Selah~Day Forty Six

The day began early and it is ending late. But, my heart will always find time to Bless the Lord.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I got to begin my day with some Joyce Meyer teaching.

2. Out of all the rules, regulations, and requirements, LOVE prevails. If you will just love, the greatest commandment, everything else will just work out.

3. God is love. He can’t be anything else.

4. I am valuable to God. He loves me.

5. Gary always carries my heavy computer bag for me when he is with me. It really saves my back.

6. Gary brought me lunch today and helped me setup for tonight’s service. I love my man with muscles.

7. Gary found another firefighter who agreed to work for him on July 4th. Because of this, Gary can come to kids camp with me.

8. Found my nurse for kids camp.

9. I don’t have to drive down 4th and 19th street in order to get home. Don’t think I would like seeing the devastation on a daily basis.

10. More kids signed up for Kids Camp today.

11. Melissa Eddens told me that she reads my blog every night before bed. Thankful for her support and encouragement. She and her husband, Brad, love serving our Youth Ministry. They do a great job.

12. Little Miss Naomi always greets me on Wednesday night with a big hug and a special piece of art. Tonight, she worked extra hard and made the envelope special too.

13. I was greeted with so many hugs tonight from my sweet kiddos.

14. Lori and I were able to discuss some future kidmin plans today. Really glad she is my sidekick in ministry. She is one preschool talented lady. I wonder if she will ever grow old.

15. Had fun picking out my landscaping tonight.

16. Cody was a great help at the landscaping place.

17. Two of my Wednesday Night team leaders text me after service tonight and thanked me for allowing them to be a part of the team. Wow! They love serving our kids. I am so thankful for their hearts.

18. People find joy in serving others.

19. The stage team did an amazing job tonight.

20. Judah had a blast in his class and was so excited to give me his craft. I love that he loves church.

21. Our preschool department is one of the best around!

22. Kids ministry was so peaceful and smooth tonight.

23. We were able to clean out a lot of stuff tonight. It is a season of purging.

24. Heard a story tonight about some kids who were rescued from a terrible situation. Thinking about those kids tonight.

25. We have implemented a lot of change in our Wednesday Night Kidz Ministry and the leaders are doing so well and being so flexible.

26. I saw so many leaders taking their small groups to another level of greatness tonight. I love seeing people think outside the box.

27. Gary was really confident in leading the praise set tonight. Really proud of him and how he is growing in confidence on the stage.

28. Tomorrow night I am going to talk more about insecurities. Read something today about Miriam in the Bible. She was insecure at one point in her life because Moses was getting all the attention. God gave her a 7 day trial of leprosy. Hmmm…thankful that God doesn’t strike people with leprosy anymore. Ha Ha…

Selah~Day Forty Five


My 28 Thanks:

1. I will have a special place to go in my new house to write my blog and have quiet time.

2. The countdown to our home closing date has started. 10 days to go!

3. Eric Cheatham Construction company is the best. Thankful to work with Eric and Austin once again.

4. We have met two of our neighbors and they seem like great, sweet people.

5. I loved the song list this morning in staff chapel.

6. We had great discussion this morning about the scorecard of a team.

7. People who are usually quiet on the team really spoke up today and shared their thoughts.

8. I love when quiet people speak. It takes some of the pressure off the loud people who always feel obligated to speak…ha ha ha!

9. Teri Darrah asked my opinion again today about an orchestra song. I love that she likes to ask me my thoughts especially since she knows how “uneducated” I am when it comes to music. However, she thinks I am trendy, I guess, and know what people like. Ha Ha.

10. Teri and I talked about Abby today. Teri is so proud of her daughter. I love to hear parents brag about their kids.

11. Abby is a great young lady who will do great things this summer in the Dominican Republic.

12. Sonic ice.

13. Judah didn’t have any fever today.

14. Gary and I got a fantastic deal on our blinds. We couldn’t believe the final price and we got to get exactly what we wanted.

15. Gary, Judah, and I played in a big pile of dirt tonight. We pretended that it was surrounded by hot lava and I had to be rescued. Judah loved it. I loved it until I saw a GIANT worm in the dirt. Seriously, it was the BIGGEST WORM I have ever seen. I had to leave the dirt at that moment.

16. The older I get, the more of a “girl” I become. I love being a girl.

17. Fun Family Pillow Fight.

18. Starla helped me put together a huge packet project today. She saved me lots of time and I am so thankful for her help. And, she brought me lunch. So sweet of her.

19. The copier didn’t run out of paper or break down…I used it a lot today.

20. Worked with Camp Wow staff today and finalized our 2013 kids camp schedule.

21. I am so excited to go back to Camp Wow. Our kids love it.

22. I love the staff at Camp Wow. They are so flexible, kind, and easy going.

23. Gary put gas in my car. It is the little things…

24. Judah thought it was hilarious to chase me around the yard with the water hose. He totally soaked me when I wasn’t looking. Glad that I could bring a big belly laugh to his life. Gary enjoyed it too.

25. We saw the cutest family of baby ducks tonight. Life is so precious at every stage. We should treasure everyday.

26. The more time I spend outside listening to birds, looking at plants, and walking in the woods, the more I realize how creative, how awesome, and how detailed God is. I serve a phenomenal God.

27. My Uncle Danny was released from the hospital today!

28. Received a new book today by Jon Acuff entitled, Start. Excited to START reading Start.


Selah~Day Forty Four

Psalm 91:1 states that “he who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, shall find rest in the shadow of the Almighty…” ┬áThe key word in this scripture is DWELL. When you DWELLl in the secret place, when you spend time there everyday, when you live there, THEN you shall find rest. I am certain that not only do I find rest when I DWELL in the shelter of the Most High, but I also find understanding, revelation, and peace. Your quiet time is so important. Where do I dwell the most? Do I dwell the most in my secret place with the Lord? If I am lacking understanding, revelation, and peace, then I need to check out where I am spending most of my time dwelling.


My 28 Thanks:

1. God meets me in my Secret Place.

2. I can Dwell in the shelter of God.

3. I find rest in Him.

4. I find understading, revelation, and peace when I dwell in Him.

5. I was able to work from home today and take care of Judah.

6. I didn’t take Judah to the Fire Station last night for the Father’s Day cookout. Both Judah and I were so bummed. But, I am so glad I didn’t get him around the other kids because he tested positive for strep today.

7. I am so glad I didn’t take him to kids church yesterday and expose other kids. Even the kids pastor follows kidz ministry policies:)

8. Dr. Rodgers is an amazing family doctor. We are always able to get in to see him when we need to. He makes Judah laugh.

9. Quick acting antibiotics.

10. Antibiotics that taste like fruity flavors. We don’t have to hold Judah down to take it!

11. I had a wonderful conversation with a new friend today. She has such a sweet, encouraging spirit and she is super pumped to serve in Kidz Ministry.

12. Judah felt well enough to play outside this evening.

13. The evening weather was amazing. It was actually a touch too cool and I had to wear a hoodie. My husband thinks I am weird.

14. My plants continue to survive the night time storms.

15. My pallett garden plants are now producing food.

16. Finished the service plan for Wednesday Night Kidz. We are going to have so much fun.

17. Marrell is hosting the game segment again. He loves doing it and he is good.

18. Nurse Donna gave Judah two orange suckers (because he is a boy and orange is the color for boys) and he was so excited.

19. Judah is starting to use his manners all the time…he says, “Please, Thank You, and Excuse me.”

20. I have friends and co-workers in my life who cheer for me.

21. I lost 5 more pounds since April. Portion control and healthy choices are what it is all about my friends.

22. Gary went to the pharmacy for us tonight.

23. Enjoyed a very funny conversation with Gary and my in-laws tonight. Although I am super excited about moving into my HOUSE NEXT WEEK, I will miss time with my in-laws.

24. Judah’s fever has stayed below 101 since this afternoon.

25. Judah cracked me up this morning. When he first woke up, I asked, “Judah, does your throat hurt? Can you feel it when you swallow?” He responded, “No, Mommy. I can’t feel it because it is on the inside (he points to his throat) and I can’t touch it on the inside, so I don’t know how it feels.” Duh, Mommy! Duh! I love my little man.

26. Judah picked up a bug tonight-one of those nasty, gross locust that attacked me the other day to be exact. He brought it over to me and said, “Look, Mommy. It is a bug and bugs are nice.” He is such a boy. So thankful that he is not afraid of bugs like his mommy.

27. Singing Jesus Loves Me and My Best Friend, Jesus with Judah right now! Doesn’t get much better than that.

28. The faith of a child. Jesus welcomes the children and says that we should all have the Faith of a Child.


Selah~Day Forty Three

I love the way Judah’s face lights up when he says, “Daddy.” Tonight, I am thankful for my dad and my love who is a wonderful dad to our son.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary loves Judah with both words and actions.

2. Gary is Judah’s hero.

3. Gary spends so much time investing in to Judah’s life.

4. Every night Gary prays the sweetest of prayers over Judah. He prays for his future wife, his purity of mind, his protection, his love for the Lord, and the list goes on.

5. Gary works so hard for our family.

6. Gary works hard for others too.

7. Gary is unselfish. He always puts others before himself. Always.

8. Gary tells Judah and me all the time that he loves us.

9. Gary is calm, patient, caring, calm, loving, God-Fearing, calm…did I mention calm? Ha Ha…this is important for me.

10. Gary makes Judah and me laugh.

11. Gary loves the Lord with all of his heart. His relationship with the Lord is priceless.

12. Gary is a man of integrity and trust.

13. Gary makes Judah and me feel safe.

14. My dad is a hard working man.

15. My dad is disciplined. He is in the best shape of his life and does Crossfit in his 50s.

16. My dad is a great boss and leader.

17. My dad loves to cheer on his kids and his grandkids.

18. My dad is passionate…especially about sports and OU football.

19. My dad taught me the importance of excellence, hard work ethic, and a do not give up spirit.

20. My dad loves the Lord.

21. My dad loves me.

22. Even with a high fever, Judah is still funny and makes me laugh.

23. Children’s Ibuprofen.

24. Immediate Care clinic.

25. My precious in-laws skipped the Father’s Day church service and stayed home with Judah. Gary couldn’t take off work from the fire station and it is so tough for me to miss a Sunday. I am so appreciative of them. They take great care of my son and love him so much.

26. Hallmark Movies.

27. KidMotion and Big church went well today.

28. Our new Summer series shirts looked so awesome. I loved the bright orange color. The team seemd to love them too.



Selah~Day Forty Two

The days seem to end before they even begin. But, they are full of life and fun.

My 28 Thanks:

1. My morning was so peaceful.

2. I love having quiet time outside.

3. The rain really refreshed my plants today.

4. Ephesians 1

5. The eyes of my heart can be flooded with light.

6. God can give me a Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation.

7. I am called to a Glorious Hope.

8. We had a nice lunch with my mom.

9. My mom and I did a little shopping this afternoon.

10. My mom bought me a really special Proverbs 31 Woman bracelet.

11. My mom made it back to her house safely.

12. The carpet has been laid in my home. One step closed to moving in!

13. We met another set of neighbors tonight. They seem really sweet.

14. They have grandkids at their house all the time. One is 3 years old. Judah will love having new friends.

15. Picked up a wedding shower gift for my friend, Valerie. I am so excited to celebrate her.

16. Gary loves his watch that Judah got him for Father’s Day.

17. Church service will be fun for all the men in the house tomorrow morning.

18. Got our church mailer in the mail. It looked awesome. Charlie did a great job on the upcoming series, Divin’ In, graphic.

19. Glad to be a part of a great church family.

20. I prayed for a lady today who was having a bad day.

21. The staff at the Immediate Care center was awesome. Even though we took Judah 15 minutes before closing, they were so helpful and gracious.

22. Judah has an outer ear infection, not an inner ear.

23. I am so thankful for Medical Insurance.

24. Judah did so well for the doctor. He did everything that she asked him to do. He even took the ORANGE medicine and made a point to tell everyone that it is orange and he is a boy.

25. Cute hats make rainy, humid days easier on the hair.

26. I get to wear my new Off the Rails summer series shirt tomorrow.

27. I have received NO CALL-INS for kids church tomorrow.

28. Judah made Gary and I laugh for a long time today. While standing in the check out line at Target, Judah asked for some cookies. We told him, “No, you need to eat dinner first.” Then, Judah starts laughing loudly and says, “Daddy and Mommy that’s funny…look look, that guy over there (pointing to our cashier) has cookies in his ears. Look that guy has cookies in his ears. That is funny!”

Gary and I looked at the cashier and immediately started laughing. He had large, very large, round and brown wood pieces in his ear. The purpose was to stretch out his ear lobes (a fad I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND). Our intent was to not make fun and I still don’t know if he heard Judah although the lady in front of us did and she laughed too. Nevertheless, if you are going to do that to your ears, you should not be surprised when a 3 year old mistakes your earring fashion for a cookie.

Selah~Day Forty One

My 28 Thanks:

1. Began the day with an awesome early morning devotion outside in the shade.

2. Chapter 6 and 7 of The Blessed Woman. Debbie Morris’ book is so good and so timely.

3. Mark 10…Jesus loves children too. He says they are valuable. He welcomes children to Him.

4. I did not completely lose my sanity, clothes, or bladder when the live locust fell from the tree and launchd an assault in my hair and then continued down in my shirt.

5. My Bible and book didn’t suffer much damage when I launched them across the wet yard during the locust assault.

6. I can choose my attitude.

7. Judah had a wonderful time with his cousin, Kaden.

8. Gary left the house really early this morning to work on a ladies fence. Her home received lots of damage in the tornado.

9. My husband isn’t afraid of hardwork.

10. My husband works really hard for his family.

11. Our little family got to go swimming today at my brother’s house.

12. My mom is in town this weekend. I love spending time with her.

13. My mom is so funny. She could probably be an improv comedian. She says the funniest things whether we are in conversation, eating at a restaurant, people watching, or driving down the street. You don’t ever know what might come out of her mouth next. Every conversation with my mom is like an adventure.

14. Sunscreen.

15. We purchased all of our bathroom vanity mirrors today.

16. We got them all at 50% off.

17. The closing date has been set for our home.

18. My son’s imagination continues to grow.

19. Kaisers homemade ice cream for dessert.

20. Mr. Brian is going to sub for Mr. Matt while he is out on vacation this week. So thankful for awesome leaders who always fill in the gap when needed.

21. Mr. Dale is excited to help teach this weekend in KidMotion.

22. Gary and I get to spend two full days together this week.

23. My uncle Danny had great results from his heart test. NO BLOCKAGE.

24. We got to visit Danny tonight.

25. The stain we chose for our floors turned out to be…perfect.

26. Super excited for a family in our church, who are also great friends of ours. I love it when the future of my kids looks really really bright.

27. My mom surprised me with a new outfit. And, it is my favorite color…green.

28. Friends and Family make ones life so full. I am so thankful that I am truly STUFFED.

Selah~Day Forty

Tonight marks 40 days of blessing the Lord. After tonight’s blog, my heart will have already found 1,120 reasons to praise the Lord. The journey has just begun and I can’t wait to travel the road to 10,000 reasons.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I get to serve alongside some of the most awesome men and women of God. Leaders who are committed to invest in the life of a child.

2. I get to serve alongside a team of leaders who unashamedly rock out to some of the craziest kids praise music.

3. They don’t even care that they somtimes look really goofy.

4. My Wednesday Night team rushes to church after working all day. Then, they are excited to give 2 more hours so kids can know more about Jesus.

5. The kids made the cutest Father’s Day crafts for their dads tonight.

6. Judah made Gary the cutest Father’s Day craft tonight.

7. Mrs. Mindy and Miss JaQuisha celebrated dads today in staff childcare. They fed dads donuts and coffee. They also had the kids make really sweet crafts. It was awesome.

8. Mindy and Jaquisha are rockstars!

9. Our nephew, Kaden, is here for a visit.

10. Kaden makes Judah feel so special. He is older than Judah but totally puts up with his 3 year old cousins behavior.

11. Kaden is an amazingly respectful 10 year old.

12. Gary and Zach moved 15 tables for me today.

13. The story of the Prodigal Son.

14. I got to see my friend, Janelle, tonight. We only said “hi” for a moment, but she looked so alive and awesome.

15. Debbie helped us out tonight. She helped lead our new summer theme song, Greater is He.

16. Marrell did an awesome job leading the game segment tonight. He is such a fun guy.

17. Super thankful to have Greg on our team. He told me he had a blast tonight.

18. Danielle just came to see what I was up to on the second floor. She had an absolute blast and left with a kidz ministry worker application in hand!

19. My brother’s chiropractic office was swamped with patients today. I am so proud of the professional, caring, and excellent doctor he is and will continue to be. He and my sis-in-law, Meg, have an amazing practice that really helps people.

20. Natural Medicines and Homeopathic remedies.

21. Medical advancements that are helping out my uncle tonight.

22. My Uncle, Danny, is a wonderful, smart, caring man. He has always been so proud of his nieces, nephews, and great nephews.

23. Doctors who are giving my uncle excellent care.

24. The kids loved the game we played tonight.

25. Several people stayed late to help us clean up our big Wednesday night mess.

26. My friend, Lynn, who lost EVERYTHING in the tornado, was driving a really nice, better than the last one, mini-van. So excited for her!

27. Gary starts his 4 days off today!!!!

28. Commander Michael made reference to my blog tonight. His wife, Angela, reads it. Thankful for this sweet family. The have awesome kids and several of them. So glad they are a part of our church family. They give to others selflessly and are a great example for so many others.