Selah~Day 290

Saturday, March 8

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is my love’s 34th birthday.
2. We got to spend the entire day together.
3. Judah was beyond thrilled that his daddy is having a birthday! Judah said “Happy Birthday, Daddy” all day long.
4. We took our time and had a relaxing morning.
5. We didn’t have anything on our schedule.
6. We spent the afternoon in Bricktown. I love the progress of this part of our City.
7. I live in Oklahoma City. I love my town.
8. We enjoyed a fun lunch at Texadelphia.
9. I know Jesus.
10. Gary dropped us off and picked us up at the front door, so we didn’t get too cold.
11. By chance, we participated in a fun fishing lesson at bass pro.
12. We enjoyed dinner with friends our good Louisiana friends, the Polands.
13. Great food and great service.
14. I love to share kids ministry stories and learn from one another.
15. We got to pay a visit to station 8.
16. Friends who are like family.
17. Gray got lots of birthday greetings and felt special!
18. Everyone needs rest!
19. God rested.
20. We took a break this weekend and had a nice time of rest and relaxation! It was awesome.
21. Judah told me what to write in Gary’s birthday card.
22. Gary grinned from ear to ear with excitement over Judah’s birthday greetings. It was such a sweet moment.
23. Judah and I baked a special birthday cake for Gary. We had fun and I let Judah lick the bowl.
24. Judah made Gary’s birthday so special.
25. Family time.
26. This is our last day of cold weather for a long time, I hope!
27. 2 Thessalonians 1:7

Selah~Day 289

Friday, March 7th

My 27 Thanks:

1. We slept in.
2. Gary and I both love Rick Renner’s devotional and talk about them when we can in the mornings.
3. My husband loves the Word of God.
4. The Holy Spirit is jealous for me.
5. He loves spending time with me!
6. Gary and I worked together to fold 5,000 loads of laundry (it wasn’t that big, but it felt like it).
7. We all have more than enough clothes in our closet. We are so blessed.
8. I have a washer and dryer in my home!
9. The temperature started out cool, but warmed up nicely throughout the day.
10. We enjoyed lunch at Pei Wei.
11. We took Judah to Chuck E Cheese to play games.
12. Mom mom and Pa pa got Judah a Chuck E Cheese gift card for Christmas-great idea. Judah had a blast playing games and getting tickets.
13. Chuck E Cheese has a secure checkout for kids.
14. We had a nice walk around the neighborhood.
15. I really enjoyed our time outside today. I am looking forward to warmer, longer days.
16. I have learned to put my trust in God alone. I am fully aware that “mankind” will fail you.
17. Even though I may not always understand, I can trust that God always has my best interests at heart.
18. Fridays!
19. Gary and I cooked a yummy, healthy dinner together.
20. Judah went to bed early.
21. I really enjoyed the easy, relaxed atmosphere of this Friday. It was so nice to have some down time.
22. Gary and I enjoyed a movie together.
23. I love nights when you get to stay up late because you know you can sleep in late in the morning.
24. Gary leads our family with discernment.
25. You can be led by the Spirit of God, as well as have earthly sense.
26. Gary and I trust that we are under the covering of a good shepherd.
27. Wisdom.

Selah~Day 288

Thursday, March 6

My 27 Thanks

1. God works in mysterious ways!
2. His thoughts are higher than mine!
3. His ways are bigger than mine!
4. Gary helped my dad with the final load out of operation “Move out Grandmas House!”
5. Her house is completely cleaned out, my Uncle is moved, and all is settled.
6. My dad and the entire family are so glad this process is over.
7. My dad and Gary bragged about how helpful Judah was in the process. I have such a good, helpful boy!
8. Creative meeting was creative once again. I love time that is set aside for thinking.
9. I have so much energy in those settings.
10. Ideas. I love them: good, bad, or ugly! Killing an idea or running with it is so much fun!
11. Creativity.
12. Chemise already has choreography to a skit/ dance we are going to do to launch Easter series Jesus > ________.
13. Sometimes my job requires me to make really tough decisions, but never as tough as the ones Pastor has to make. I am glad that I am not in his shoes.
14. Gary, Judah, and I made it to the Lego movie at the exact start time-we cut it close, but we made it!
15. The theater wasn’t crowded at all!
16. We all laughed throughout the whole movie.
17. We get to enjoy entertainment like going to the movies-a true luxury for some- and we get to do it often!
18. Judah took turns sitting on both mine and Gary’s lap.
19. I have the sweetest family.
20. I love the song, Awesome. “Everything is awesome, Everything is cool when your part of a team!”
21. Life is just better together!
22. We had a yummy dinner in the theater. It was so nice to have an evening free of cooking and cleaning.
23. The building progress in Moore is coming along nicely. It is amazing to see what all has been rebuilt in less than a year since the devastating tornado.
24. People are getting new homes!
25. Beauty comes from ashes.
26. My friend, Angela, sent me the sweetest text. She thanked me for stepping into the nursery Wednesday night while the nursery leaders watched their sons in the badge ceremony! Hello, THaNK YOU, Angela!
27. Hope.

Selah~Day 287

Wednesday, March 5
My 27 Thanks

1. I got up! I have been so tired this week. I am thankful that I got up with or without a giddy in my Gallup.
2. Judah is learning to like his booster seat and I think we can finally transition from the car seat.
3. He can get out of the car by himself now.
4. Ms. Linda and Ms. Stacy always greet us with the sweetest smiles! I have really enjoyed having them as Judah’s first set of teachers.
5. I met with DHS this morning. My meeting went well.
6. I am working with a really nice licensing supervisor.
7. She was impressed with our GREAT facility.
8. I enjoyed yummy leftovers for lunch. Sometimes simple decisions make life easier. I didn’t have to go anywhere or spend any money.
9. Gladys brought leftovers too. So, we enjoyed lunch together. It was so nice to visit with Gladys again.
10. Gladys’ heart is so big and beautiful. She makes me laugh.
11. I am so thankful for a flexible work schedule. I had to leave early today and pick up Judah from school. It is nice to be able to easily do that.
12. I got to pick Judah up from school today. I rarely get to do it. So, it is always nice to be the one the pick him up.
13. Judah and I got to rest together before church.
14. We had to make some last-minute staffing changes and Jose, one of my kidmin leaders, heard our question “who can lead the game now?” He jumped in and lead the game well. He is an awesome kidmin leader.
15. My team all worked together and played “musical chairs” in Kidmin so everyone could see their son in the badge ceremony.
16. It all worked out.
17. The boys were so proud of their awards.
18. By the time we checked out all the kids and cleaned up, the church was empty and dark. I am so glad that I have Abby now and she walked out with me.
19. Deborah and Amy both helped me with Judah tonight. I am so glad these two ladies are on my Wednesday night team.
20. I was able to share the vision of school with more interested peeps.
21. Jeremiah 17: 7-8.
22. Blessed is the man whose trust is in the Lord.
23. If you trust the Lord, you will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots to the stream.
24. The tree doesn’t fear when heat comes. We don’t have to fear when disaster comes.
25. The tree has no worries in a year of drought because it never fails to bear fruit!
26. If we are planted in Him, we will always bear fruit.
27. Jesus >__________!

Selah~Day 286

Tuesday, March 4
My 27 Thanks

1. I slept well. Usually, I don’t sleep when Gary is at the station. But, I slept well last night.
2. Gary got home earlier than usual and I got to visit with him some before leaving for work.
3. Judah woke up in the best of moods. He was smiling from ear to ear and was ready to play.
4. Gary told me that he is starting to feel more at home with his new fire station.
5. We had staff lunch today. Gary and Judah joined me!
6. When Judah saw me down the hallway at work, he came running towards me with outstretched arms and a huge smile!
7. Bear hugs from my boy!
8. Gary dressed really nice today. He knows how much I love it when he dresses up for me.
9. My husband is so handsome.
10. Gary was able to help Grant start his car.
11. Gary is handy!
12. Pastor Ted shared with me that his personality used to be just like mine. He used to be a dreamer too. He made the staff aware too.
13. I worked late today, but left feeling more accomplished.
14. The snow and ice are almost gone from the roads. I am so glad winter is almost behind us.
15. My brother stayed late at his chiropractic office to give me an adjustment.
16. My neck adjusted well. It is getting better.
17. I shared my heart with Gary tonight on a few issues I am dealing with. He cares for my Heart and gives me sound counsel.
18. I am not a victim, I am a victor!
19. God brings something significant out of what seems insignificant.
20. Your family, your upbringing, your past, etc… may put you at a disadvantage, but you don’t have to stay there.
21. God can bring greatness out of a great mess!
22. We enjoyed a very yummy, home cooked meal for dinner.
23. At dinner, we all shared discussions about our day.
24. Gary cooked dinner so I could spend some time with Judah.
25. Gary gave Judah a haircut. It looks really cute and it was free. The only bad part is that Judah looks so grown up with his hair short.
26. Several people complimented my hair today. Kind words sure do lift the spirit.
27. Kind words from others.

Selah~Day 285

Sunday, March 2nd

My 27 Thanks:

1. I barely slept last night, but still woke up ready for the day.

2. Jesus gives us strength and a will to push forward even when we don’t feel well.

3. Changes in plans cause one to realize gaps in what we think is a well-polished system.

4. I was able to get ahold of my entire Sunday school team and let them know of church starting late.

5. Flexibility in people.

6. Last minute changes worked out well.

7. My kids LOVED spending the morning with the Watotos.

8. The Watotos loved spending time with us.

9. They loved our service and asked if they could have a video of it and share ideas with us.

10. Kids worship so freely and excitedly.

11. My leadership team is so faithful!

12. Janelle and her team provided the best lunch for our Watotos and the host homes.

13. Janelle and her team served us well. Then, they stayed late and helped clean up the event center. They were so kind to help me with this BIG task. I so appreciate them.

14. We had safe travels to and from church.

15. My parents made it home safe and they even had to cross through the Arbuckle Mountains.

16. We had a  relaxing afternoon/evening at home.

17.  The snow, even though it inconvenienced our plans in a BIG way, it made us slow down and accept the view.

18. We enjoyed an unexpected time together as a family.

19.  Gary and I enjoyed a movie together.

20. Judah and I had lots of snuggle time while he sat on my lap.

21. Gary gave Judah his bath tonight. It was nice to have a few minutes of quiet down time to think and reflect.

22. I had some time to catch up my blog.

23. The host homes for the Watotos have been so kind and flexible. Due to the weather, we have had to make several changes to their plan, but they didn’t fuss at all. I have really appreciated their servant hearts!

24. Gary’s face lit up when he watched the Watotos praise the Lord. Africa has a special place in his heart. I love watching him when things tug at his heart. His heart is so big and beautiful

25. We are not forgotten. God knows our name! Even an Orphan from Uganda has HOPE.

26. He is a Father to the Fatherless.

27. He is a Friend to the Friendless.

Selah~Day 284

Saturday, March 1
My 27 Thanks:

1.  My family is here for the final clean out of my grandma’s house.
2. I am so glad this clean out has been a  family  team effort.
3.  Kolt and Gatlin are having a joint birthday party. I love my nephews and joint birthday parties are always a great idea.
4. The party was at the YMCA and super close to my house.
5.  Judah got to swim with his “mends.” He had a blast
6. He isn’t afraid of water this year and even went under water a few times.
7. I Got to know some Facebook friends better at the party.
8. My y brothers are strong and hard workers.
9. Even though it was super dirty and the weather was horrible for moving, we shared some laughs and had a good time.
10. My mom is a really funny lady.
11. Resourcefulness. We moved a 3 bedroom house into a  1 bedroom apartment.
12. I live a pretty simple lifestyle.
13. I don’t have clutter.
14. Judah was Amazing. He stayed with me all day while working and moving. He didn’t pout or fuss. He was such a good boy.
15. Judah has a lot of fun with my brother Kyle. Judah loves to play and joke.
16. My uncle’s new place is safe, clean, and cozy.
17. Someone told me today that Judah looks just like me!
18. Haley went with me to greet the Watotos. Even though their arrival was late at night, I was really thankful to not go alone.
19. Watotos made it safely and close to the projected arrival time.
20. The Watoto children greeted us with huge smiles! It is such an honor to get to spend a brief time with these precious kids.
21. The Watoto team is so kind and thankful.
22. Host homes waited patiently at the church while the Watotos unloaded the tour bus and set up their product tables.
23. Pastor Marc brought back the Youth “Valentines” Banquet. Teenagers had a BLAST.
24. My sweet Cherryl and an awesome teen leader in Kids ministry was crowned Queen. She raised the most money for missions and received the crown.
25. I loved seeing the teenagers dressed in their best. They wore big smiles and beautiful suits or dresses.
26. All the money raised goes for missions.
27. Rest.

Selah~Day 283

Friday, February 28
My 27 Thanks:

1. We all slept in and woke up well rested.
2. We spent the entire day together.
3. April, my hair dresser, was able to get me in on my day off from work.
4. April has done my hair for 11 years. I have never been disappointed in my cut or color.
5. Fresh, new look.
6. Gary and Judah got to swim at the Y while I was at salon.
7. I got to share the vision of the Academy with many people today.
8. Five people inquired about academy today and none of them were from our church.
9. Outreach opportunities.
10. The weather is magnificent!
11. We had fun running errands together today.
12. We made time for Orange Leaf and all had a sweet treat.
13. Little things make Judah excited!
14. We purchased a T-Ball set for Judah.
15. We played with it in the backyard and had a great time.
16. Judah ran and laughed the entire time.
17. We went for a walk around our neighborhood. Judah rode his bike. He tries to be really safe.
18. We met another kind neighbor. He happens to be a principal at US Grant high school.
19. I received a card in the mail from a dear friend who has been praying for me consistently for 2 mos. Her cards are so creative, hand-made, and sweet.
20. Her words stir something very deep in my spirit. I treasure every one of them!
21. Gary and I make a great team. We share responsibilities.
22. Porch swing weather is coming soon. Gary and I spent some time on our porch swing today!
23. Steven Furtick wrote this the other day in his blog. “…If you’re an addict, the end goal is to be free of your addiction. And it should be. But every step you take on the way to that goal is itself an arrival at a desirable destination. And that’s because it’s a step further away from where you don’t want to be – engrossed in your addiction.” Every step is an arrival and it matters.
24. Steven Furtick’s Ministry and books. He is an amazing communicator.
25. Devotionals.
26. Baby steps.
27. Movement.

Selah~Day 282

Thursday, February 27
My 27 Thanks:

1. Another card from a dear friend arrived in the mail.

2. I am valued by God.

3. His face shines upon me.

4. He gives me peace.

5. My headache from last night was gone when I woke up.

6. Judah got to spend all day at home with Gary.

7. I finalized some very important documents today.

8. Abby and I enjoyed lunch at Panera Bread together. We made it a working lunch of course. We compared two different curriculums for the Academy.

9. Abby has great insight and wisdom in the area of child development and the best ways to teach children.

10. Abby has a great love for children. I love working with people who are passionate about what they do.

11. We finally made a decision on curriculum and we are really excited about it.

12. Talena Johnson has been a great help. She has offered us counsel and insight into a product that she uses for home school.

13. Amy Hoover has been an amazing help too. Amy is master teacher! She knows her stuff and I am so glad that she has shared her insight with me.

14. I am surrounded by a team of well-educated, wise woman!

15. I am so thankful for the time I had as a teacher in a classroom.

16. God has had a plan for me all along. Sometimes He only shows us pieces of the plan.

17. I trusted God and followed His plan even though I only saw parts of it.

18. God cares about me.

19. I listen and obey.

20. God blesses His children for their obedience.

21. Getting on the same page.

22. Conversation that leads to understanding.

23. Parents who are responsible for their children.

24. Foster care system.

25. A Gentle Breeze. Oklahoma has some strong winds often, so a gentle breeze is a nice change.

26. Tomorrow is Friday.

27. Judah always smile big. When he does, it crinkles his sweet nose. I love his smile.