selah~Day 147

Tuesday, October 8

For those of you reading and keeping me accountable, sometimes I write in other ways and then transfer to the blog site. But, I always give thanks to my LORD! He is so deserving and so worthy to be praised. 

My 27 Thanks:

1. Tuesday is Staff Chapel day. It is my one service where I rarely have responsibility. It is nice to spend some time with others in the presence of the Lord.

2. We got to do a group activity in Staff Chapel. I love group work.

3. My team was made up of so many different personalities. I love how everyone views things from a different perspective. 

4. We laughed a lot in our discussion.

5. The Lord spoke something special to me in staff meeting concerning dreams.

6. We can dream again.

7. I am almost done with Dr. Rutland’s book, Relaunch. There are so many profound truths in that one book.

8. Truth.

9. My friend, Angela, gave me a pat on the back during staff meeting. I had an emotional moment. It is nice to know people care.

10. Starla and I had a great conversation and covered much planning ground.

11. Starla loves to learn and loves to help me out.

12. “It’s a small world” moments are super cool.

13. The new song, Hope Will Rise, from Warr Acres is amazing. It is so anointed and powerful. I am so excited for my new friend, Kristy Starling and her band.

14. Pastor Marcia helped me figure out a confusing report.

15. Judah always greets me with a big smile. I love coming home to that sweet boy!

16. Gary always greets me with a kiss. I love coming home to him too.

17. My neighbor lady just had total knee replacement surgery. She is finally up and getting around. 

18. Our neighborhood “boo-ed” us. Someone left us a basket of Halloween goodies. I love quirky neighborhood games. 

19. Austin, one of our builders, stopped by for a chat. He loves what we have done with the inside of the house.

20. Our builders, Cheatham Construction, are having one of their best years. I am so excited for them.

21. Judah was fussy for most of the evening. He was simply exhausted. I am glad he fell asleep at 7:30. He needed the rest.

22. Gary ran to the store and bought me a few Vegan friendly foods.

23. Healthy eating.

24. I didn’t crave anything outside of my new meal options.

25. Gary and I had a deep conversation.

26. Early bedtime.

27. Amazing, complete rest. 


Selah~Day 146 “It’s a Matter of Life and Death”

This past weekend I prepared a message for kids ministry using the power verse, Psalm 141:3. It reads, “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.” Other versions say that we should put a guard at our mouth like we guard a door. We walked away from that morning knowing that “I OBEY with what I Say!” We often identify disobedience with actions. But, we also disobey with our words. The lessons I prepare for Kids Ministry usually speak profoundly to me too! Does EVERY word that comes from my mouth line up with the Word of God, or do I disobey or rebel against His word with my words?

We all know that our words are important. I am pretty sure that most of you all not only know the common childhood phrase, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” but you would also agree that this statement is an abolute lie. If we took just a moment, I am sure we could quickly recall hurtful words spoken against us. We could also recall hurtful words that we spoke against someone else. Besides hurtful words, we also speak words of doubt, destruction, complaint, and carelessness.

Even though we begin to hear at the youngest of ages, “let’s use kind words,” we don’t always follow through! But, you know how important it is, right? Okay…let’s raise the stakes on this issue. The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Do we realize what the Bible is really saying here?

I don’t know if we fully understand the meaning because if we did our  words would change significantly.  I think that exhaustion, failed expectations, fear of the unknown, and doubt can all play a part in removing the guard at the doorway of our mouth. We can quickly become lax with our words if we are not carefull. Nevertheless, scripture is clear that we shall either eat the fruit of DEATH words or LIFE words.

Since we are raising the stakes, I am going to get even bolder. What fruit are we feeding to our marriages, our children, our co-workers, our family members, and everyone else we care about or don’t care about? Are they eating the fruit of death words or the fruit of life words?

When I became pregnant with Judah, Gary and I both made a decision that we would make sure we spoke life words over him every day. We also made a decision that he would not wear clothing with common phrases like, “Spoiled rotten,” or “Here comes Trouble,” or “The Monster is Awake.” To some this may seem petty, but to us, this decision was important to Judah’s future. We didn’t want certain words spoken over him because we understand their power.

I recently read a quote by an unknown source which said,Nothing could be more important to your future than the seemingly insignificant words that are coming out of your mouth today.”

I am going to watch my words ever so closely…It’s a matter of life and death.


Today begins the journey of switching from 28 thanks to 27 in order to reach the 10,000 reasons mark in one year.

Here we go…My 27 Thanks:

1. I don’t dread Mondays. They are usually one of the most productive days of my week.

2. If I can dream it, God can do it!

3. The Holy Spirit is a creative genius.

4. When I am weak, He is made strong in me!

5. My end of the year goals for 2013 kick in this week! I love goals.

6. I love accomplishing my goals even more! I am on track.

7. Health.

8. Dr. Oz. I rarely get to see his show, but when I do, I love the health tips.

9. I experienced my first Fantasy Football loss this season. At least I didn’t lose to Pastor Ted. The smack talk would have been horrendous. And, I still maintain first place in my league.

10. Gary is so handy around our house. He refuses to pay for things that he can do himself. I love this.

11. He is putting up our backyard fence and cutting our cost by at least 50%.

12. He got more accomplished then he originally thought.

13. I had most of my work for Monday caught up, so I helped out some other teammates. I like helping others too.

14. I appreciate tasks that don’t always require thought:) I had some of those today.

15. I slipped out early to rest before our busy evening. This lingering cold has left me with only about 50% of my normal energy.

16. Judah made me a precious hand print painting at his school today. I love seeing his prints.

17. Tonight, I got to hear the stories of some really neat people who attend our church.

18. I enjoyed an awesome meal with some special people, Jimmy and Sande Johnson and Don and Susanna Lorg.

19. I love listening to advice from individuals with a variety of experience.

20. Wisdom from others.

21. We have been working for months on the launch of a big project. It launched tonight and it went well.

22. I heard the heart of my Pastor tonight. Great things are ahead of us.

23. We can celebrate the past, but anticipate with great excitement the Future!

24. God always has BETTER days ahead of us. Growth and progress are the Will of God!

25. I get to be a part of something bigger than myself.

26. I believe in a Supernatural God.

27. Dreams.

Selah~Day 145

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah and I got to church extra early. We had plenty of time to unload the car and setup for the day.

2. Nancy Wilkins and Aaron Rowin helped me carry up all the supplies to KidMotion. They were so kind and a tremendous help. I am so thankful for people who are there at the right place at the right time.

3. Some of my leaders were a little late to their posts for Sunday school, but the parents were understanding and flexible. It is so pleasant when we are understanding to the needs of others and help one another out.

4. We had a great prep and prayer time for KidMotion. My team is amazing. They always make me laugh.

5. Our small group activities were off the charts amazing today. The kids loved it.

6. Lorry Gail and Jose helped me illustrate the main message point today. They did great and the kids really understood the message.

7. I have so much fun in kids church.

8. Jeremy hit every transition perfectly on the sound/light board.

9. Tim and Lan, two new recruits, loved the service. I think they are keepers.

10. We had many details involved in today’s service and everything worked together perfectly.

11. Crossroads Kids know that they are loved.

12. Judah and I had lunch with some girlfriends after church. I rarely do that, but it was great company and great food.

13. Because we leave church so late, restaurants are NEVER crowded.

14. We ate out on the patio. It was a little chilly, but so nice. Judah made us all laugh too.

15. Cherryl Hodges came home with me today. She is always so willing to help me with Judah.

16. Judah loves Miss Barrell (Cherryl). He was thrilled that she spent the afternoon with us.

17. We had our first Christmas Production practice today. I can’t believe it is the last quarter of 2013.

18. Everyone showed up to the practice! And, they were all on time.

19. People are excited about this year’s production.

20. We are doing something completely different. We are doing a production style that has never been done before on our stage (that I know of anyway).

21. My life is not boring at all.

22. Gary had a great, safe day at the fire station.

23. Judah and I had a spontaneous dinner with Mrs. Debbie after church last night.

24. Mr. Bob and Mrs. Debbie are special people. We love them and their hearts for others, for kids, and for service.

25. They blessed us with our dinner.

26. Judah and I had a great Sunday together.

27. My home is in a safe and secure neighborhood.

28. Good night phone calls with my love.

Selah~Day 144

My 28 Thanks:

1. The kids slept through the storms last night.

2. Our power came back on rather quickly.

3. My mom was here with me, so I didn’t have to ride out the storm alone.

4. We went to a donut shop for breakfast. It is right by our house and is family owned and operated. The boys loved their donuts.

5. Gary got to go “treasure hunting” with his buddy, John.

6. Gary had a great time and HE FOUND A DOLLAR IN CHANGE…we are rich! It truly is all about the hunt and experience.

7. Gary fixed my car door. So, I can at least drive it.

8. We enjoyed a nice lunch with my family at Qdoba.

9. My family makes me laugh.

10. My mom made it home safely.

11. I have been fighting a runny nose, sore throat, itchy eyes, and a “hit by a bus” feeling. So, I called Lorry Gail and asked her to prepare a portion of my message notes to help me out tomorrow. She was more than willing.

12. Lorry Gail is so dependable and helpful. I can trust her to complete any task and complete is well.

13. We had a relaxing Saturday.

14. Rest in the Recliner.

15. Fall weather, Fall smells, Fall colors, and Fall clothes are HERE.

16. Because Judah was so obedient, we blessed him with a toy when shopping at Wal-Mart.

17. Judah loves his brand-new bulldozer and had a blast playing with it.

18. Judah is a thankful little boy.

19. I got all the items I needed to make our KidMotion service fantastic!

20. Gary and I cooked dinner together.

21. We made an awesome chicken tortilla soup. We are using up all the food and ingredients in our pantry. Not wasting anything.

22. Judah loved the chicken in the soup. We are branching out into new food items.

23. Sitting around the kitchen table, sharing stories and a great meal, is awesome and time well spent.

24. Gary vacuumed out my car for me. I love a clean car.

25. We followed an amazing bedtime routine. Bath, Bible Story, Prayers, and Sleep. Judah did it…he completed the routine in order.

26. Judah went to sleep at 9:00 p.m.

27. Gary hates to rub my feet, but he did it anyway. I wanted peppermint cream on my feet because it is amazing and Gary put it on there for me. So relaxing.

28. I am the pastor on call this week. I didn’t get a single call this weekend. All is well in the world, I guess?


Selah~Day 143

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah and I had a relaxing morning.

2. I was not in a rush to go anywhere.

3. We watched the Croods again together. Judah laughed every 5 seconds and said, “Mommy, that was so munny (funny)!”

4. Judah helped me dust. He sprayed and I wiped.

5. My mom arrived at 1:00.

6. I was quickly trying to back out of the garage before my alarm completely set. In my hurry, I forgot that the back passenger door was open. Even though I almost ripped the door off, Judah was safe and didn’t fall out of the car.

7. My mom and I had a super fun day of shopping.

8. The ladies at one store where so helpful and fun. When my mom found out that one of them has never eaten at Pei Wei, she invited her to lunch with us. Of course, she couldn’t come because she was working. but, this is so my mom!

9. My mom is friendly, never meets a stranger, and always makes people feel special and loved.

10. My mom is bold and courageous. I want to be like her when I grow up:)

11. Judah was awesome while shopping. He didn’t complain or fuss at all.

12. I got to talk to my sis-in-law, Meghan, today. She is doing well. Even though we live a few miles apart, our lives are busy and we don’t see each other often.

13. Perfect weather.

14. Two of our testimonial videos are great. We have worked really hard to tell a perfect story of God’s redemption and resurrection power. We received two final copies yesterday.

15. Your story is powerful.

16. Jesus can make a message out of your mess!

17. Redemption and Restoration. I love beauty from ashes stories.

18. Gage and Kolt came over to spend the night.

19. We had a great time playing outside in the cul-de-sac. Riding bikes and drawing in side walk chalk was super fun.

20. Gage, Kolt, and Judah played really well together.

21. Popcorn + Movie + Family + Laughter = Awesome.

22. My brother, Kyle, told us some of his adventure stories from his Colorado Elk hunting trip.

23. Eddie Loomis came through his back surgery well. Glad he is on the mend.

24. Kyle adjusted my back and it felt better.

25. My dad and brother will both be without pay next week. But, their hope is in the Lord, not the government.

26. My hope is in the Lord.

27. Hope is never lost.

28. The Righteous suffer many afflictions, but the Lord rescues them from it all.


Selah~Day 142

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary got home somewhat early from the first station so we could see each other before I left for work.

2. Judah was excited to spend the day with his daddy.

3. The Sweet Life series is ready for launch. I am super excited for this series on obedience.

4. Gary helped me with my door prop. I am thankful for my handy husband.

5. Gary loves to do things in excellence too. So, he works extra hard to make things excellent for kids ministry.

6. My new set of boys Bibles came in today. Mr. Jerold will be so excited to have them in his Sunday school class on Sunday!

7. Hugo, one of our new, awesome, custodial team members, carried the box of Bibles for me because they were too heavy for me to carry! He said, “Kara, anything you need me to help you with, you come and get me.” I love helpful people.

8. I was able to have lunch with my friend, Deborah, today. And, she blessed me with my meal.

9. The Lord has done some great things in Deborah’s life in the last year. And, He is just getting started. When you step out and trust Him, He will work on your behalf.

10. I have a job and don’t have to worry about the church ever shutting down. On Monday, both my dad and brother will be off-work until the government gets its act together. Believing this fiasco is short lived. Thankful that our trust is in the Lord and not the government.

11. Today is the birthday of my new friend, Talena, and an old friend, Bev. Both of these ladies have hearts of gold, a love for the Lord, and an incredible love for people.

12. I got to help out a friend today.

13. Curiosity.

14. Accomplishment.

15. I didn’t have to work late today. I got everything done and was able to enjoy the evening with my family…free from work!

16. When we woke Judah up from his late, late afternoon nap, he was in a great mood.

17. Gary and I have not eaten out all week. We cooked at home every night!

18. I had a great, well overdue conversation with my Cali friend, Danielle. I am so glad things are going well for Rony and her.

19. Judah got to eat meatballs for dinner. He loves meatballs.

20. We went on an evening walk around the neighborhood. Judah still loves to stop and read off mailbox numbers.

21. Judah wanted to hold my hand while we walked.

22. Our neighborhood is so peaceful and the people in it are so friendly.

23. Family Movie night…We watched The Croods and had a blast laughing together.

24. Primitive days are over. I love modern day amenities.

25. The Croods, although a Dreamworks, non-Biblical film, presented some great messages on the power of fear and the importance of over-coming it.

26. The words, “I Love You,” are so powerful. We say them all the time in our home.

27. We are an affectionate family. We give out hugs, high fives, smiles, kisses, and words of affirmation freely and often.

28. My mom is coming to visit me this weekend!

Selah~Day 141

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah didn’t fuss when I dressed him in nice clothes for picture day at school.

2. I had fun conversation with my new friend, Kristy Starling. Our kids go to the same school and we live in the same neighborhood.

3. I got to drop Judah off and pick him up from school.

4. My friends “had my back” today and helped me avoid a particular situation that wouldn’t have been ideal.

5. I haven’t spent money on lunch all week. Bringing your lunch to work saves time and money.

6. Janelle helped me put together my game for Wednesday Night Kids.

7.  Judah’s teachers were so kind and after pictures they changed him into play clothes so he could be more comfortable.

8. My nephew, Ethan, broke his arm. Thankfully, he will not need surgery.

9. Even though my heart is heavy for those being affected by the government shut down, I am so thankfully that ultimately the government is upon HIS shoulders. I don’t have to fear.

10. I am in this world, but I am not of this world.

11. Judah and I got to rest before going back to church.

12. Judah ate all of his dinner tonight before church.

13. Michelle Halbrook is super thoughtful. She blesses many families at our church.

14. Ministry went well.

15. People who always think about others first are such a blessing.

16. Tonight, I received one of the greatest compliments ever. A family came up to me before service started. I hadn’t seen this family for about 3-4 months. They told me they had started visiting other churches just to see what was out there. At the end of this “church hopping” journey, their kids told them that of all the churches they had been to, they wanted to go to Crossroads Kidz because they had the best praise and worship, best lessons, and best games! My team rocks.

17. Encouragement.

18.  The kids loved the new countdown slide I played tonight. It turned out to be a fun pre-service game.

19. Surprises. When something ordinary turns out to be fun for kids, you have success.

20. Despite popular opinion, kids are still easily entertained. They really just want interaction with you!

21. The youth ministry had an awesome night at mud bowl.

22. We can have fun at church! We can get really dirty too.

23. Car ride conversations with Judah are the best. We had so much fun picking out the colors of street lights as we drove home last night.

24. I was smart and gave Judah a bath before church. So, our after church bedtime routine was so much easier.

25. I had a great late night phone conversation with my childhood best friend. It is always nice to catch up.

26. Gary is getting practice riding out as the officer in charge. His promotion is fast approaching. I am proud of him.

27.  We talked about ghosts tonight in my small group. We had great conversation and I hope the girls left empowered, knowing that we don’t have to be afraid and we should never mess with the evil side of the supernatural.

28. The Word of God brings truth and sheds light on every subject matter.

Selah~Day 140

My 28 Thanks:

1. The book of Proverbs.

2. Joyce Meyer Ministries.

3. Joyce Meyer Ministries, as well as others, are committed to reaching out to every part of the world with hands of hope.

4. Judah and I have huggle time almost every morning. Huggles are hugs+snuggles=huggles!

5. Most people think that I am fearless when it comes to public speaking. That is not the case, however. I always get nervous. But, staff chapel went well. And, even though I was “afraid,” I did it.

6. The team like the activity.

7. Small Groups and interaction.

8. Janelle is multi-talented. She really made my presentation better with her large, cartoon like characters.

9. Great insight and revelation comes from collaboration.

10. Teams.

11. Pastor Ted turned another year older today. We surprised him with a birthday lunch and it worked. He had no idea.

12. My new friend, Jessica Fellers, celebrated her birthday too. She is so sweet, a great mom, and loves life.

13. My baby brother and his wife, Madison, celebrate 3 years of marriage today. I had the honor of performing their ceremony. With odds stacked against them, they are winning. I am proud of them. Both are great parents and hard-working young adults.

14. Gary made me an awesome door for my message illustration this coming Sunday.

15. Judah was an awesome helper today.

16. This door will not only serve as a great sermon prop, but also will be used in our Christmas production. I love “killing two birds with one stone.”

17. Johnny Carinos was super helpful in finding a lost receipt for me.

18. I had a great conversation with a guy named Lance Lang. Lance started a ministry called “Hope is Alive.” After losing everything due to serious addictions, Lance is now free and started a ministry to help others get clean-physically, spiritually, and mentally.

19. I get to help people.

20. I thought we were going to eat oatmeal for dinner. But, then I discovered that I had all the ingredients to make Gary’s favorite casserole-Green Enchiladas. It was awesome. Nevertheless, the oatmeal would have been healthier.

21. Gary ran to the store and got groceries after dinner.

22. Finally got to talk to my mother-in-law about their trip. They had a BLAST.

23. Pastor Ted text me a “Great Job” today text.

24. Pastor Tami and I shared an open conversation about expectations, pressure, and more!

25. Starla is feeling better.

26. Our nursery calendar is well-staffed for October. Yes, we still want to recruit others to lead and serve, but for now, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Every children’s pastor or nursery director out there understands completely what I am saying.

27. New people are in my life.

28. Relationships.

Selah~Day 139 “A Bitter Root Produces Sour Fruit”

My 28 Thanks:

This morning, I got up early and read my Sparkling Gems devotion by Rick Renner. The title  read, “A Bitter Root Produces Sour Fruit.” Hebrews 12:15 tells us that we should look out for one another so that none of us fail to receive God’s grace. We should also watch out and make sure NO poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble us, corrupting not just our lives, but also the lives of many.

God’s grace is sufficient and it is freely given out to us. Because it is a gift freely given to us, we should also give grace freely and sufficiently to others. Remember the principle…”to whom much is given, much is required.” When people hurt our feelings, mistake our actions or words, or cause us harm, we can give out grace, knowning that we have sown it, so we should also reap it. Trust me, I definitely want to receive grace from others…so, I am going to dish it out.

Dishing out grace helps me uproot bitterness. Bitterness is a poison and it not only affects me, but it can also affect those around me. Check out this make believe scenario as I explore this topic further.

 Person A walked by me in the hallway at church and didn’t smile or say hello to me. I can’t believe Person A would be so rude. I bet they are mad at me. I am going to go ask my other friend, Person B, and see what he thinks. “Hi, Person B. So, I have a question. Person A walked by me, didn’t smile and didn’t say hello. Do you think something is up? Haven’t you noticed them acting weird lately? Regardless, I can’t believe they would hurt me like that.” Person B replies, “You know…now that you bring up that situation, let me tell you waht Person A did to me the other day.  I tried to get a hold of her on the phone. She didn’t answer, didn’t call me back, and didn’t bother to send me a text. Some friend she is. She can’t even return phone calls.”

Unfortuntely, this silly scenario plays out in some form all the time. Instead of going to Person A and seeing what is up, the Narrator allows a seed of bitterness to take root and from there her thoughts flourish into all different directions. Her thoughts and actions are poisoned and then she spreads that poison to those around her.

Bitterness traps you and it keeps you from finding out the truth a lot of times. You see, if the Narrator and Person B would just approach Person A in love, they would discover that Person A has been overwhelmed with the care of her sick, dying mother. They would find out that Person A has been taking 24 hour care of her mom, as well as two households, working full-time, and still trying to maintain a life of some normalcy. And, Person A didn’t even realize she didn’t smile or wave or say “hello” because she was in deep thought about the whole situation. Or, Person A is overwhelmed with the news that her husband received deployment orders. Or, Person A is saddened by the results of blood tests. Or, Person A is having trouble with a teenage son. Whatever the case maybe, Person A is in a season of life that needs grace to given out.

Don’t allow bitterness to take root and sour your fruit. Give out grace instead.

My 28 Thanks:

1. My morning walk was chilly and made a great start to my day.

2. God’s Word is a daily Gem.

3. Gary and I had some quiet time with the Lord before Judah woke up.

4. Gary is off work today and can take Judah to school for me.

5. Judah is learning so much about the Bible at his school. He has a triple dose-Home, Church, and School.

6. Christian Education.

7. Oklahoma is still a fairly conservative state.

8. I won fantasy football for the 4th week in a row. I am the only one in my league undefeated. Yes, this is a fun year!

9. A simple wave, hand-shake, or smile can change your day. I love to give those out. They are such easily delivered expressions.

10. Gary and Eric mowed my in-laws grass. So, when they got home from their trip, their yard looked lovely!

11. Judah loved his lunch. His daddy surprised him with subway meatballs. He ate all of them.

12. Judah made a creation book at school.

13. He told us the story, word by word, several times.

14. He let me record him telling the story.

15. Technology allows me to send videos to my family who lives away.

16. Judah’s grandmas take great interest in everything he does. I am so thankful that my son has two sets of awesome grandparents.

17. I am completely prepared for staff chapel.

18. Grace.

19. Because Gary had the day at home, he cooked dinner and I got to play outside with the cutest 3 year old. We had fun with the frisbee.

20. We played with side walk chalk.

21. The evening weather is perfect.

22. We met some new neighbors. They seem like a really sweet couple who loves Jesus.

23. The opportunity to meet new people.

24. Family hide-and-seek is so fun. We play it often

25. We had an evening away from technology.

26. Old fashioned games like frisbee, side-walk chalk, hide-n-seek, and tag are fun, never get old, and took up our evening.

27. We love the front yard. Often, we have back porch mentalities. I love my back porch too. But, there is something special about the front yard. Time spent there communicates availibility, community, and conversation.

28. I get much accomplished on Mondays.

Selah~Day 138

My 28 Thanks:

1. Made it to church on time.

2. We were short staffed in some areas and people came through to help out at the last minute.

3. Deborah Fulton…she is a trooper. In her cute Sunday outfit and high-heeled shoes, she came and rescued us in the 2s room.

4. Angela Lewis…she makes calm. If she is present, I know all will work out.

5. My leaders are flexible.

6. My check-in team is awesome. And, they got a workout before service even started. They are so kind, helpful, and a first class team. They hosted TONS of new families today.

7. I met 10 new families during the Sunday school hour alone.

8. I handed out FOUR kidmin apps from people who approached me about serving in our awesome kids ministry.

9. Someone thought the candy drop-off booths were decorated by my very talente friend, Holly. But, they were decorated by me…my work was compared to the work of HOLLY!!!!! She has taught me a thing or two.

10. I can’t walk down a hallway without getting a ton of hugs.

11. Mr. Jerold’s class had 21 boys in it for Sunday school time. 21 is no longer a small group:)

12. After service, the preschool team had an awesome lunch and learn.

13. Lori presented great information on how to discipline and how to play.

14. I ordered just enough food. Everyone was full and no food was left.

15. Someone took a GIANT step and told me their heart today. And, the enemy lost power  in that situation and the healing process has begun!

16. I met so many cool people today.

17. People loved the team teaching with Pastor Ted and Tami.

18. Everything excites Judah. I love experiencing life through his eyes.

19. My friend, Laura, hung out with me tonight at the family life celebration.

20. Church Fellowship.

21. Outdoor parties.

22. People from all different backgrounds hung out together tonight.

23. We wrapped up our 4 week series, Shine Your Light. Kids have been empowered to boldly tell their world about Jesus.

24. Judah had a blast running around and playing with friends tonight. Miss Molly made him feel really special. She has the sweetest heart and care for little kids.

25. Judah is learning at rapid rates.

26. Gary gave Judah his bath tonight.

27. Gary remembered a really cool toy that he purchased Judah at the Fair. When you shoot it in the air, it flies high, spins, and lights up. It was really cool and we had a blast playing.

28. Family.