Selah~Day 157

Friday, October 18

My 27 Thanks:

1. We spent all morning relaxing in our PJs.

2. Judah and I had a great play date in the playroom.

3. Gary helped me with the house chores. We both love a clean home.

4. My mom makes personal sacrifices to help out her kids.

5. I was able to see my mom and little sister one more time before they headed back to SE Oklahoma.

6. My car heater works really well and warms up quickly. This is a plus on cold, wet days.

7. Gary and I both loved playing Connect Four as kids. Judah saw it in the store and wanted it. We got it for him and had a fun family game night with it.

8. Judah had so much fun playing with all the different toys in the toy section at Wal-Mart.

9. Everything is awesome through the eyes of Judah.

10. Judah has yet to throw a fit when we tell him, “No, son, we can’t buy that toy right now.”

11. It is officially soup weather.

12. I didn’t work at all today.

13. I had a phone conversation with a friend and our conversation brought some healing into her life.

14. Friendships.

15. A trip to Hobby Lobby is always a blessing.

16. David Green is solid in his beliefs. I am so thankful for the standthat he is taking for Religious rights.

17. Godly Organizations.

18. My mom made it home safely.

19. I haven’t been eating after 7:00 p.m. and it is proving to be successful in weight loss.

20. I ran into several familiar faces at Wal-Mart and it was fun to catch up with small chit-chat.

21. Judah missed his nap today, but wasn’t cranky!

22. Gary and I enjoyed a sweet movie together.

23. Staying up late because we don’t have to get up early is a treat!

24. Gary and I had a great conversation…uninterrupted.

25. Our CYM students had a great first night at youth convention.

26. Our church was able to host this great event.

27. Together is a wonderful place to be.


Selah~Day 156

Thursday, October 17

My 27 Thanks:

1. It is a most beautiful day!

2. I am so glad all of my teacher friends get a Fall Break. Breaks are so important for teachers. They have to have a time to refuel.

3. My mom took Judah and my nephews to the park 2 different times today. They loved feeding the ducks.

4. I met them at the park later in the day. When Judah saw me walking towards him, he ran for me with open arms and a big smile.

5. Judah wanted to hold my hand as we walked to a different area of the park.

6. Pastor Marc is super creative too! He is a triple threat…sings, acts, and preaches. I don’t think he can dance though! I enjoy working with him in the area of creative.

7. I have worked on a project for two months now. It was a new area of expertise for me. I learned much about the area of video production and telling a story through video. Today, it was completed…FINALIZED…

8. Completion.

9. We are looking at a new approach to our kids ministry design plans that may solve a question that we have been pondering.

10. Lori Rowin is a Rockstar! She sees the big picture.

11. The event center is nearing completion and it looks amazing!

12. Gary and I got to have lunch together.

13. Sunday’s setup was easier than normal. Sunday is ready to go!

14. I helped a friend look at a difficult situation at work from a different perspective.

15. Different perspectives are important. Perspectives help you see things from a different angle. They can also help you see through the dark and find some light.

16. I haven’t seen my little sister in months. But, she came up for a visit during her fall break. I can’t believe she is almost done with college.

17. I met her new “friend.” He is so kind, polite, and a hard-working young man.

18. Judah was super dirty. He literally had dirt all over him, he was covered in sweat, and he ruined his socks. He had a great, fun day.

19. My son loves to be outside. I am so glad that he doesn’t know about video games. I plan to NEVER introduce them into our home. We shall see:)

20. Thursday nights are my Friday nights!

21. I sang Judah to sleep.

22. He likes my voice.

23. My mom sang me to sleep all the time as a little girl. I still remember the 3 most popular tunes she would sing. I loved them. They were “Beloved…Let us love one another,” “Cheer Up…Cheer Up…You Saint of God,” and “Jesus, There’s Just Something About that Name.” I have never felt more at peace then when singing the about the Name of Jesus.

24. Peace comes when you speak His name.

25. I laid in bed and watched a chick flick!

26. Gary massaged my hands.

27. My even was relaxing and calm. Two of my favorite things….

Selah~Day 155

Wednesday, October 16

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is off work today.

2. Gary came home and within an hour fixed two flat tires on my car!

3. Gary also charged my dead battery. Judah was playing in my car and turned the key on (just barely) and I didn’t catch it. So, my car was dead the next morning.

4. He was able to do it all in under an hour! He is one handy husband.

5. My dad is so glad that I married someone who can care for me in the vehicle department.

6. I listened to an amazing message by Joyce Meyer this morning while getting ready for work.

7. My words are a container of power. I can choose to use it for good or bad.

8. I had a great dental check-up.

9. Judah smiled for the hygientist and she said his teeth are perfectly spaced and look great too.

10. Dental insurance.

11. Health insurance. And, I don’t have to do Obamacare!

12. Pastor Ted, Pastor Marcia, and I met to discuss a very exciting possibility.

13. Change. God has a way of changing your heart. You are the happiest and the most powerful when you are in the center of His will. Don’t fight it…embrace it!

14. The Lord has spoken change to a friend of mine and she is walking it out. Over night, God has changed the desires of her heart and she is following His leading.

15. We had a healthy dinner tonight before church.

16. We had time to eat at home before going back to church.

17. The kids were incredibly mellow for a Wednesday night. I enjoyed the quiet change.

18. I love my Wednesday night girls group. They are so fun. We have a great time together.

19. We talked about the non-negotiable, core value INTEGRITY in my girls group tonight! I am glad that I strive to be a person who is please with her actions and attitude even when no one is looking.

20. My girls really participated in the lesson and seem to be young ladies who strive for that character as well.

21. I saw several new faces at church tonight.

22. I saw some familiar faces return home to Crossroads tonight.

23. Healthy conflict brings resolve.

24. A friend of mine doesn’t get to come to Wednesday night church very often at all. But, she came tonight and Pastor Ted’s message really ministered to her in a great way.

25. Charles, our Head security officer, is amazing. He is so kind and so respectful. I love having him upstairs watching over us. I am so thankful for him and his friendship and care.

26. Warm Pajamas.

27. I have a roof over my head and don’t have to be with the approaching cold weather.

Selah~Day 154 “A Lesson from Cool Runnings”

Who would have ever thought that the tropical country of Jamaica would have a bobsled team? Well, in 1993, the movie, Cool Runnings, hit the big screen and proved to be a success to movie goers. I was one of those goers. My brother and I watched that movie over and over again. It became a favorite in our movie collection. Even though I had watched the movie a dozen times, I would still respond to the beginning of the movie with gasps and tears and at the end I would respond with laughter and cheers.

Cool Runnings fictionalized the true story of a bobsledding team from Jamaica making it to the Olympics. The tale begins with lead character Derice Bannock and several other men competing in an olympic qualifying race to represent Jamaica in track and field. After years of practice, hours of training, blood sweat, and tears, relentless pursuit, motivation, money spent, and dreams made, one of the racers trips and falls, taking with him to the ground other runners. One of those runners is Derice Bannock. Sitting in the dirt and the heat of the track, Derice looks down the track and hopelessly watches others cross the line and grab the qualifying spot on the Jamaican Olympic track and field team.

BUT, DERICE DOESN’T STAY DOWN. The song lyric, “I get knocked down, but I get up again…” just popped into my head!  Derice gets up, brushes off the dirt, and finds another way to get to his dream. Bobsledding is probably the last thing a Jamaican would consider, but an ex-gold medal winning bobsledder lives in Jamaica and Derice convinces him to be the coach. Then, a team is formed and the training ensues.  After setbacks and near disasters that made for great laughter, the group jells as team members and they head off to the Olympics to compete for an Olympic spot.

In 1 Thessalonians 2:18, Paul writes, “Wherefore we would have come unto you, even I Paul, once and again; but Satan hindered us.”  Paul lets us all know that in life we too run a race and there are times when someone or something might try to elbow us off the track or trip us while on the track. But, are we going to have the relentless pursuit like our Jamaican friend, Derice, to get back up and find another way to the finish line?

Because Paul uses the phrase, “Satan hindered us…”, he too fought demonic attacks. Satan wanted to abort the mission that God had for Paul’s life. He sent problems, delays, conflict, etc…But, Paul did not sit down and cry because his plans didn’t work out as intended. Paul did not throw in the towel and quit either. Paul was going to get the job done, regardless of roadblocks or obstacles put in his path. He was going to do what God had called him to do and he always found a way to do it. Even if it meant doing something unconventional like our Jamaican bobsled friends.

Why should we stop just because the devil gets in the way? If that were the case, we might as well stop everything we’re doing for the Lord right now! There will never be a time that the devil just lets us do what is in our hearts. We must be determined to keep doing what we’re called to do even if the devil tries to slam the door shut in our faces. Excerpt from my Sparkling Gem devotion by Rick Renner. 

When I began this 365 day blog journey to 10,000 reasons on my 33rd birthday, I didn’t think it would be easy. The committment would be tough. But, I had been KNOCKED down emotional, physically, spiritually, and mentally. I wanted to get back up. I didn’t want to throw in the towel. Earlier in the year, January to be exact, God spoke to me during a Sunday night service and said that I would have a SELAH. I thought that meant the baby I was carrying was to be named Selah. When I lost that precious baby in February, it was a blow that still takes my breath away at times. The door had been slammed shut on one of my dreams. But, through my obedience to the Lord, I am looking for a window.

I would be lying if I said that each day so far has been filled with daisies and sunshine. Its quite the opposite. I have battled more intensely than ever before. Nevertheless, I want to be like Derice in Cool Runnings and like Paul the Apostle in the Bible. You see, Paul  and Derice had an attitude that would not give up. It didn’t matter how much opposition was leveled against them, they had already decided that they would outlive the opposition. Somehow they would find a way to do what they were called to do.

You can do anything God calls you to do too! He promises to give you exactly what you need each day to complete the task. That is why He is called our PORTION! Don’t allow the devil to stop you. There is the greatest of POWER when you are in the center of God’s will for your life. When you are doing what God wants you to do, mighty and powerful things are going to happen and that terrifies the devil. That punk is afraid of what will happen if you actually do what God has put in your heart to do.

Don’t let a pot hole or a road block discourage you. The show is not over, you just need to find another way to the other side. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you another way. The Holy Spirit is a companion and He needs a committed partner. He will not only help you fight against every attack, but He will also help you find a more effective way to get to your other side. With the Holy Spirit, your obstacles can still feel like “Cool Runnings.” Make the devil mad that he ever messed with you.

My 27 Thanks:

1. The Holy Spirit is my companion.

2. I don’t have to stay knocked down or throw in the towel.

3. When a door shuts, you can find a window.

4. He is my portion.

5. He gives me exactly what I need to make it through each day.

6. We finished Dr. Mark Rutland’s book, Relaunch.

7. Mindy and JaQuisha are awesome with kids.

8. Judah loved getting to participate in National Cupcake day with Mrs. Mindy and Miss JaQuisha.

9. We ironed out all the wrinkles in our Christmas Production Rehearsal schedule.

10. We all had to compromise a little to reach a common goal.

11. Compromise is sometimes necessary and healthy and better for the overall.

12. Lorry Gail spent a day of her vacation at church helping me rework a portion of script that we didn’t really like.

13. Jamisen finalized the puppet voices and they are awesome.

14. Laughter with friends.

15. I skipped lunch and kept on working, so I got to slip out a little early and pick up Judah.

16. Judah is a navigational expert. He loves mapping out where we are going, talking about directions, etc…He totally knows the path to our house from the church. He gives me directions!

17. Car ride conversations with Judah are some of my favorite.

18. Pastor Ted got to pray before the start of the Thunder Game.

19. Leftovers.

20. I was able to talk with a friend and help her through a difficult situation.

21. Judah and I had a relaxing evening.

22. My friend, Janelle, texted me and wished me a great night of rest. She was also praying for me.

23. Many of our church family members had a great time at the Thunder Game.

24. I went to bed listening to a most awesome message by Jentzen Franklin.

25. My church family…how can people survive without a community of believers helping them through life?

26. Unity.

27. Great power comes from being in the center of God’s Will for your life.


Selah~Day 153

Monday, October 14

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah woke up and ask me to hold him close for a few minutes. I love this morning huggle time opportunity.

2. Staff prayer day.

3. There is power in corperate prayer.

4. I can be honest with God.

5. He cares about my heart.

6. Pastor Tami likes to find solutions to problems. I am thankful for her help and support.

7. I was able to focus and spend time on one big project today.

8. I am thankful for the inventor of ical, wunderlist, and the legal pad.

9. Organization and schedules.

10. Judah had a great day at school.

11. He came home singing over and over and over again one line of a new song he is learning for his Christmas play.

12. Judah loves to sing.

13. Judah only knows songs that lift up the name of Jesus. How long can I keep it this way?

14. I recieved a very exciting phone call today! It was an answer to prayer.

15. Potential partnerships!

16. Gary was a huge help today.

17. Gary is a huge help everyday…Gary took our fall festival flyers around to 5 elementary schools today. He saved me at least 3 hours of work!

18. Dustin showed me a simple command on my MAC computer. It solved two weeks of confusion!

19. Gary told me that Judah wanted to wait outside once he got home from school. He wanted to wait outside so he could see me drive up!

20. We had a fun evening as a family.

21. Our night consisted of making tents in the living room, hungry hippos, and wrestle matches!

22. The laundry and dishes are done!

23. My mom gave us some organic beef. It was awesome.

24. God protected my mother-in-law today. She was in a wreck and the car is totaled, but she is okay!

25. My friend, Laura, has a birthday today! I am so glad God brought her to Crossroads Church, so we could meet and become friends.

26. Amy Hoover and scripture texts never get old!

27. Ephesians 1:14 (NLT) “God will give us the inheritance He promised and that He has purchased us to be His own people.”

Selah~Day 152

Sunday, October 13

My 27 Thanks:

1. Crossroads Kidz Ministry rocked today!

2. We had high attendance in all kidz ministry rooms.

3. We had all 3 baby rooms opened because we had all 3 rooms adequately staffed.

4. The changes we made to the preschool calendar have worked well. Our weeks are balanced now.

5. Jose shined on stage today during the illustration. He is quiet, but has such a willing heart to serve. He did so well.

6. Deborah stepped out of her comfort zone and did well!

7. Judah went to his class without any dramatics. He loves being in the KidMotion room with me, but he is totally not old enough yet:)

8. We completed week 2 of our Sweet Life series on Obedience. I love learning while I teach the kids. I must obey the right way too. God wants our obedience both with words and actions and attitude!

9. I love our new small group model!

10. Brittany and Katie are joining me on the dance team for Christmas Production.

11. Deborah stayed with me and helped me close down the KidMotion room. I really appreciated her help.

12. Matt and Deborah filled in as small group leaders because we had a lot of leaders gone this Sunday. They are great leaders and I am so thankful for their willingness to step in.

13. Joe McGee was at our church. He is a crowd pleaser.

14. We care about families at Crossroads Church.

15. A new kid to our Kidz Ministry sat with a new friend he made the day before at our 6th grade boost event.

16. I had a 12 hour FULL day planned. My in-laws were a huge help with Judah. I couldn’t do my job without my husband or my in-laws helping me out!

17. Judah was so excited to go to his mom mom and papa’s house. He got to ride the “tractor” with his papa.

18. Production practice went well.

19. The dance team nailed down 2 dance numbers.

20. Autumn, one of my teen leaders, is doing a GREAT job teaching the dance pieces for me.

21. Krista showed me a portion of the ballet number and I love it. Krista has been unsure of her choreography abilities, but I pushed her anyway and she DELIVERED!

22. I got to see my precious friend, Jamie, tonight.

23. Jamie is an encourager who always makes me laugh and will be a life-long friend.

24. It was a very long, busy day and I survived.

25. Judah fell asleep rather quickly.

26. The feeling of safety and security is priceless and I am thankful for it.

27. Joseph’s dreams came true. Mine can too.

Selah~Day 151

Saturday, October 12

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I slept all night long.

2. Gary made us oatmeal with apples, walnuts, cinnamon, and honey. I added blueberries. It was delicious and healthy.

3. We have a fun day planned with our 6th graders. Pastor Marc and I are working together to bridge the gap between kids and youth.

4. It is the easiest event I have ever planned.

5. Gary and I got to hang out with Marc and Talena and some really great kids.

6. The kids had a most wonderful time.

7. I watched new friendships form.

8. I rode go-carts with Judah. He laughed the entire time. It might become the highlight of the year. All around the track, he kept saying, “this is buper (super) fun!”

9. My 6th graders made Judah feel so special. They love to include him.

10. He loves spending time with other kids!

11. The weather was BEYOND perfect for our event.

12. We all fit in one van. Several kids decided to meet us on location, so we only had to take one van. I love simplicity.

13. I didn’t dress well for this event and I dressed Judah in a white shirt and gave him chocolate milk to drink. Before we left the church, I was sweating and Judah had chocolate milk all down his white shirt. So, Gary saved us! He ran to Wal-Mart and bought us t-shirts to wear!

14. I got to relax and have fun with the kids. I didn’t have to spend time administrating anything or disciplining. I got to have fun with the kids!

15. I felt like a young kid again today.

16. I rode the frog hopper with the girls and screamed like a kid.

17. Judah makes every experience more fun!

18. There was a new hallmark movie on tonight. I am sure I have mentioned it before…but, I love clean, wholesome, family friendly movies. I love love stories too!

19. I had a new recruit conversation today. I love brining new faces on to the team.

20. Gary gave me an awesome back massage. I am trying to work out two cricks in my back and neck.

21. My mood does not rise or fall based on a the final score of a football game.

22. New friendships.

23. Gary and I got to take a walk around our neighborhood alone. My mom stayed with Judah. We actually got to walk quickly and get our heart rates up!

24. My mom shared a scripture with me out of Job. It was about dreams. I am going to start praying it over myself daily.

25. I am working on dreaming again.

26. Joseph had dreams and I am sure they didn’t pan out they way he thought they would; however, they panned out and took him to the sweet life. From a prison to a palace. His dreams came true!

27. Life.

Selah~Day 150

Friday, October 11

My 27 Thanks:

1. My mom is coming to town again for a short visit.

2. We have very little planned, so we should get to enjoy our time together.

3. Judah takes simple things and turns them into fun games. Anything can cause a game of chase or tag to take place, a wrestle match to begin, or imagination play to take off.

4. Judah and I love spending time relaxing at home together.

5. My Chiropractor brother gave me an adjustment in my neck. The pain subsided greatly.

6. My brother told me that I looked really pretty. He was so sweet.

7. My brother and Meg are closing on their dream land this next week. I am so excited for them.

8. Kyle, my brother, has a sweet heart. He is quiet, but sweet.

9. I love and appreciate my quirky family.

10. My mom loves to get her hair done. April made it lovely once again.

11. Judah and I looked around Enchanted Cottage. I didn’t buy and he didn’t break!

12. Judah got to get a Panera Bread bagel. He loves them! We enjoyed time outside eating and talking. He is my little buddy.

13. Sunshine.

14. Judah held the door open for an elderly man. (No, I didn’t ask him to do so.)

15. My mom, Judah, and I enjoyed lunch at Pei Wei.

16. I needed to run into Old Navy and return some pants. Judah had fallen asleep. So, my mom stayed in the car with him and let me run in quickly to make the exchange.

17. Judah took a 3 hour nap and woke up acting like a bear. My mom was able to make him laugh! She does the funniest things for a laugh. I enjoyed the show too. Judah’s attitude changed quickly and we had an enjoyable night.

18. We spent most of the evening outside.

19. I spent time with our videographer finalizing a huge video production. I am so glad it is almost over.

20. I have learned many great things about telling stories through video.

21. I have been given new opportunities that stretch me and my creativity, ability, and confidence.

22. I am gaining confidence in new, challenging areas.

23. Gary worked his last Friday shift for a while.

24. He had  great, safe shift.

25. My friend, Deborah, sent me a sweet text letting me know that she thought about me and hoped my day was awesome.

26. My friend, Laura, purchased a special journal today. She is preparing to start her 10,000 reasons journey this week!

27. I took a step forward today in an area that I wanted to walk backwards.

Selah~Day 149

Thursday, October 10

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary prays over Judah and me.

2. I had a difficult night. I didn’t feel wall at all, but every morning brings the opportunity for a better day.

3. My team prayed healing over me.

4. I felt better after they prayed for me. I didn’t feel feverish anymore.

5. I had the energy to lead a 2 hour Christmas Creative meeting.

6. We finalized some really important Christmas details.

7. At this point, we are all on the same page!

8. By the end of the morning, I felt better.

9. I spent the afternoon working from home.

10. I was able to help Gary some on the fence.

11. The fence is 50% complete.

12. Judah and I had a fun water fight. He never knows when to stop though. I was soaked!

13. We laughed together.

14. I love hearing Judah sing songs to Jesus.

15. Judah always has a song of praise in his heart–his name means…PRAISE!

16. Gary finally bought a new drill. He has wanted one forever and he found the perfect one at a perfect price.

17. Gary is getting to use his new drill on the fence.

18. I spent time relaxing on the back porch.

19. My friend, Amy, sent me an awesome, encouraging scripture text this morning.

20. My friend, Lacey, is celebrating her birthday today. I am thankful for her sweet smile and loving heart.

21. We “Boo-ed” someone else in our neighborhood tonight. We weren’t secretive enough though and they saw us! It was a great laugh. Glad they didn’t shoot!

22. We had a nice family dinner at Saltgrass.

23. Our service there is always amazing!

24. I only ate a sweet potato and steamed veggies.

25. Gary and I relaxed on the couch and watched a great movie together.

26. Good, wholesome, family movies!

27. God is a God of redemption!

Selah~Day 148

Wednesday, October 9

My 27 Thanks:

1. It’s another beautiful day filled with opportunity.

2. Judah was excited to go to school.

3. He got to meet another fire fighter and walk through a fire truck at his school today. Judah loves fire safety, fire fighters, and fire trucks. I wonder why?!?!?

4. When I asked Judah what he would do if he saw fire, he responded, “I would grab a hose and put water on it!” Love that kid and love hearing his solutions!

5. Judah adds so much spice to my life, yet he helps keep things in perspective. He simplifies my life.

6. When telling a story, Judah uses BIG facial expressions. He is so my kid.

7. My brother-in-law, Eric, helped Gary pick up our fence panels. I am so appreciative. He saved Gary having to make multiple trips.

8. Gary finished setting all the fence poles in the nick of church time.

9. When I got home, I literally had 5 minutes before needing to leave for church.  Judah was already bathed, dressed, and almost finished with dinner.

10. My husband is a superstar!

11. We got to ride to church together as a family.

12. Judah uses an orange crayon whenever he is coloring a picture of Jesus. Orange is his favorite color.

13. Judah has a heart for Jesus.

14. I had a most wonderful, exciting conversation with Janelle today. Her future is full of LIFE!

15. Gary is back on Wednesday night in Kids Ministry.

16. Ministry is so much better with him by my side.

17. Several of my KidMotion boys helped me haul up huge bags of candy for the fall festival. They made my 10 trips turn into ONE.

18. Teamwork!

19. Jameson helped me clean up my KidMotion MAC. It is so much easier to locate items now.

20. Two of my 6th grade leader girls, Ceana and Jiliian, helped me organize candy for the fall festival.

21. One of my Ranger commanders was out sick, but Jose and Michael took over his class with no problems. I work with a great, flexible team who loves to serve others.

22. One of my leaders, Angela, made it back early from a business trip. Instead of taking it easy and resting up from her trip, she came to church and taught her class!

23. I had a great conference call with my new Video Producer friend, David Callahan. I think we are almost done with a HUGE video production undertaking.

24. We recorded the puppet sketches for this year’s Christmas Production. Chase Parsons is such a voice talent. We had a blast. We had to do a couple of retakes because we all started laughing so hard. It is going to be a FUN Christmas.

25. Amy Hoover always offers sweet words of encouragement to me.

26. I didn’t have to walk to my car by myself after church. Gary was with me!

27. Home.