Selah~Day 329

Thursday, April 17

My 27 Thanks:

1. Jesus is Alive Right Now. 
2. Peppermint. 
3. Judah went into childcare today without a huge display of sadness. 
4. The admin team put together an Easter Egg hunt for our staff kids since they didn’t get to participate in the Egg hunts the last weekend. 
5. We catered Swadleys for our staff luncheon. It was so yummy!
6. We had a staff kids egg hunt inside the Welcome center. It was so much fun for the kids.
7. Judah showed other kids where eggs where at. I even watched him find two eggs and give one to his friend!
8. Judah is learning to put others before himself.
9. There are more blessings when you learn to give rather than always receive.
10. I ate lunch with my buddies, Debby and JaQuisha.
11. We enrolled two more kids into the Jr. Academy.
12. Abby and I got everything setup for our Easter service.
13. Abby made the Wal-Mart run for us!
14. I got to work with my friend, Chad, again.
15. He helped us shoot our Easter announcement video!
16. We finalized our Jesus > outreach collaboration video and it is awesome!
17. The new family who came to church last night called to tell me how awesome our kids ministry team was to them. We made them welcomed and comfortable.
18. They are going to consider coming Sunday!
19. Haley made it safely to the City.
20. My lil sister is staying the night with me!
21. Abby and Haley both helped me put together 150 eggs for my Easter message illustration.
22. We watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs together while working. Judah loved that we enjoyed one of his movies.
23. Judah snuggled on the couch with his aunt Haley. He is a snuggler and I am glad he is getting to spend time with Haley.
24. Haley picked up Chillis to go for us and it was yummy.
25. Today is Miss Lorry Gail’s birthday. She is a super star Kidmin leader.
26. Lorry Gail has a special gift for working with special needs kids.
27. Committed leaders.


Selah~Day 328

Wednesday, April 16

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is my niece, Morgan’s, 5th birthday. She is such a fun, sweet girl. Judah calls her his sister.
2. We are getting to watch the Hoover boys today for Tom and Amy. Judah is excited.
3. Tom and Amy trust us enough to keep their boys:)
4. Judah’s Easter program at his school is today.
5. Christian Education that allows Jesus in school.
6. Judah did so well in his program. He sang and danced to every song.
7. Every time he saw me, he gave me a big smile and wave. I am so proud to be his mommy.
8. We had to wait 45 minutes for the program to start. Asher and Jairus did great waiting. Thank God for games on cell phones.
9. Gary went to Sams with me and helped me buy supplies for our Great Big Giveaway Easter service.
10. We met a group of Norman Firefighters. They were so kind and talkative. They showed Gary their rig. I love being a part of the fire fighter community.
11. Because we were in Norman, we got to go to Pei Wei for dinner!
12. The surprise going away party for Mindy went well and she was truly surprised!
13. Our school is on track to open in September. Today, we completed some big tasks for its opening.
14. Favor.
15. A new family, whom I spoke with earlier today on the phone, came to church tonight.
16. The single mom, who works nights, is trying really hard to get her boys back into church.
17. Rochelle is an amazing first impressions host. She makes every one feel super comfortable and welcomed!
18. I spent the evening in our preschool class. I enjoyed my time with those sweet kids.
19. My preschool team does an amazing job leading preschoolers.
20. I am amazed at how much preschoolers learn. They know so much about the Bible.
21. Most of My Wednesday night team comes straight from work or cooking dinner for their family or working with kids and homework. I am so thankful for my team.
22. Retha helped me count the offering tonight. We had about $10 in pennies to count.
23. The kids are really excited about April’s offering challenge. Boys are winning, so I will probably be buying pizza for the boys.
24. I met the pastor of Victory Norman today. He expressed how awesome he thought are Jesus > _________ campaign is going.
25. Gary stopped on the way home from church and filled up my car with gas. 
26. Gary does big and little things to always put me first. 
27. A long, busy day is in the books.

Selah~Day 327

Benjamin Franklin said, “The only thing certain in life are death and taxes.” There is a great difference between death and taxes, however. Death happens once, but taxes occur every year. I have read many posts in regards to tax day. So, I thought it would be neat to find at least 27 reasons to be thankful for paying taxes. Here it goes:

Tuesday, April 15

My 27 Thanks:

1. Education
2. Libraries
3. Research
4. Police and Fire Protection
5. Food and health services for those in need
6. Our Courts System
7. Our Government
8. Roads
9. Bridges
10. Military Services
11. Coast Guard
12. National Parks
13. Search and Rescue Efforts
14. Environmental protections
15. Prisons
16. Social Security
17. Public Safety
18. Public Transportation
19. Universities
20.  Programs for the elderly
21. Natural disaster response
22. Teachers
23. Maintaining or Rebuilding infrastructure
24. Elected officials
25. Medicare and Medicaid
26. Sidewalks
27. Parks

Selah~Day 326

Sunday, April 13

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is Sunday Funday. Every Sunday is fun when you serve in Kids Church!
2. Jesus’ plan is always better than our plan.
3. Kids learned today that we can serve others by letting go of what we want.
4. Two new people are joining my KidMotion team.
5. They loved the Kidmotion service.
6. Our kidcrew ministry has grown to another level of excellence.
7. Jesus willingly went to the cross for us.
8. The last miracle Jesus performed was on His enemy. The servant of the High Priest came to arrest Jesus and Peter cut off his ear. But, Jesus always puts others first. He healed the man’s ear. 
9. Jesus is the perfect example for us to follow for putting others first.
10. Miss Cherryl came home with us after church. She is such a great girl.
11. We had steak for lunch. Yummy!
12. Judah ate meat.
13. Gary went back to church early to work with kidcrew. He had a blast.
14. The kids are so excited about our new songs.
15. I was able to take tonight off to recover.
16. Online church.
17. Zach, Pastor Ted’s son and a former kidmin intern, spoke in service tonight on behalf of his master’s commission team. He spoke with such boldness and confidence. I am so proud of him.
18. Pastor Ted filled in for me during the guest welcome spot.
19. Judah and I enjoyed lots of snuggle time.
20. Gary helped me with the mounds of laundry.
21. We have clothes to wear. Lots of clothes.
22. I saw great growth in many of my teammates today!
23. Lori and my Preschool team rocked it as usual!
24. Starla called to tell me how amazing ministry went in the nursery this morning.
25. Everyone is really enjoying the results of our new curriculum design. Even though we are working harder than ever before, the results are SO REWARDING. 
26. Change. 
27. Willingness to change. 

Selah~Day 325

Saturday, April 12th

My 27 Thanks:

1. The kids at the City Rescue Mission were excited to see us.
2. We have a great time working with the City Rescue Mission team.
3. Every time I go, I am greeted by the sweetest, smiling faces.
4. Even though it was windy, the weather was perfect.
5. We were asked to put on an Easter service beFore the egg hunt. We said, YES!
6. All of our tech worked perfectly.
7. My Kidmin team was awesome. They led so well.
8. I had more than enough leaders for our event.
9. We had so many eggs that every kid left with an egg basket over flowing.
10. We heard several testimonies of life change.
11. When I minister in a new environment, I always have opportunities to learn something new and chances to learn from mistakes.
12. One mom thanked us for providing a perfect day. We happened to host the egg hunt on the day of her daughters 4th birthday. It was the first birthday she was getting to spend with her daughter because the others were spent in DHS custody. The little girl thought her mom had put our big event on for her birthday! We let her believe that too! It was beautiful.
13. Second Chances.
14. Gary, Tom, and Cody all helped hold up the moon bounce inflatable. We thought we were going to have to shut it down due to the wind. But, the guys held it up instead so the kids could enjoy.
15. All of our egg hunt sights were a huge success.
16. We ministered to 2000+ in our community through our egg hunts.
17. Strategy.
18. Creative ideas.
19. After our egg hunt, we enjoyed a nice lunch with some of our team. I love debriefing and celebrating.
20. Jesus finds value in everyone!
21. He left the 99 to go and find the ONE.
22. He is no respecter of person. He welcomes us all.
23. We can approach Him.
24. Jesus > Your Past.
25. Gary typed out my blog for me. I am so glad he has helped me tonight. Even my fingers are pooped.
26. I laid down at 9:00 PM. Thankful for rest!
27. My Japanese Maple is unreal. I am so amazed by its beauty this year.

Selah~Day 324

Friday, April 11th

My 27 thanks:
1. The power of God cannot be matched by man.
2. There is power in the name of Jesus.
3. Revelation of the Word.
4. Time to study the Word of God. 
5. Judah slept in until 9:00 a.m. 
6. Gary and I enjoyed morning quiet time together. 
7. Judah got to spend the entire morning in his pajamas. He is not a get up and go kind of kid. So, he loves pajama days at home. 
8. Team house cleaning. Gary and I worked together to make our house shine. 
9. I own a home.
10. We had all day to spend together. 
11. Fridays.
12. Gary, Judah, and I made another trip to Lowes to buy beautiful flowers. 
13. Judah found bugs in the fountain at Lowes and had a great time letting them crawl on him. He thinks all bugs are beautiful. It is so sweet to watch him with animals, bugs, and other interesting insects…he has such a gentle spirit. 
14. Our Lowes garden expert, Russ, gave us a really good garden buying tip. He told us that if you buy flowers in broken hanging pots, you get it for half price. Well, I always transfer my hanging plants into pots anyway, so I could care less if it is broken. I got a beautiful plant for 50% off. 
15. We all had fun picking out a bird feeder. My mother-in-law got us all interested in bird watching. 
16. Sunshine.
17. We had little wind today and for that I am very thankful. 
18. My little family enjoyed a spontaneous snack break at Chick-fil-A. We also got ice cream. 
19. We celebrated Janelle and Garrett today. They had a beautiful reception at the church. I am so excited for their new lives together. 
20. Happily Ever After. 
21. The Marriage Covenant. 
22. God is a God of restoration. 
23. Judah helped me practice my illusion for the City Rescue Mission Easter Service. He loved it and helped me do it three times. 
24. We are going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow will be a very busy day and it is wise to rest. 
25. Gary made me dinner tonight. 
26. Our Youth Fine Arts team is doing so well at the Fine Arts competition.
27. Our youth are showcasing their talents and using them for the Glory of the Lord. 

Selah~Day 323

Thursday, April 10

My 27 Thanks:

1. Jesus has the power to fix all my problems.

2. He doesn’t need my help.

3. Matthew 26: 53, Jesus says, “Don’t you realize that I could ask my Father for thousands of Angles to protect us, and He would send them instantly?” Jesus has all the power we need at His disposal.

4. The men who came to arrest Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane had NO real power over Jesus. Man can never compare to the power of Jesus.

5. Jesus submitted to them willingly. He willingly died for us.

6. I had to rework my entire morning plans. God loves to give me opportunities to be flexible.

7. I still got everything accomplished on time.

8. I spoke with several more people today who are interested in sending their preschooler to our Jr. Academy. Slow and steady wins the race.

9. We are completely ready for our egg hunt at City Rescue Mission.

10. Abby and I had a quick-lunch together. We rarely get to leave the office for lunch, so it was a nice break.

11. We shared great laughs on our journey to the City Rescue Mission. We got lost in downtown OKC…we are quite the pair.

12. Laughter.

13. Experiences that make for great future stories.

14. Judah was so excited to see me when I picked him up.

15. Debby and JaQuisha let the kids paint and craft today. The result looked like a ton of fun was had by all. I am so glad Judah gets to spend time with people who love to make messes and have fun.

16. Our awesome facilities team helped remove big, heavy tables out of the KidMotion room.

17. Judah and I enjoyed the warm evening weather.

18. Our neighbor, Ms. Sharon, came over for an evening visit.

19. My friends, John and Holly, are starting on their new house. I am so excited for them.

20. Quick, healthy meals. Judah and I enjoyed eggs and toast for dinner.

21. I finally got my kitchen cleaned. I hate leaving it in a mess. I love when it is clean.

22. I am so thankful for a dishwasher!

23. Judah loves to help:)

24. Judah and I laid in bed and watched My Big Big Friend together. We love that show. It is so cute and sweet.

25. Judah’s laugh.

26. Bedtime snuggles.

27. He will always be my baby boy!

Selah~Day 322

Wednesday, April 9

My 27 Thanks:

1. Jesus’ last miracle was performed on a foe, an individual who hated Him, in the Garden of Gethsemane.
2. Mercy and Grace.
3. Jesus is faithful to His friends even until the very end. 
4. Jesus cleaned up Peter’s mess in the Garden. Just think, Peter could have been in BIG trouble for chopping off the ear of the High Priest’s assistant, but Jesus stepped in and cleaned up Peter’s mess. 
5. Jesus is a healer. 
6. I am blessed with faithful friends. 
7. I got to have lunch with my buddy, Debby.
8. She bought my lunch. Happy early birthday to me.
9. Honest conversation.
10. I ran into a friend from my past. Justin Edge, who now serves on the Life Church kids team, was a friend of mine from Hugo Middle school. It is so exciting to run into friends from your past and find out that they are actively involved in ministry. 
11. Gary and I spent an hour cleaning out some of our prop closet in the KidMotion room. 
12. Organization.
13. Clean spaces.
14. Gary helped me pick up all the prizes for the City Rescue Mission Easter egg hunt.
15. We found great prizes and stuck to our budget.
16. Many of my team members chipped in and purchased awesome prizes.
17. Abby was able to see my brother, Kyle, for a chiropractic adjustment. She is feeling so much better all ready!
18. Kyle thought Abby and I looked alike as well. What an honor it is to look like Abby! She is too cute.
19. We ran errands, cooked dinner, ate in the car, but still made it back to church on time. My kitchen is a wreck though:)
20. Judah got to spend the evening at his aunt Laura’s house. He needed a restful night at a home.
21. Our kids loved helping stuff eggs for the big community egg hunts.
22. Some kids that I haven’t seen in a really long time were back at church tonight!
23. A little girl got sick in our service. She was really crying when mom picked her up. But, her tears were from having to leave not from being sick. Mom told us her kids love to come to church.
24. Kids are excited about kids ministry.
25. Gary is leading kids worship at a greater level. I love watching him use his musical gifts for The Lord!
26. Our church stuffed 50,000 eggs in under an hour.
27. HUGE volunteer turnout.

Selah~Day 321

Tuesday, April 8

My 27 Thanks:
1. I know the Great I Am.
2. Morning Bible Study.
3. Assurance.
4. Corporate worship time.
5. Pastor Marc always presents a reasoned opinion from the Word of God.
6. Staff meeting was canceled today, so I got in some extra work time.
7. I got several compliments on my bright, Bohemian style outfit. 
8. The weather is consistently warm this week. 
9. The landscaping outside my office is looking so good. May sound silly, I know. But, I love watching plants and flowers grow. Life is such a beautiful thing. 
10. Judah and I had a fun lunch break.
11. Judah spent the afternoon in my office with me.
12. He behaved really well.
13. I am ahead of the game on some of my work.
14. We are all loving the new curriculum and working with the details of it. 
15. Starla did a great job on the Easter crafts for our 2s class.
16. We got to babysit Abby’s English Bulldog, Valentine.
17. Judah learned that having an inside dog is a lot of work.
18. Abby got to help Peyton with her school work.
19. Judah and I spent time outside with Valentine. It was so fun to watch them chase each other and play. 
20. Gary had a great shift.
21. He loves his job. 
22. Judah has lots of energy. He can run, jump, climb…he has no handicap.
23. Judah is very gentle and loving with people and dogs.
24. I don’t own a dog. Ha ha ha…it is a lot of work.
25. Jesus > ___________ campaign continues to gain momentum. 
26. I get to be a part of this awesome campaign. 
27. His promises are forever.

Selah~Day 320

Monday, April 7

My 27 Thanks:
1. Gary decided to work out after I went into work. He wanted to spend some time visiting with me while I got ready for work.
2. Gary always puts us first.
3. I received a very, very good report today!
4. A friend from my past is back in my life.
5. My work is enjoyable.
6. Our creative team put together a great sketch for one of our Jesus > _______messages in under 2 hours.
7. Teamwork!
8. Pastor Marc and his family are back from vacation!
9. Gary and I had a quick-lunch together! I love getting to see him throughout my day.
10. Gary helped load what I hope is the FINAL load of stuff from my Grandma’s house.
11. We were blessed with some outdoor Christmas decorations.
12. Janelle is back to work after an awesome 10 day honeymoon to Italy! I am so glad she is back.
13. Abby and I got our City Rescue mission service planned out and I have a super cool illustration for the message!
14. I had a great conversation with my friend, Lindsey Crow-Snider!
15. I dropped off fliers for our big Egg Hunt event at 5 different daycare locations. They all said, “Absolutely, we would love to hand these out!”
16. My Community.
17. My flier distribution assignments where in areas that I was very familiar with and I didn’t get lost.
18. Gary and Judah had fun grocery shopping together while I was at work.
19. Judah is writing his name so well!
20. The joy of The Lord gives me strength.
21. We got more rain today! My plants are thriving.
22. God is Faithful.
23. There is light at the end of every tunnel.
24. Thanksgiving!
25. Bedtime conversation and prayer!
26. Sleep is always sweet when you rest in the shelter of the most High.
27. My heart is full.