Selah~Day Forty Three

I love the way Judah’s face lights up when he says, “Daddy.” Tonight, I am thankful for my dad and my love who is a wonderful dad to our son.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary loves Judah with both words and actions.

2. Gary is Judah’s hero.

3. Gary spends so much time investing in to Judah’s life.

4. Every night Gary prays the sweetest of prayers over Judah. He prays for his future wife, his purity of mind, his protection, his love for the Lord, and the list goes on.

5. Gary works so hard for our family.

6. Gary works hard for others too.

7. Gary is unselfish. He always puts others before himself. Always.

8. Gary tells Judah and me all the time that he loves us.

9. Gary is calm, patient, caring, calm, loving, God-Fearing, calm…did I mention calm? Ha Ha…this is important for me.

10. Gary makes Judah and me laugh.

11. Gary loves the Lord with all of his heart. His relationship with the Lord is priceless.

12. Gary is a man of integrity and trust.

13. Gary makes Judah and me feel safe.

14. My dad is a hard working man.

15. My dad is disciplined. He is in the best shape of his life and does Crossfit in his 50s.

16. My dad is a great boss and leader.

17. My dad loves to cheer on his kids and his grandkids.

18. My dad is passionate…especially about sports and OU football.

19. My dad taught me the importance of excellence, hard work ethic, and a do not give up spirit.

20. My dad loves the Lord.

21. My dad loves me.

22. Even with a high fever, Judah is still funny and makes me laugh.

23. Children’s Ibuprofen.

24. Immediate Care clinic.

25. My precious in-laws skipped the Father’s Day church service and stayed home with Judah. Gary couldn’t take off work from the fire station and it is so tough for me to miss a Sunday. I am so appreciative of them. They take great care of my son and love him so much.

26. Hallmark Movies.

27. KidMotion and Big church went well today.

28. Our new Summer series shirts looked so awesome. I loved the bright orange color. The team seemd to love them too.




Selah~Day Forty Two

The days seem to end before they even begin. But, they are full of life and fun.

My 28 Thanks:

1. My morning was so peaceful.

2. I love having quiet time outside.

3. The rain really refreshed my plants today.

4. Ephesians 1

5. The eyes of my heart can be flooded with light.

6. God can give me a Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation.

7. I am called to a Glorious Hope.

8. We had a nice lunch with my mom.

9. My mom and I did a little shopping this afternoon.

10. My mom bought me a really special Proverbs 31 Woman bracelet.

11. My mom made it back to her house safely.

12. The carpet has been laid in my home. One step closed to moving in!

13. We met another set of neighbors tonight. They seem really sweet.

14. They have grandkids at their house all the time. One is 3 years old. Judah will love having new friends.

15. Picked up a wedding shower gift for my friend, Valerie. I am so excited to celebrate her.

16. Gary loves his watch that Judah got him for Father’s Day.

17. Church service will be fun for all the men in the house tomorrow morning.

18. Got our church mailer in the mail. It looked awesome. Charlie did a great job on the upcoming series, Divin’ In, graphic.

19. Glad to be a part of a great church family.

20. I prayed for a lady today who was having a bad day.

21. The staff at the Immediate Care center was awesome. Even though we took Judah 15 minutes before closing, they were so helpful and gracious.

22. Judah has an outer ear infection, not an inner ear.

23. I am so thankful for Medical Insurance.

24. Judah did so well for the doctor. He did everything that she asked him to do. He even took the ORANGE medicine and made a point to tell everyone that it is orange and he is a boy.

25. Cute hats make rainy, humid days easier on the hair.

26. I get to wear my new Off the Rails summer series shirt tomorrow.

27. I have received NO CALL-INS for kids church tomorrow.

28. Judah made Gary and I laugh for a long time today. While standing in the check out line at Target, Judah asked for some cookies. We told him, “No, you need to eat dinner first.” Then, Judah starts laughing loudly and says, “Daddy and Mommy that’s funny…look look, that guy over there (pointing to our cashier) has cookies in his ears. Look that guy has cookies in his ears. That is funny!”

Gary and I looked at the cashier and immediately started laughing. He had large, very large, round and brown wood pieces in his ear. The purpose was to stretch out his ear lobes (a fad I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND). Our intent was to not make fun and I still don’t know if he heard Judah although the lady in front of us did and she laughed too. Nevertheless, if you are going to do that to your ears, you should not be surprised when a 3 year old mistakes your earring fashion for a cookie.

Selah~Day Forty One

My 28 Thanks:

1. Began the day with an awesome early morning devotion outside in the shade.

2. Chapter 6 and 7 of The Blessed Woman. Debbie Morris’ book is so good and so timely.

3. Mark 10…Jesus loves children too. He says they are valuable. He welcomes children to Him.

4. I did not completely lose my sanity, clothes, or bladder when the live locust fell from the tree and launchd an assault in my hair and then continued down in my shirt.

5. My Bible and book didn’t suffer much damage when I launched them across the wet yard during the locust assault.

6. I can choose my attitude.

7. Judah had a wonderful time with his cousin, Kaden.

8. Gary left the house really early this morning to work on a ladies fence. Her home received lots of damage in the tornado.

9. My husband isn’t afraid of hardwork.

10. My husband works really hard for his family.

11. Our little family got to go swimming today at my brother’s house.

12. My mom is in town this weekend. I love spending time with her.

13. My mom is so funny. She could probably be an improv comedian. She says the funniest things whether we are in conversation, eating at a restaurant, people watching, or driving down the street. You don’t ever know what might come out of her mouth next. Every conversation with my mom is like an adventure.

14. Sunscreen.

15. We purchased all of our bathroom vanity mirrors today.

16. We got them all at 50% off.

17. The closing date has been set for our home.

18. My son’s imagination continues to grow.

19. Kaisers homemade ice cream for dessert.

20. Mr. Brian is going to sub for Mr. Matt while he is out on vacation this week. So thankful for awesome leaders who always fill in the gap when needed.

21. Mr. Dale is excited to help teach this weekend in KidMotion.

22. Gary and I get to spend two full days together this week.

23. My uncle Danny had great results from his heart test. NO BLOCKAGE.

24. We got to visit Danny tonight.

25. The stain we chose for our floors turned out to be…perfect.

26. Super excited for a family in our church, who are also great friends of ours. I love it when the future of my kids looks really really bright.

27. My mom surprised me with a new outfit. And, it is my favorite color…green.

28. Friends and Family make ones life so full. I am so thankful that I am truly STUFFED.

Selah~Day Forty

Tonight marks 40 days of blessing the Lord. After tonight’s blog, my heart will have already found 1,120 reasons to praise the Lord. The journey has just begun and I can’t wait to travel the road to 10,000 reasons.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I get to serve alongside some of the most awesome men and women of God. Leaders who are committed to invest in the life of a child.

2. I get to serve alongside a team of leaders who unashamedly rock out to some of the craziest kids praise music.

3. They don’t even care that they somtimes look really goofy.

4. My Wednesday Night team rushes to church after working all day. Then, they are excited to give 2 more hours so kids can know more about Jesus.

5. The kids made the cutest Father’s Day crafts for their dads tonight.

6. Judah made Gary the cutest Father’s Day craft tonight.

7. Mrs. Mindy and Miss JaQuisha celebrated dads today in staff childcare. They fed dads donuts and coffee. They also had the kids make really sweet crafts. It was awesome.

8. Mindy and Jaquisha are rockstars!

9. Our nephew, Kaden, is here for a visit.

10. Kaden makes Judah feel so special. He is older than Judah but totally puts up with his 3 year old cousins behavior.

11. Kaden is an amazingly respectful 10 year old.

12. Gary and Zach moved 15 tables for me today.

13. The story of the Prodigal Son.

14. I got to see my friend, Janelle, tonight. We only said “hi” for a moment, but she looked so alive and awesome.

15. Debbie helped us out tonight. She helped lead our new summer theme song, Greater is He.

16. Marrell did an awesome job leading the game segment tonight. He is such a fun guy.

17. Super thankful to have Greg on our team. He told me he had a blast tonight.

18. Danielle just came to see what I was up to on the second floor. She had an absolute blast and left with a kidz ministry worker application in hand!

19. My brother’s chiropractic office was swamped with patients today. I am so proud of the professional, caring, and excellent doctor he is and will continue to be. He and my sis-in-law, Meg, have an amazing practice that really helps people.

20. Natural Medicines and Homeopathic remedies.

21. Medical advancements that are helping out my uncle tonight.

22. My Uncle, Danny, is a wonderful, smart, caring man. He has always been so proud of his nieces, nephews, and great nephews.

23. Doctors who are giving my uncle excellent care.

24. The kids loved the game we played tonight.

25. Several people stayed late to help us clean up our big Wednesday night mess.

26. My friend, Lynn, who lost EVERYTHING in the tornado, was driving a really nice, better than the last one, mini-van. So excited for her!

27. Gary starts his 4 days off today!!!!

28. Commander Michael made reference to my blog tonight. His wife, Angela, reads it. Thankful for this sweet family. The have awesome kids and several of them. So glad they are a part of our church family. They give to others selflessly and are a great example for so many others.

Selah~Day Thirty Nine

“Wounds are a part of life. We’re all going to experience them whether we ask for them or not…No matter how hard we may try to avoid them, hurts happen; disappointments come; the Willows in our lives sometimes wallop us for no apparent reason; and circumstances aren’t always fair.” Pastor Debbie Morris writes this awesome truth in Chapter 5 of her book, The Blessed Woman. 

But, the most important thing to know is that GOD IS FOUND IN EVERY WOUND.

Think about the story of Hagar, the servant of Sarah and Abraham. She had no rights, no free will, and no choice when it came to a decision as to whether or not she would get pregnant with Abraham’s child. Hagar was given an order by Sarah and she had to accept it. Then, Sarah turned on Hagar. In Genesis 16:5-6, we learn that Sarah treated her harshly. She probably received a beating, then Hagar ran away. Can you imagine how Hagar must have felt? She was pregnant, not married, alone, completely alone in the wilderness, far from family, hungry, scared of wild animals, and hot. Did I mention she was pregnant? Talk about wounds…and to top it all off…it was not Hagar’s fault. She did nothing wrong, but rather submitted to the demands of her owner. No, she did not ask to sleep with her ruler’s husband. No, she did not ask to have relations with a man she did not love. No, she did not ask to become pregnant.

I am sure the wounds cut deep in Hagar’s physical, spiritual, and emotional body. But, in the place of her wounds, God showed Himself to her. Genesis 16: 7-13 says, “…Behold, you are with child, and you shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael because the LORD HAS HEARD your affliction. Then, she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, YOU ARE THE GOD WHO SEES!”

Hagar, an egyptian servant girl, realized who God was in her life. From the lowest of positions in society, she became elevated and valued upon realizing who God is in her life. And, she had revelation that God, the one who created it all, Sees her every need and knows the very intimate parts of her heart.

My 28 Thanks:

1. God is the God who sees.

2. God is in the wounds.

3. God never wastes a hurt.

4. Only my God can take a hurt and turn it into growth, compassion, resilience, and a deeper hunger for Him.

5. Women in the Bible.

6. Even Sarah, a woman who helped blaze the path of Faith, made mistakes!!!!!!

7. No one, even the most Faithful to the Lord, are perfect!!!!

8. Debbie Morris’ book, The Blessed Woman.

9. Judah went to sleep early tonight and I was able to have some quiet time.

10. Pastor Marcia gave me permission to work away from the office this afternoon. I was able to write, finish plans, and make future plans without too many interruptions.

11. I don’t deserve God’s love, but He still loves me.

12. Lynn Steele is a precious woman. She over heard me talking about the “hunt” for a missing receipt. Without my asking, she found the company phone number, called them, and within minutes had them email me the lost invoice. She saved me so much time and energy. I am so thankful for her heart.

13. Leslie helped me out to today. She didn’t have to because it wasn’t her job, but she did it anyway. So sweet.

14. People who love financials and numbers and help me out.

15. The Father’s Day mailer looks awesome.

16. Danielle and Rony were so excited to tag team preach a message tonight.

17. Another team work lesson in staff chapel. Teamwork makes the dreamwork as long as you share a common purpose.

18. Marrell Sanders is hosting the game segment tomorrow night. He is so excited about kidz ministry. Love his energy.

19. Angela sounds so good. She is almost back to perfect. Ready for her to return to the office soon.

20. Gary and the Rescue Dive team with OCFD found one of the drowning victims today. They are still searching for 3 more.

21. English Degree. It comes in handy for all this writing. But, I am still not perfect:)

22. My friend, Valerie, is getting married soon. I received her adorable shower invitation this week. So excited to celebrate her.

23. Today is my husband’s last shift for a few days. It has been a really long tour for me. HA HA… I am so thankful that it is almost over.

24. Dance is such a beautiful form of art. Love the expression.

25. Toothpicks come in handy when you eat popcorn on a nightly basis.

26. Rootbeer. It is so good with popcorn.

27. Judah ran after me this morning when he realized I was leaving and he didn’t give me the best of his hugs.

28. God never wastes a hurt. That, my friends, needs to be “double thanked” tonight.


Selah~Day Thirty Eight

I am one of God’s most sensitive, gentle, and beautiful creations…”I am a WOMAN! W-O-M-A-N…I’ll say it again!”There is just something in my DNA that makes me FEEL. I feel for everyone and everything. Whether the feeling is good or bad, I feel it. Can any other woman out there say, “Amen?”

Sometimes we do things because of our feelings. But, sometimes we do things INSPITE of our feelings. You see, on February 18, 2013, my feelings would have never allowed me to start this blog to 10,000 reasons. However, I knew that like David in Psalm 34, I would praise the Lord at all times and through all circumstances regardless or inspite of how I feel.

So, my big thought for tonight is this: “FEEL your feelings, just don’t  FOLLOW all of them.”

My 28 Thanks:

1. I am a woman.

2. I am sensitive to the needs of others.

3. When Judah wakes up before Gary gets home from the fire station, he always runs and hides. It makes for a very cute, early morning game of hide and seek.

4. Judah always hides in the exact same spot! I love his innocence.

5. Much was accomplished at our house today. The countdown has started.

6. Staff prayer meeting this morning.

7. I got to have lunch with my friend, Danielle. She has such a passion for the Lord. I am looking forward to spending many more lunches with her.

8. The Father’s Day promo video made me Laugh out Loud.

9. Charlie Burchardt is such a funny dude. So glad he is on our team.

10. Rony Renfrow is creative, hard working, and a wonderful addition to our team.

11. I love watching young people worship the Lord. They are completely unashamed in their worship.

12. I saw Skylar worshipping the Lord this morning unashamedly.

13. Summer has officially arrived.

14. We were able to record Puppet Sketches for both weeks 3 and 4.

15. The team did a great job.

16. Gary went grocery shopping today.

17. I got to eat outside today at lunch.

18. Grilled steak and baked sweet potato for dinner.

19. Judah ate too!

20. My sweet friend, Janelle, complemented my blog from last night.

21. I have learned of two more people who have joined the 10,000 reasons challenge.

22. Even though they stink, corn nuts are the best snack ever.

23. Saw some plans today…exciting.

24. Judah played in the swimming pool this evening and had a blast.

25. Fun in the swimming pool is totally counting for bath time too tonight!

26. Judah gave me a really big hug and kiss tonight.

27. Maxton and I had a great conversation today on the way home for the recording. We talked about memorizing Psalm 91. He told me he loved that passage. He is a great kid…

28. There is always light at the end of every tunnel.

Selah~Day Thirty Seven

I am sure we have all had our fair share of hurtful words spoken against us. Human instinct causes one to either want to hide his or her head in a hole or charge into a full assault. Depending upon the situation, I am sure that I have been tempted to do one of the two previously mentioned scenarios. Thankfully though, growth and wisdom have taught me that I don’t have to respond to hurtful words at all in my own power, but rather, I can combat them with the Words that the Lord has already spoken about me. Because His words are everlasting, they thwart any fiery insult spoken from someone else’s tongue.

My mom always told my siblings and I the very useful Proverb, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” I have used this Proverb in my adult life more than any of the others, I believe! I refuse to fight the enemy using his own weapons of war. I am sure nothing tics the devil off more than for me to use the Word of the Lord as my choice weapon to combat the lies, the manipulation, and the hurtful words he spoke to me through other people. Right now, “Shake the Haters off!” Combat those words spoken AGAINST you with the Words God speaks FOR you!

Don’t allow someone’s negative words to have any power over you. Some words hurt, some words tear down, and some words destroy. But, the Word of the Lord heals, the Word of the Lord builds up, and the Word of the Lord makes all things new. The only Words that should rule and guide your life are those spoken by your LOVING FATHER. He thinks good things about you.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I know what God’s Word says about me.

2. His Word has power in my life.

3. I don’t allow hurtful words from others to control my life.

4. The Lord has taught me to respond with a soft answer.

5. A soft answer can turn away wrath!

6. God’s Word heals.

7. God’s Word builds up.

8. God’s Word makes all things new.

9. God speaks on my behalf.

10. Before I was even formed in the womb, God was preparing words to speak over me.

11. The book of Proverbs.

12. God thinks about me and they are good things.

13. A friend poured her heart out to me today. My response to her prompted this entire blog tonight. I think the Lord is wanting to speak to some others tonight.

14. The Lord really spoke to me tonight while writing it.

15. Marrell Sanders helped out in KidMotion today. He is such a fun guy. He makes me laugh.

16. Matt Fulton helped out in KidMotion today. He has such a sweet spirit for the kids.

17. Shea and Luci loved leading their first KidMo small group.

18. New leaders…fresh faces.

19. The kids loved the two new songs in both Preschool and KidMotion services.

20. Even thought the KidMotion room flooded last night, the team had it clean by 10:00 a.m.

21. All KidMin services went well today.

22. I believe that I had a divine appointment conversation this evening. Talking to God about the direction He would have me to take.

23. My in-laws were a huge help today. They took Judah to church and picked him up for me. When Gary is at the fire station, help with this task is SUCH A BLESSING!

24. The kids were so excited about the giveaways today.

25. Judah slept on my chest during church tonight. Although he will probably be up until midnight, it was so nice to hold him while he slept.

26. Even though she didn’t feel well at all, Lorry Gail came, saw, acted, and conquered. She was a great host for Off the Rails.

27. Pastor Ted preached a good word tonight. I have never chopped wood or hauled water, but I have “Hauled Wood.” It definitely wasn’t my favorite job. It is so important to get the Lord involved in your business. He can save you time, energy, and money:)

28. The Lord fights for me, I need only to be still.


Selah~Day Thirty Six

Great husband, Great son, Great day…TOGETHER!

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah and I laughed so hard this morning. He woke up in such a good mood. He wanted to wrestle.

2. I finished all the laundry this morning.

3. Gary, Judah, and I went shopping.

4. We bought a new kitchen table.

5. Our kitchen backsplash is done.

6. We had a wonderful lunch together at Johnny Carinos.

7. Judah tried to paint himself with his spaghetti. He doesn’t quite know how to eat those noodles with a fork. He still prefers his hand. It was a funny, messy sight.

8. We got a free lunch at Johnny Carinos with a coupon I found.

9. Olive oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and Garlic…whoever made that combo was brilliant.

10. His perfect love casts out all fear.

11. I don’t deserve God’s love, but by golly He sure does love me.

12. Judah ate three large meals today…sitting down.

13. I didn’t have to make food for him every hour because he only ate one bite before running off to the next toy or task.

14. My son has so much energy.

15. He is adventurous and inquisitive.

16. Gary gave himself and Judah a haircut and he did such a good job. Great savings.

17.We had a great conversation with our next door neighbor.

18. He let Judah play in his newly delivered, awesome pile of dirt.

19. Judah can entertain himself with a cup and dirt.

20. Off the Rails starts in 12 hours.

21. Porch Swings.

22. Youtube helped me come up with a great teaching alternative for tomorrow. The kids will like it.

23. My electronic toothbrush is amazing.

24. Healthy teeth to brush.

25. Protection while we drove around to many stops today. People were driving a little crazy, but my God protects me.

26. My friend, Debby, went to the Dollar General Store today. They were giving away items. They made Debby take 85 tubes of Neosporin. I am still laughing…she thought I might want some. Maybe one, so now she is down to 84 tubes.

27. Laughter.

28. Shea celebrates her birthday today! And, I celebrate her too. She is such a sweet friend. With style, grace, hard work, and compassion, she serves our team well. We are better because she is on it. Happy Birthday, Shea. You are loved and I am thankful you are in my life.

Selah~Day Thirty Five

My 28 Thanks:

1. Last night I took a break from technology. I watched a movie with my family. It was a good evening.

2. I am setting boundaries in my life. I have to get balance in my schedule.

3. Judah slept until 7:45 this morning.

4. Judah let me snuggle with him a little longer this morning.

5. Judah wanted to hold my hand several times today.

6. My MIL let Judah stay and play with his cousins while I ran a few errands today.

7. I got to talk to my childhood friend today over the phone. We don’t get to talk often, but when we do, we just pick up were we left off.

8. I ate strawberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They were so good.

9. Blueberries were amazing too.

10. I got a good deal on some cute pants today.

11. I found Gary’s Father’s Day gift. He didn’t want me to spend any money on him, but I think he will like the gift Judah and I bought him.

12. My husband is the BEST dad in the whole world. I have never seen a more involved dad. I am sure there are some who would argue with me. But, in my world…Gary is the top of the top.

13. I relaxed and watched a really cute movie on the Hallmark channel.

14. I love the Hallmark channel. They usually only show good, wholesome, family friendly movies.

15. A good love story is good for the soul.

16. The weather was amazing today and the wind was but a whisper.

17. Our Off the Rails rehearsal was Off the Rails. Both preschool and elementary services are DO NOT miss services this Sunday.

18. Lorry Gail had her script memorized. I know she worked hard on it and she rocked it! So thankful she is on my team. She makes us better.

19. Maxton and Peyton did so well as our puppeteers. I can tell they have practiced.

20. Good friends of ours finally got a contract on their home today. We all prayed and the Lord answered. He is Faithful to provide, He is more than enough, and He always comes through right on time.

21. Angela Medina sent my team a sweet message on facebook. Her son Micah loves Kids church and he told her when he was older and a daddy he would put his kids in the van and take them to Crossroads Kids church because it was the best.

22. Kids have this special power to make me smile and want to pull my hair out and do both all in the same moment! Ha Ha

23. I heard Judah singing My Best Friend, Jesus today.

24. Pastor Tami spoke very encouraging words into my life.

25. I have friends in my life who make me laugh.

26. My parents got to drive to OKC last minute and see my uncle and watch Gage play t-ball. I know how happy it makes my mom to see her granboys! So glad she had this unexpected opportunity.

27. My sweet friend Debby is so excited about her newly remolded home. I love all the pictures she shares with me.

28. My dad was given an award today. It was the highest honor in his field. I am proud of my dad. He is a determined, disciplined, hard working man.


Selah~Day Thirty Four

People are People are People. And, I am one of those people. Sometimes people will fail you, sometimes they will disappoint you, sometimes they will overwhelm you, sometimes they will say mean things to you, sometimes they won’t understand you, sometimes they won’t be nice to you, sometimes they will betray you. Then, sometimes they will come through for you, sometimes they will please you, sometimes they will help you out, sometimes they will say sweet things to you, sometimes they will understand your heart, sometimes they will be nice to you, sometimes they will be loyal to you. People are People are People.

Thankfully, my God is not a People. With my Father, I always know what I am going to get.  He is constant. He will never fail me. He only overwhelms me with His mercy, grace, love and goodness. He speaks good things about me. He knows my heart. He is always loyal.

I am so glad that my God is not a People. Could you even imagine what the world would be like if God was a people…a people like you? I am so thankful that my objective is to strive to be like Him and not the other way around.

My 28 Thanks:

1. God is not a people. He is God!

2. God says nice things about me.

3. God is constant. He doesn’t have mood swings.

4. God is loyal.

5. God is good to me all the time.

6. I got to wear a hat to work today. The rain was an awesome excuse for hat hair!

7. Our tile company was damaged in the tornado, so we found out today that some of our tile would not be here in time. Thankfully, we were able to work it all out.

8. Ken, who was not our original tile salesperson, helped us a lot today.

9. All the tile will arive by Friday morning.

10. Our counters got installed today. Two days ahead of schedule.

11. Gary really helped me out today. He helped me setup for tonight.

12. Dustin setup our temporary movie screen for the boys tonight. He helped us out last minute and I appreciate him.

13. I found most of my Sunday teaching props at Dollar Tree today…and they were only a $1.

14. My Rainbow (ages 3-5) leaders are amazing. They do a fantastic job with a large group of kids. So thankful for these ladies.

15. Gary and I got to watch Judah in his very first badge ceremony tonight.

16. My nursery team was understaffed tonight and had so many crying babies. But, they didn’t complain. They left with a smile on their face. I am so thankful for their heart to serve.

17. Our Girls were celebrated tonight. They worked so hard this past year in Girls Ministry. I love watching them smile when their name is called.

18. All my leaders talked in the microphone.

19. Mr. Scott and Mrs. Tonya ran and got a giftcard for our top honor star.

20. The boys enjoyed their dinner and movie night.

21. All the Ranger leaders like their new classroom locations.

22. I got to leave the church before 9:45 p.m. tonight.

23. We had no storms today and I thought we were going to have them this evening.

24. Lorry Gail is starting her own blog of 10,000 reasons. She is an awesome friend, a creative genius,  and a great kidmin leader.

25. Brittney is starting her own blog of 10,000 reasons. She has the sweetest of spirits and is a great kidmin leader. I am excitred for her…she is going to Orlando, Fl. next week!

26. Luci is starting her own blog of 10,000 reasons. She is a selfless person, who always puts others first.

27. Gary is my best friend.

28. My heart feels so good after writing this blog.