Selah~Day 319

Sunday, April 6

My 27 Thanks:

1. I slept well last night.
2. We have a great church to attend on Sunday!
3. I serve with a great team!
4. Jesus, the King of Kings, came to earth…to serve other people.
5. He gave us a perfect example of putting others first.
6. Mr. Jose played our host character and did an awesome job!
7. I have amazing male leaders on my team. Kids love having male leaders to look up to!
8. We enjoyed a nice lunch with one of our awesome teen leaders, Keturah, and  Mr. Bob.
9. Opportunities to speak life into others.
10. Ranger Derby went well!
11. Pastor Ted said the support items for his Jesus > Status Quo message went really well.
12. We had a packed house in Kidmotion.
13. Our preschool team loved the launch of our new curriculum.
14. Mason and Molly Gramling are celebrating their 14th birthday today! These two teenagers are awesome young people. I am so glad they are in our lives!
15. I get to work with Mrs. Gladys on a project this week. We are going to win the challenge. Yep, we are unstoppable!
16. We had a restful/relaxing afternoon at home.
17. It rained today.
18. Afternoon rest.
19. Snuggle time with Gary and Judah.
20. Amazing grace.
21. Jesus > Status Quo.
22. I saw someone in church tonight who has had a struggle to come. But, she is coming and God is doing a new work in her!
23. Worship set tonight was great. Gary was so excited they sang Cornerstone.
24. My little boy makes my heart smile so big.
25. Mrs. Debby and her kiddos sat with us. 
26. Taryn gave me a hug. This is huge, people! Taryn is a teenager and her hugs are limited. They are reserved for the coolest of people. 
27. Gary’s embrace and my assurance in him.
28. Pastor Tami and I had a great conversation.

Selah~Day 318

Saturday, April 5

My 27 Thanks:
1. Gary is home with us today!
2. We met up with almost 100 leaders from Crossroads church to canvas neighborhoods and inform them about our community wide egg hunt.
3. Our Jesus > ________ campaign has been so organized. Our team has done a fantastic job with details.
4. People were excited to be a part.
5. The weather was perfect for a morning walk around neighborhoods.
6. Gary, Abby, and I got to be a team.
7. We covered two locations in 2 hours!
8. Exercise.
9. We had an awesome outdoor afternoon at our house.
10. We worked together and made our patio an awesome outdoor space!
11. Gary likes things as clean and organized as I do.
12. My little buddy, Peyton, continues to do better after arm surgery!
13. The Daily Oklahoman did a full-page add on our Jesus > ________ campaign.
14. People are joining the conversation at
15. Jesus is greater than anything we could face.
16. He has an answer for all of our trials and test in this world!
17. Jesus > Miscarriages
18. He gives us hope and courage to move forward.
19. I am not stuck.
20. Gary grilled out for dinner tonight. I love enjoying his food from the grill. 
21. We had dinner around the table together.
22. My uncle Danny stopped by for a few minutes and Gary helped him with his phone. Now, he knows to keep it turned on when charging. We have tried all week to check in him, but he turned his phone off to charge it am never turned it back on!
23. The Word of God.
24. I spent time studying the story in the Bible about Jesus calming the storm.
25. Peace that surpasses our understanding.
26. Saturdays.
27. Jesus is always present in the midst of our storms. 


Selah~Day 316

Thursday, April 3

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is Mrs. Dorothy’s birthday.
2. She is a beautiful example of love and faithfulness!
3. She serves our team well and is a great friend.
4. Dorothy makes us laugh!
5. Dorothy makes others feel really special. I am so glad God gave us a Dorothy.
6. Abby and I had fun shopping and picking up game props for our April KidMotion series.
7. I am so thankful that non-profit organizations, like churches, get tax exempt.
8. More gift cards were turned in for our City Rescue Mission/Salvation Army egg hunt.
9. The video for this Sunday’s creative element turned out awesome.
10. Greg, the videographer, turned the video around in 24 hours.
11. Judah wanted to watch the video over and over again because it was so funny.
12. Gary’s hazmat class ended early, so he came to the Church to help me set up for Sunday.
13. JaQuisha, Debby, Judah, Gary, and me got to eat lunch together. I love having some hang out time with my friends.
14. I had the opportunity to bless Debby and JaQuisha with their lunch.
15. I got a free lunch at McAlisters because of my punch card.
16. The restoration of old friendships.
17. I took a big step forward today.
18. Gary is always by my side.
19. Caring and kind people.
20. We bought lots of flowers and two fruit trees at Lowes to plant.
21. A worker, Russ, at Lowes was kind and very helpful.
22. Everything fit in our car. I was incredibly doubtful, but it worked. I don’t know how though.
23. Judah didn’t cry when we pulled up to Orange Leaf and they were already closed. He happily agreed to get his orange ice cream at Braum’s instead. He said, “It’s okay that it won’t have gummy worms and gummy bears on it.”
24. My sweet little friend, Peyton, is having surgery on her arm tomorrow. I am so glad that she is close to the start of her healing after a horrible arm break. She has a great doctor working on her too.
25. My California buddy, Danielle, is also celebrating her birthday today! She is my fellow blog friend who remains faithful to this journey. I am glad God created Danielle.
26. My friends, Amy and Debby, send me the most rich text messages. Amy’s text today was spot on!
27. My friend, Kristi, is coming to OKC in May. I haven’t seen her in forever, but we are making plans.

Selah~Day 317

Jesus calms the storm…I love this passage of scripture from Luke 8:22-25. It shows that Jesus is right in the middle of our storm with us.

22 One day Jesus said to his disciples, “Let’s cross to the other side of the lake.” So they got into a boat and started out. 23 As they sailed across, Jesus settled down for a nap. But soon a fierce storm came down on the lake. The boat was filling with water, and they were in real danger.

24 The disciples went and woke him up, shouting, “Master, Master, we’re going to drown!”

When Jesus woke up, he rebuked the wind and the raging waves. Suddenly the storm stopped and all was calm. 25 Then he asked them, “Where is your faith?”

The disciples were terrified and amazed. “Who is this man?” they asked each other. “When he gives a command, even the wind and waves obey him!”


First, I find it interesting that Jesus said, “Let’s cross to the other side of the Lake.” Before the trip even began, Jesus told the Disciples where they were going. He didn’t say, “Hey, let’s try to get across. Hopefully, we won’t drown.” He told them assuredly, “Let’s cross!” Even in the scariest of circumstances, if you will fix your heart and mind on the Word of the Lord, you will get through it and you will survive. 

Secondly, Jesus reminds me of my mother a little bit in this passage. Think about it…Jesus was asleep on a boat while a BIG storm was going on outside. Obviously, He was traveling with expert fishermen who were aware of the sudden and violent storms that would brew on the Sea of Galilee. But, Jesus slept unaware. He didn’t wake until His disciples went and woke Him up! Moms are similar. They can sleep through all kinds of noises and sounds, but at the faintest cry of their child, they awake fully alert and ready to respond.

Thirdly, Jesus rebuked the wind and the waves. When it was calm, He didn’t address the storm, but rather He addressed the disciples and asked them, “Where is your faith?” The violent storm didn’t bother Him, but the lack of faith from His disciples did. Wow! Our faith or lack thereof moves Jesus.

Finally, whether we find Him to be “alert” and “awake” in the midst of our storm, He is there. He brings both His presence and His purpose in the midst of some of the scariest times in our lives.


Friday, April 4

My 27 Thanks:

1. Jesus is present in the middle of our storms.

2. Jesus gives both His presence and His purpose through our storms.

3. Jesus knows the cries of the His kids voice.

4. He promises that we will “get to the other side.”

5. Judah and I had a restful morning.

6. He spent most of the morning curled up in my lap.

7. We had so much fun outside together. We shot basketball hoops and I watched him ride his bike.

8. Judah helped me plant my flowers. We make a great team. He is going to have a “green thumb” like his mommy and daddy too.

9. Judah told me he had a secret for me. So, he pulled my ear close to his mouth and whispered, “Mommy, I love you.”

10. I received lots of random kisses from my sweet boy today.

11. The weather was absolutely beautiful.

12. Gary finished his Haz Mat course and passed the test!

13. Gary is off the entire weekend with us.

14. When he got home from the training center, he helped us plant the rest of our flowers and two fruit trees.

15. I got all of our laundry caught up today!

16. I had the opportunity to bless a family with dinner tonight. I am so thankful for my mother-in-laws yummy green enchilada casserole. It makes a great dish for families.

17. Gary delivered it for me.

18. Oklahoma has the prettiest sky.

19. Tonight’s sunset was breath-taking.

20. My neighbor was released from the hospital today.

21. The only time I have ever had to do an overnight hospital stay was when I delivered Judah. I am thankful for our great medical care, but I am even more thankful that I don’t have to use it often.

22. The lack of faith from the disciples provide great lessons for all of us. I hope I can learn from their bloopers.

23. I found out that the people who bought the house next to us are a young couple with little kids. I am so excited that more kids are moving into our cul-de-sac.

24. I am so thankful for the stories of life-change and triumph that other people share. Stories are so inspirational.

25. Gary and I had a late night dinner of eggs and toast. Gary made it for me!

26. My home is such a peaceful place.

27. Supernatural peace.

Selah~Day 315

Wednesday, April 2

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is another beautiful day!

2. Sunshine.

3. I turned in payroll with time to spare.

4. More individuals from the community showed interest in the Jr. Academy today.

5. I received several donations from individuals who want to help purchase “prize eggs” for the City Rescue Mission Egg Hunt.

6. Generosity.

7. Effective communication.

8. Gary only has 2 more days left of his Haz Mat course.

9. Today is the 50th birthday of Chief Marc Woodard. He is such a blessing to our family. He has been wonderful to Gary and me. His leadership and mentorship in Gary’s life is so greatly appreciated. He is a man worthy of celebration!

10. I almost had the song “Manic Monday” used as a bed of music for a video we are working on for Sunday’s sermon. Thankfully, Pastor Ted pulled up the actual lyrics and stopped me before the edit.

11. We had a great laugh over the mess up. From now on, I will always read the lyrics to a song before I suggest it for a video, especially if I only know the chorus of the song. You have to watch the verses…they can be sneaky.

12. It looks like the Daily Oklahoman will be doing a story on our Jesus > _________ campaign.

13. Almost 200 people have posted their Jesus > _________ comments on the site

14. We got to see my sweet nephew, Kaden, for a little bit today. He is such a great kid and I am so glad we got to see him one more time before he heads off to England.

15. Kaden got to go over and visit Peyton too. He told me, “She is so pretty.” Kaden and Peyton were in a wedding together when they were really little and Kaden has had “eyes” for her ever since. We think Peytie is cute too.

16. Kaden is the oldest Hendrickson grandchild. He is several years older, but plays so well with all the little ones. He is a great role model for them.

17. Laura made her signature homemade noodles for everyone. It was nice to have a quick meal with Gary’s family before heading off to church.

18. Gary led worship tonight and it rocked.

19. We had a great night of ministry.

20. We are doing a boys vs. girls offering challenge for the month of April. If the boys win, I buy them all pizza. If the girls win, Frog buys them pizza. So far the boys are winning. But, its okay, our offering was up!

21. We left church before 9:00 p.m. It was so nice to get home a little earlier.

22. Judah stayed awake on the ride home. Bath time is much easier when he is awake.

23. We did not have bad weather. I am so glad it didn’t hail.

24. Jesus understands.

25. I will not only survive, but I will also thrive and prosper.

26. My life is in His hands.

27. I am an overcomer.

Selah~Day 314

Tuesday, April 1

My 27 Thanks:

1. I had the honor of teaching in staff chapel today.

2. I studied well. I was confident in my teaching because I was prepared.

3. Preparation.

4. I am so glad for this in-depth study in Acts. I have gained great revelation in chapters that I have read often.

5. New revelation and fresh perspective.

6. Teamwork. I divided my team into groups during staff chapel. The team worked well together.

7. God is my source! He is the source of my strength.

8. First responders. We had to call 911 today for a lady attending women’s Bible study. She is okay. And, the first responders were so wonderful and treated her with such kindness and care.

9. My house was the location of a video shoot for our Easter series. So, I got to leave work early and get it ready for the shoot.

10. Abby came home with me and helped me take care of Judah during the video shoot.

11. Abby and I planned out our Easter KidMotion service. It is going to be awesome!

12. Extended amount of time without interruption to make plans!

13. I got to work with Greg Kuhn on another video project.

14. We officially opened up the application process for employment to the Jr. Academy. I am so glad I finished the application on time.

15. The video shoot went well. Mike McCall is a natural in front of a camera.

16. We filmed a large video project in one hour!

17. Several of my kidmin team leaders have stepped up to volunteer to serve on Easter Sunday! I have the best team ever.

18. Brilliant , Holy Spirit inspired ideas.

19. Gary went to the store for us.

20. He took Judah along so I could cook dinner and have some time to gather my thoughts from a busy day.

21. Peace and Quiet.

22. Gary always buys a few “extra” snack items for us.

23. Hannah showed us a sneak peek from our photo session and she got some great shots.

24. I can consider the source because God is MY SOURCE.

25. I can trust Him.

26. No one played an April Fools joke on me and for that…I am thankful. Well, Starla tried, but she failed miserably.

27. Resolve.

Selah~Day 313

Monday, March 31

My 27 Thanks:

1. I was ahead of the game on my morning routine.

2. Judah told me that the reason he cries when I leave is because, “I don’t want to be away from you mommy.”

3. My mother-in-law took Judah and picked him up from school for me.

4. Transparency and Trust.

5. We have a storm shelter for the approaching severe weather season.

6. I got to minister to a woman who initially came in to the church today to register her daughter for the Academy.

7. I spent some time with my BGMC director, Ms. Crystal. SHe has such a sweet heart for missions.

8. Missionaries.

9. Ms. Crystal blessed me with a beautiful copper globe of the world.

10. A spirit of generosity.

11. Abby and I enjoyed a nice lunch together and fun conversation.

12. Deep, Heartfelt conversations with friends.

13. Discipline. We are disciplined because we are loved.

14. Gary and I had an opportunity to discipline Judah and teach him why he was being disciplined.

15. Pastor Tami shared some great parenting advise with me. I am so thankful for insight from those who have already walked the path.

16. Forgiveness.

17. The heart to apologize for wrong doing.

18. The Word of God brings power into your life.

19. Tools available to help you study the Bible.

20. In the book of Acts, the Holy Spirit gives you tools for effective church growth.

21. discernment.

22. Gary and I both stayed up late together studying. We had a nice, peaceful study time.

23. The Bible is rich with revelation and meaning.

24. When we praise the Lord, the supernatural meets with the natural.

25. When you have inner praise, you will never be in bondage.

26. We are saved by grace.

27. We don’t have to try to out god our God.

Selah~Day 312

Sunday, March 30

My 27 Thanks:

1. This is the day The Lord has made. I rejoice and am glad!

2. We live in America and have religious freedom.

3. Cooperate worship.

4. Creativity.

5. The Happy Face Dance went well and was well received.

6. The Flash mob had never been done before in Crossroads Church. It was a great lead in to Pastor Ted’s message, Jesus > Your Happy Face.

7. You can put on the garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness or depression.

8. Chemise was a huge blessing in helping choreograph the Happy Flash mob. I had a blast working with her.

9. Ms. Dana really helped me put together the happy face masks and saved me so much time.

10. Everyone had so much fun and was super happy to participate.

11. We had people from all ages and walks of life participate. I love variety.

12. Pastor Ted, Pastor Brandon, and Dorothy all participated too. The church loved seeing them dance.

13. The Jesus > ________ campaign is changing lives and it is just getting started.

14. We had an awesome wrap-up to our Forgiveness series in KidMotion. It is so important to learn at a young age to forgive and forgive quickly.

15.God forgives us of so much!

16. I am so thankful for God’s forgiveness.

17. The story of the Unmerciful Servant is a great example of how important it is to forgive.

18. I love teaching kids about the Bible. Teaching them helps me grow too!

19. We got to come HOME for lunch time today. We have hosted training lunches for the last 4 straight weeks.

20. We had time to enjoy the weather and play outside before kidcrew practice.

21. Gary and I co-taught choreography practice for our kidcrew practice. We had so much fun working together.

22. Gary loves worship!

23. Our kidcrew kids LOVED the new song, “This Little Light.” We love it too. It is probably my favorite song that we have ever prepared.

24. Pastor Tami’s Sunday PM song lineup was made just for me! Not really, but it was all my favorite songs.

25. I am so glad that Gary and I got to sit through service together. Pastor Ted’s message of hope in God was much-needed.

26. I got to minister to someone at the altar. I love these special times.

27. Jesus is GREATER.

Selah~Day 311

Saturday, March 29

My Thanks:

1. I can hear birds chirping outside my bedroom window in the morning.
2. I had time to drink a little coffee and have devotion time with Gary.
3. I had a most beautiful morning walk.
4. You can talk to God even when you are walking.
5. Peace and Quiet.
6. Judah and I worked in my flower beds together.
7. Time outside.
8. Sunshine.
9. I have beautiful landscaping. God has blessed me with so much.
10. Gary took Judah to Asher’s birthday party. They needed some daddy/son time alone.
11. Asher Hoover is an awesome kid. I am so glad he is a KidMotion kid and shares his love for Jesus with us.
12. Judah had fun and played so hard at the party. He was so excited to bring home Mrs. Amy’s balloons.
13. Amy goes above and beyond to make things the best.
14. I enjoyed time alone with my sister.
15. We had fun shopping together and trying on clothes together.
16. Hannah is home for a visit from Germany. She is a creative, excellent photographer and is taking family pictures for us. We got to do pictures at Lake Hefner.
17. I don’t live on north side of Oklahoma City. There is too much traffic.
18. The weather was perfect and the sun was in a perfect spot.
19. We had so much fun playing in the water with Judah. He smiled from ear to ear when running through the lake water.
20. We got our brand new clothes muddy, but great memories were made.
21. God’s creation never ceases to amaze me.
22. Haley got pictures too. The timing was just right for everything.
23. Gary drove.
24. Saltgrass Steakhouse sent me $25 for my birthday. So, we had take out steaks!
25. Uncle Danny is doing much better. He came over for a brief visit. It was great to see him and know that he is doing much better since my grandmother passed away.
26. Relaxing evenings.
27. Weekends.