Selah~Day 250 “They saw me as a 10”

Currently, I am reading John Maxwell’s book, The 360 Leader. It is an enjoyable read. The main thesis of the book encourages readers to lead regardless of their current position. Whether you are in the highest position of your field or the lowest, you can lead from right where you are at. All the chapters have provided great learning material for leadership, but I have specifically enjoyed the chapters listing the principles of “Leading Down.” I just finished reading the chapter on “See Everyone as a 10.” After reading that chapter, I thought about all the leaders in my life who saw me as a 10 even when I wasn’t functioning at that level.

Thankfully, I have learned from some of the best leaders…TEACHERS. Throughout my years of education, I had the honor of learning from great men and women in their field of study. It wasn’t just their great knowledge of the subject material or their outstanding teaching technique that set them a part from others, but rather, a belief in me.

I had teachers who saw me as a 10 and inspired me to learn and to grow. Because they believed that I was a 10, (even though I may not have functioned at that level at that time) they got my best effort, they were approachable, they wanted the best for me, and I learned the most from them.

Selah~Day 250 is a tribute of thanks to them!

The 27 Teachers who deserve Thanks (They are in no order of importance):

1. Mrs. Trapp. She was my first grade teacher. My family had just relocated to Hugo, Ok  from Tulsa that year. I entered Eugene Elementary school in the middle of the year and remember the fear when all those 6-year-old eyes stared back at me. But, Mrs. Trapp made me feel welcomed and a special part of that 1st grade class.

2. Mrs. Dark. She was my 3rd grade teacher and the first person in my life whom I remember debating. It was the year of a presidential election. Michael Dukakis vs. George Bush. Mrs. Dark put me in the Dukakis group. Well, this budding Republican was NOT going to make a campaign poster for the Democratic candidate, Dukakis. Confidently, I went home and told my mom. My mom and I lost the debate. Mrs. Dark felt that it would be good for me to work on a campaign poster for a candidate that I didn’t support. I still don’t get her reasoning, but she definitely created a desire in me for political debate. Thankfully, that 3rd grade spirit still resides on the inside of me.

3. Mrs. Holleman. She was my 5th grade teacher. The 5th grade was the most difficult year of my educational career. Due to some mean kids, I was terrified to go to school on a daily basis. I often called my parents, faking a tummy ache, so they would have to come and check me out of school. Mrs. Holleman saw through all of that though. She spent many hours talking to me and encouraging me. She made me feel very safe and secure. Because of her, I made it through the 5th grade and even won an award. Mrs. Holleman gave awards to kids in her class each year. That year, she gave me an outstanding student award. She has no idea what that award did for me and my self-esteem.

4. Coach Tommy Parker. He was my middle school tennis coach and my 8th grade Civics teacher. He was a great teacher and truly fueled my love for History and government. In that class, I learned all the counties in Oklahoma (Don’t know them now) and the Bill of Rights Rap! He nicknamed me Cairo too. I have no idea why that name…but, it was special to me and I am so thankful for the role of leadership he played in my life.

5. Mrs. Mary Taylor. She taught my 8th grade math class. It was the only math class that I ever remember liking. She had the sweetest smile and the warmest heart. I am so glad that I had the chance to experience math through her eyes and her passion. She passed away too soon a few years back. To this day, when I think of her, I see her smile.

6. Jeanie Bray. She was my 9th grade Biology teacher. Like math, Biology was not my favorite subject. But, Mrs. Bray was a tiny fireball of energy and detail. My 9th grade year was a transition year too. We relocated from Hugo, Ok to Broken Bow, Ok. I started BBHS in the 2nd 9 weeks and knew NO ONE. Mrs. Bray’s 4th hour Biology class would be the class that allowed me the time to foster new friendships and enjoy a subject that I would usually dislike. I dissected my first animal in Mrs. Bray’s class too.

7. Susan Storey. She taught English and Journalism and had a smile that was contagious. Her love for literature and journalism was clear in her excitement for teaching. I took both of her classes. She taught me how to communicate events in an exciting way. I learned to capture film, edit clips, and broadcast news. I loved her classes. They were full of energy and hands-on learning.

8. Mrs. Jane Harding. She walked the aisles of our desks with such poise and elegance. Mrs. Harding was a tough English teacher. She challenged every piece of my work and made me a better writer. She brought out the best in me. Mrs. Harding always seemed to be a private person and not allow her students to get super close. However, on one particular day, I got to experience a different side of Mrs. Harding… a softer side. Meaning no ill intent, Mrs. Harding called me out in class and made a comment that some would think embarrassing. I am sure I blushed and within seconds, Mrs. Harding called me out into the hallway. She apologized repeatedly and assured me that she meant no harm and was so sorry for calling me out in that way. Even though I thought little of the entire situation, I appreciated her care for my feelings and her willingness to ask for forgiveness. It was in that moment that I realized she cared as much for me as she did for the words I wrote in her class.

9. Mr. Bruce King. Sitting at his desk for most of the class, Mr. King’s knowledge of literary works filled the room. I read Hamlet for the first time in Mr. King’s class. He appreciated my work and encouraged me in my writing.

10. Mrs. Wanda Wood. She loved History and Government as much as I did. I sat front and center in Mrs. Wood’s class. She gave us opportunities to debate, share opinions, and make Government come alive in our class. She also believed in me and encouraged me to make a difference in our US Government. After that class, I went forward and work for a few campaigns, chaired the College Republicans, and spent a summer interning for Congress in D.C. Those experiences changed my life…and, I chose to pursue something different from politics. 🙂

11. Coach Ron Murphree. He was a college basketball coach who taught Civil War History. He made the Civil War time period come alive in our class. I was amazed at his knowledge of the Civil War. Coaches usually get a bad wrap for their teaching abilities. But, Coach Murphree redeemed them all. He was awesome and I loved hearing him teach.

12. Sharbee Bruton. Sharbee was my high school friend and college roommate. Sharbee and I were both bridesmaids in each others weddings. Sharbee’s very presence can make anyone smile. She is also a grammar genius. I love English, but mostly because I love literature. The grammar portion was never my favorite. But, Sharbee was amazing. With every big paper I wrote, I sat down with Sharbee and went through the paper sentence by sentence, learning from her about sentence structure, introductory phrases, etc…She was so patient with me and taught me so much!

13. Mrs. Carol Jackson. She taught high school chemistry and was pregnant for a majority of the year I had her class. I made Mrs. Jackson a book filled with great name ideas for her baby boy. She didn’t choose any of my suggestions. But, she kept the book as a keepsake. She was a fun teacher and actually made Chemistry enjoyable.

14. Mrs. Ruth Ann Smith. She was my High school librarian. I served as Mrs. Smith’s library assistant my Senior year. She was a fiery red-head and I loved working with her. She gave me a great appreciation for organization and research. Even after high school, Mrs. Smith loved to stay involved with the happenings of my life. She passed away a few years back. Every time I hear the word “librarian,” I think of her.

15. Paula Reif. She is a beautiful woman. She always wore the brightest red lipstick and looked so together. Not only did I take some literature courses from her, but I also took improv and had  a blast. She believed in me as a theater student and even cast me in a leading role in the piece, A King’s Stag, as a Freshman college student. To this day, I don’t get the point of that play, but it was a fun memory!

16. My students. They taught me that I don’t have it “all knowed up.” I have learned from them that everyone has the potential to learn and it is up to me as their teacher to find the key that opens up their mind to a world of possibilities when educated.

17. Mr. Danny Wann. He actually made Zoology an enjoyable class. I don’t really find the anatomy or study of animals interesting or fun, but I do remember laughing all the time in Mr. Wann’s class. Mr. Wann also tried to play match maker in my life. He thought I would be a perfect match for a guy he knew at another college. Even though the match DID NOT work out, I enjoyed Mr. Wann’s class.

18. Mr. Knox. He loved my passion for politics and loved even more my willingness to debate with him. He was a die-hard Democrat and I was a stubborn Republican. We had great debates and respected each others opinions and had fun sharing our viewpoints. Mr. Knox was very sick while I was in his class. But, he was present everyday and gave teaching his all. He received a heart transplant a couple of years after I had his class. Unfortunately, he passed away soon after.

19. Bill Day. He had a quick wit and a dry sense of humor. He made me laugh. Both Mr. Day and Mrs. Dinsmore took a chance on me and cast me in the roll of Meg Brockie in Brigadoon. I know that they were concerned with my ability to carry the two solo songs, but they took a chance and believed in me. Even though he is “retired,” he still spends his days investing in the lives of young people.

20. Dana Dinsmore. She is sweeter than honey and has an energetic, magnetic personality. She extended an invitation to me to be a part of the Horizon Show Choir at CASC. She knew that I couldn’t sing at all. But, she said that I could bring great theatrics to the team. She believed in me and gave me an awesome opportunity to continue to use my energies on the stage!

21. Claudia Swisher. She is a brilliant High School English teacher at Norman North High School. She welcomed me into her classroom as a student teacher. She gave me a hands on learning experience and invested volumes of information and time into my life during those months. She not only cared about kids while they were in her class, but outside as well. While working with her, I went to many funerals of past student’s family members, I stayed after school while she counseled with students, and spent most plan periods and lunch breaks with her while she met with groups of students. Her room was a safe haven for all and a most popular place.

22. Professor Diana Holt-Reynolds. She was born with just one arm, but never let her handicap slow her down. One day, I met Professor Holt-Reynolds in the parking lot on OU’s campus. We were both heading to class and I decided to walk with her. She walked very slow and eventually told me to go ahead. She said, “Kara, don’t feel the need to wait on me. You go ahead. I will be there soon.” Professor Reynolds didn’t survive the semester. We later discovered that she had advance stage cancer in her spine. Wow…she taught every day in severe pain and never complained or let her students know about her situation. She literally taught up until that last couple of weeks of her life.

23. Professor Fritz. I only took one class with Professor Fritz while at OSU. He taught weird literature too. Well, it was weird to me. But, he had a great passion for Asian works and taught them well. The class I took with Professor Fritz was rather large, but he seemed to have a special concern for each one of us. Towards the end of the Spring semester, I was involved in a car accident that blackened my eye. My eye was still swollen and black when I returned to school after the weekend accident. Professor Fritz asked me to meet with him after class. He was so concerned about me. He told me that I could confide in him if I was in any trouble and that he would get me help. I explained to him what had happened. There is something really special about a person expressing their care and concern for you.

24. Professor Edward Jones. He loved Shakespeare. He was a challenge. He rarely gave A’s in his class and he let everyone know it. I loved his teaching style and his ability to challenge you to think outside the box and expand the interpretations possible in literary works. I worked so hard in his class and still earned a B!!!! Can you believe it? I loved it though.

25. Professor Linda Leavell. She was a brilliant mind. Within 5 minutes of my first class with her, I knew that she would be one of my favorites. I tried to take as many literature classes that she taught. She also wrote one of my 3 recommendation letters for law school. Her excitement to write the letter for me was an encouragement.

26. Shirley Harrod Yandell. She is a creative mind with passion  and Zeal for life! I enjoyed my time with her. I couldn’t wait to sit in her class and learn from her bright mind. I had a blast with Ms. Harrod outside of the classroom too. I will never forget our times preparing for our State winning One Act play. Who would have thought to put actors inside trash cans…Her wild, curly hair, contagious laugh, and spunky attitude left a wonderful impression on me. She makes you want to be a better student and a better person.

27. Stephen Smallwood. To this day, he is my favorite Democrat. He inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone on a daily basis and never settle for less than my absolute best. Mr. Smallwood could take an ordinary kid and turn them into an extraordinary, larger than life winner! He saw potential in every student that passed through his classroom door. Mr. Smallwood makes one believe that dreams really do come true!


Selah~Day 299

Monday, March 17th

My 27 Thanks:

1. I don’t have to live this life alone.

2. I am surrounded by family, friends, and people who are cheering me on!

3. Even though it kept me up almost ALL night long, I am really thankful for anticipation. I am glad that I still anticipate the days ahead of me.

4. I am overwhelmed with excitement for the future.

5. I am completely trusting God with some new adventures and I am actually okay with that.

6. I love to work with people.

7. I strive to have a cooperative, teachable spirit.

8. Appreciation.

9. I wrote 6 different “Thank You” cards this morning to 6 of my kidmin staff and I could have written dozens more. I have the best kidmin team ever.

10. My team shines a light on a weekly basis.

11. Open enrollment for Crossroads Jr. Academy opened today.

12. I had 8 new families, not connected to the church, enroll their child in our school today!

13. Possibilities.

14. Expansion.

15. I got to meet some new faces in our community today. I even got to hug a stranger as she cried about the unfortunate death of her young daughter. She is now helping to raise her granddaughter (Her daughters little girl). This family will be a part of the Jr. Academy!

16. The Event Center provided a peaceful, beautiful atmosphere to handle enrollment.

17. Abby has worked so hard to put together our City Rescue Mission Spring Break Superheroes Camp. She has done well and it is ready to go!

18. When I came home from work, I took a brisk walk around the neighborhood. It was breezy, but relaxing.

19. Opportunities to clear my head.

20. The Book of Acts.

21. The power of the Holy Spirit is alive in me.

22. Signs, Wonders, and Miracles still happen today.

23. Gary cooked dinner tonight. We had spaghetti. It is such a fun food to eat with a preschooler! The noodles are perfect tools for making letters, shapes, and snakes and worms!

24. I am so glad that teachers are enjoying a week off! They are everyday heroes and I am glad they have time off like Spring Break.

25. The Oklahoma Sky.

26. I saw a lot of GREEN today. Green is my favorite color and it was so fun to see everyone participate in St. Patrick’s Day. It’s okay to have fun.

27. Rest. Tonight, I am determined to sleep!

Selah~Day 298

Sunday, March 16th

My 27 Thanks:
1. My mom and sister came to church today and the message really ministered to them.
2. My pastor had a weekend “off” from preaching. I know how important this is in my life and I am glad he had some time to work ahead on some messages.
3. Evangelist Pat Schatzline was our guest speaker. Last year, he spoke a message entitled Selah and it changed my life.
4. It was a super cold and rainy day, but people still came to church!
5. After much preparation and hard work, we were finally ready to launch our new KidMotion design. It went well and we discovered some kinks to work out.
6. Kinks can make you better.
7. Failure is a tool that can grow you and make you learn even more.
8. My team is flexible and willing to try anything!
9. I got to have lunch with my preschool team.
10. They were excited about the new curriculum.
11. I ordered the perfect amount of food.
12. Gary and Judah got to have lunch with family while I was at my training lunch.
13. My mom and sister made it home safe to their destinations.
14. I had a nice, short break in between church services and was able to rest some.
15. The Parable of the Prodigal Son.
16. Abby did a great job teaching.
17. Lorry Gail was hilarious in the GeekForce sketch. She went all out and gave it 100%.
18. No matter what the sin, God is willing to run after us if we return to Him.
19. We have a free will.
20. My will is to serve Him.
21. The Anointing.
22. The anointing breaks the yoke that tries to bind us.
23. We were created to be set apart.
24. Even though he was ill, Pat Schatzline preached a great message.
25. We got to see old friends and catch up with one another.
26. We had an awesome response to the altar in the PM service. And, I had an opportunity to pray for people at the altar.
27. Ministry.

Selah~Day 297

Saturday, March 15

My 27 Thanks:

1. The Peace of God, when you allow it to operate in your life, will protect and defend you from the hassles and assaults of the devil.
2. Your feet can be shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace.
3. God’s peace will hold you in place when the devil tries to push you around.
4. When you have conquering peace firmly tied to your mind and emotions, you will be empowered to keep marching ahead, impervious to the devil’s attempts to take you down!
5. Peace is a weapon!
6. Gary made it home safe from the fire station.
7. Early morning chats with my mom and Gary.
8. My mom and Hailey decided to stay another day.
9. Hailey painted my toes and I braided her hair. I love girly time with my sister.
10. Gary drove us around and we all had fun shopping.
11. We ran into family at the outlet mall and had a good, short visit.
12. Men’s mission had an awesome wild game cook off.
13. The weather didn’t keep the men away.
14. There are hard-working men at Crossroads church who are committed to reaching men.
15. My church.
16. I am so thankful that it rained. We needed it badly.
17. We all enjoyed a relaxing evening at home.
18. Honest conversations.
19. Apologies.
20. Lazy Saturdays.
21. Lorry Gail is excited about the GeekForce skit in KidMotion. She always works hard to do her very best!
22. Gary supports my job 100%.
23. I have financial peace in my life.
24. God’s peace covers and safeguards.
25. God’s peace is available to us all.
26. I am loved.
27. I am not forgotten.

Selah~Day 296

Friday, March 14

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I slept in until 8:45 a.m. The extra rest does our bodies good.

2. My mom arrived at 11:00 and we got to have a nice lunch with her at Panera before her hair appointment.

3. Judah held my hand when walking to and from the car. I love feeling his sweet little hand in mine.

4. Sunshine.

5. I spent several hours walking around my yard barefoot.

6. I got to spend some time working in my flower beds and watering my trees. I love yard work.

7. We are always given opportunities to walk in love and or respond with hate. I love to walk in love.

8. I love helping my sweet neighbor with her trashcan. I always get excited when I beat her to put it up. We should seize every opportunity to be a blessing.

9. My brother-in-law Nate is in town for the weekend. He is staying with my in-laws. It will be our last time to see him before he leaves for an extended tour in England. I am so glad he is home safe from his year deployment in the Middle East.

10. Boldness and Confidence.

11. Family.

12. Facebook gave me and some high school friends and a favorite teacher the opportunity to relive a funny, memorable moment that took place almost 20 years ago on a high school speech tournament trip. I love good memories.

13. I got pulled over for speeding. Granted…it was a new area and I had no idea the speed limit dropped to 25 mph. But, I am thankful for police and their role in society to keep us safe.

14. The cop gave me a “break” and only wrote the ticket for going 10 over the speed limit instead of 15.

15. I enjoyed a fun evening with my mom, my sister, and my sweet Judah.

16. We had a blast shopping at the Outlet Mall. I am so glad we have an Outlet Mall in our City.

17. My friend, Holly, shared an amazing GAP coupon. We got some really good deals.

18. Judah and I had so much fun trying on clothes. Okay…I had fun trying clothes on Judah. He looks so cute in his new camo shorts! It is rare, but there are times when I can find cute boy clothes too. Tonight, I found cute boy clothes.

19. Judah always crinkles his nose when he laughs. He laughed a lot tonight.

20. We made a quick stop by Gary’s fire station. It was so good to see him if only for 5 minutes.

21. Gary was playing volleyball with the guys. I am so glad he finally had some time to enjoy firemen fellowship.

22. I drove safely at nighttime in areas that I am not familiar with where I am going.

23. God is always mindful of me.

24. He sees all and knows all!

25. God is Faithful.

26. His Love never fails.

27. His perfect Love casts out all fear.

Selah~Day 295

Thursday, March 13

My 27 Thanks:
1. I can be strong in His grace. 2 Timothy 2:1.
2. The supernatural strengthening you need doesn’t come because you deserve it. God makes His supernatural power available to you and me for free!
3.  God’s grace makes this strength available to every Believer!
4. His power is available to anyone who releases his or her faith to receive it.
5. And because it’s available by grace — for free — a person doesn’t have to feel worthy to receive it!
6. I had a very productive morning.
7. The Holy Spirit is a great strategist.
8. He helps me all the time!
9. I got several compliments on my bright-colored outfit today.
10. Abby is back to work today and feeling much better!
11. My friend, Debby, sent me a very timely and beautiful word of encouragement today!
12. I got to share vision about the school with the staff today.
13. We are starting a school.
14. A teacher and former colleague contacted me and ask if I would officiate her wedding ceremony! So sweet.
15. I spoke to my MIL today. It was so good to chat with her and I am so glad they are home!
16. The weather is amazing.
17. Spring is springing.
18. Gary was a huge help at church today. Spring clean out is upon us and he is so sweet to help.
19. I love opportunities to down-size and remove clutter.
20. Gary grilled tonight. I love using our grill. It makes dinner cleanup so easy and the food is yummy!
21. We all sat at the table and ate dinner together. I love these moments shared together.
22. Thursday is family movie night!
23. Judah took turns sitting on both of our laps. We love our snuggle time.
24. Abby told us about an app that is a fun game. So, we got it and all had a great time playing it together.
25. My mom is coming to the city for a visit tomorrow! And, we get to do what we want…we have no plans.
26. Sweet dreams.
27. Rest.

Selah~Day 294

Wednesday, March 12

My 27 Thanks:

1. My husband has no trouble getting up super early for the station. He takes great pride in his work.
2. He is disciplined!
3. He tries really hard to get ready quietly so he doesn’t wake Judah and me up. He is stealthy!
4. Both Abby and Lori are sick today. I am so thankful for both of them. When they are out of commission, I realize how blessed and grateful I am for their work!
5. Abby and Lori are both starting to feel a little better.
6. Pastor Marcia and Leslie proofread the policy manual for the Jr. Academy for me! I really appreciate their help and keen eyes!
7. Attention to details.
8. Time was on my side today.
9. Laura helped me out with Judah.
10. Antioch has been a tremendous help with our school launch.
11. I have received some great advise from seasoned leaders.
12. I spoke with a Senior Pastor of a local church today. Sadly, he confessed to me that the reason he doesn’t have Wednesday night church service is because he couldn’t get anyone in the congregation to help serve in ministries like kids ministry. Wow! My heart broke for that church. But, then I rejoiced. I have an awesome, committed team of leaders.
13. I received some really sweet words from Mrs. Laura Randall tonight at church.
14. My in-laws made it home safely after a 2 week vacation. I am really glad they are back!
15. I was concerned about our Kidmin team tonight because so many were out for various reasons. But, we all pulled together and had a great night of ministry!
16. Kids have great energy!
17. Judah smiles so big when playing with his friends.
18. My friend and fellow Kidmin leader, Rochelle, is celebrating her birthday today. I am so glad her sweet smile and zeal for life is in my life.
19. The building process has begun for my friend Ava’s house.
20. What the devil meant for bad, God uses for GOOD!
21. Perseverance.
22. My buddy, Debby, waited for me to shut down kids ministry so I didn’t have to walk out to my car alone.
23. Thoughtful people.
24. Judah was in a great mood on the way home from church. And, he didn’t fall asleep
25. I found out tonight that a couple who has tried for years to get pregnant and did in vitro 3 times is having a baby in April. I cried tears of joy for them and I don’t even know them. But, what a miracle!
26. They are having a little girl. Her name is Elleana. It is Hebrew for “Our God Answers.” Yes, yes He does!
27. The prayers or a Righteous man avail much!

Selah~Day 293

Tuesday, March 11

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary got home early enough to wake me up in time to get ready for work. I slept through my alarm.
2. The first thing Gary does when coming home from the station is kiss me good morning.
3. We are studying the book of Acts as a team.
4. As a church, we are still living out the book of Acts. Those days are not over for the church!
5. The book of Acts presents a perfect blueprint for the church to follow.
6. Praise and Obedience to The Lord brings growth.
7. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit so we could do even greater things.
8. It’s a beautiful day.
9. Gary and Judah got to spend the whole day together.
10. Gary got to work out. He loves working out and I am glad someone in our family makes use of our monthly YMCA fee!
11. Gary and Judah brought me lunch.
12. Pastor Marcia spent an hour investing truth into my life.
13. Revelation of the Word.
14. There are some decisions in life that God wants you to make for yourself.
15. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! I am glad that I learned that a while ago.
16. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.
17. He will never give us more than we can handle.
18. I was able to work out multiple schedules and details today.
19. People all around me have had the stomach bug, but I have not been touched by it.
20. Gary and I both believe in the importance of hard work!
21. Judah and I had snuggle time tonight.
22. My little boy LOVES me well. He loves to hug and kiss me and always smiles when he sees me after a day at work.
23. Gary picked up Qdoba tonight for dinner. It was nice to have an evening free of cooking and cleaning.
24. A fellow firefighter surprised Gary and I with really thoughtful gifts tonight. It was such a surprising, sweet gesture of kindness.
25. People are like bugs, they are drawn to your light. I want my light to SHINE bright for all to see.
26. Living Testimonies.
27. Jesus is the Cornerstone. You can either build on Him or stumble over Him. I choose to build.

Selah~Day 292

Monday, March 10

My 27 Thanks:

1. It is a beautiful day.

2. It was in the 70s today for temperature.

3. Judah and I had a relaxing morning!

4. My SIL, Laura, now has the stomach bug that is going around. So, I was able to help her get the girls to school.

5. I live close to both Laura and my In-Laws. Our close proximity makes things super convenient.

6. I love listening to little kid conversations. I love how they communicate thoughts and feelings. It is so cute.

7. Judah and the girls were so excited to see each other. They have such a close relationship and love each other so much.

8. Judah is so close with his cousins. He calls them his brothers and sisters.

9. Mrs. Lori and I had a meeting about the new curriculum. Mrs. Lori is such a blessing. She is super organized and knows her stuff.

10. I am so excited about the new curriculum plan we are launching in April.

11. Plans that have been in the works for a while are now coming together.

12. The leaders are really excited too.

13. God has a way of working things out on our behalf.

14. Seasons. I am glad that there are seasons in our lives.

15. I was able to take off work early to pick up Judah.

16. He was so excited when I told him that the girls got to come home with us and play.

17. We finally got to play outside.

18. Laura is feeling better and the rest she got today really helped her out.

19. My new neighbor, Lisa, came over for a visit.

20. She is super friendly and personable.

21. Both she and her husband work as child and youth advocates. They love kids and youth too. They have devoted their lives to serving youth and kids.

22. Gary fought a grass fire for 5 hours today-I am really glad he returned to the station safely.

23. After Judah went to sleep, I was able to catch up on some work.

24. Quality is in the details.

25. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

26. The smartest people in the world are those who realize their gifts, as well as their limitations. I want to be smart.

27. God has surrounded us with people who can help us with our limitations. No one has to do it all alone.

Selah~Day 291

Sunday, March 9

My 27 Thanks:
1. It’s Spring forward! Daylight will be longer. I love this time of year.

2. I have the morning off! I love teaching kids, but it is nice to have the morning as an audience member.

3. The kids were so excited to have Pastor Clayton back.

4. Pastor Clayton uses a lot of fun Science to illustrate his points. The kids loved it.

5. I have a great team of leaders!

6. I had lunch with about 50 of my leaders today.

7. Fellowship.

8. Growing together.

9. Gary and Abby were a huge help in setting up and tearing down the luncheon event.

10. My friend and fellow KidMin leader, Deborah, has some exciting decisions ahead of her.

11. God orders our steps!

12. Clayton brought us all a book full of helpful tips, game ideas, and small group starter questions.

13. Games are fun and they are an effective tool in Kids Ministry.

14. Fresh ideas and fun, innovative teaching styles.

15. Pizza. People like it and it is a quick, fairly cheap meal that feeds a large group of people.

16. Eagle One pizza in South OKC is yummy and gives our church an unbelievable deal!

17. My friend and fellow KidMin Leader, Tim Downing, is finishing his active tour of duty this week. Soon, he will be back home with his awesome family.

18. Cherryl came home with us this afternoon. She is an awesome young woman of God. And, Judah loves his Cherryl time.

19. Chemise helped me choreograph the movements to Happy. Chemise is a multi-talented woman! I enjoyed my time with her. She is so full of fun and energy.

20. “Happy” is going to be a super fun and witty sketch that deals with a heavy issue…depression. I am excited to use it to help support Pastor’s message.

21. My friend Deborah came and helped us too. She loves to dance and I am thankful that she is willing to use her gift for the Lord.

22. The special song for this Sunday morning, Feel Again, went well. The execution was perfect. I love creativity that supports messages and helps drive home the point!

23. Frog, my senior Ranger commander, came to my luncheon. I really appreciated his willingness to come and to learn with me. He really enjoyed it too.

24. We didn’t spend money on food at all today…and, it is a Sunday. Wow! I am pretty thankful that we saved some money today.

25. Today went well. It was busy, but all worked out for good.

26. Life.

27. Our family had the most enjoyable 4-day! It was a really nice break away from our busy schedules.